Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates

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What Are Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates?

Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates are concentrates that only consist of CBD and occasionally 1 or 2 other non-psychoactive cannabinoids.  Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates do not contain any THC.  For this reason, users who are sensitive to the THC found in Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates usually prefer Broad Spectrum concentrates.  Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates are also sought after by those looking for the highest dose of CBD possible.  Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates often have much higher CBD percentages per dose compared to Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates.

What Are the Benefits of Using Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates?

Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates as previously mentioned are great for those who are sensitive to THC and they are also a good way to consume a very high dose of CBD.  They are quick and easy to consume using a dab rig, dab pen, or even by adding them to food.  Because there is more CBD per gram of concentrate, your concentrates might also last longer when using Broad Spectrum concentrates compared to Full Spectrum concentrates. 

Common Types of Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates

The most common types of CBD Concentrates that fall into the Broad Spectrum category are CBD Isolate, CBD Shatter, and CBD Crumble.  In most cases these types of CBD Concentrates will be Isolate based and will primarily contain only CBD.  There are a few other types of CBD Concentrates in our collection that fall into this category as well such as Broad Spectrum CBD Live Resin, which is very uncommon.  Concentrates such as this are rarely true to their name and have been mixed with distillate or other cannabinoids to mimic a certain consistency.  This is not always a bad thing though when done right!  Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrate users deserve an enjoyable dabbing experience too!