CBG Dabs

Dabbing CBD: Everything You Need to Know

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As of 2020, it's been reported that over half of Americans have heard of CBD and its benefits. But have you heard of dabbing CBD? Learn everything you need to know...
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What is CBG?

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It seems like CBG is popping up everywhere lately and it is even the dominant cannabinoid in some CBD concentrates.  But what is CBG?  Find out why this minor cannabinoid might have major potential!
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Not your average CBD blog articles

Sauce Warehouse Blog

At Sauce Warehouse we aim to be different than most CBD companies when it comes to all aspects of our business, but especially our blog. Most CBD blog articles you will find across the internet are laced with SEO keywords, fluff writing, and often completely inaccurate information. We want to provide visitors to our site with quality content that actually has the potential to benefit them in one way or another.

Keep a close eye on our blog as we are always posting new & interesting topics. If you have a topic suggestion for us please don't hesitate to reach out! We would love to hear from you and put together an article with the information you believe should be available to the hemp & CBD community.