CBD Live Resin

What is CBD Live Resin?

In both the recreational cannabis and hemp worlds, Live Resin is probably the most sought after type of concentrate.  Live Resin usually has a ‘saucier’ type of consistency, but this can vary.  CBD Live Resin is extracted from plant material using solvents and similar processes used to extract other types of concentrates, only there is one key difference.  Plant material used for Live Resin is frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve terpenes.  Studies have found that over 30% of terpenes within cannabis/hemp plants are destroyed within one week using traditional drying methods(1).  Because Live Resin is extracted from material that has retained most of its terpene content through freezing, there is greater flavor and effect.

The Entourage Effect

It is not only cannabinoids that produce an ‘Entourage Effect’ when used together, terpenes are also thought by many to contribute to an overall Entourage Effect(2).  And of course, the more terpenes in the material being consumed, the greater the effect.  In addition to the more pronounced flavor, the Entourage Effect is surely another reason why Live Resin has become the first choice for many concentrate consumers.

Full Spectrum & Broad Spectrum CBD Live Resin

Live Resin extracted from Hemp is not only rich in CBD, but also the full spectrum of rare and minor cannabinoids.  Because of this, it is a great choice for anyone looking for a full spectrum CBD concentrate.  We have found CBD Live Resin to be the most potent type of CBD concentrate one can purchase, 99% of the time.  For users with no tolerance to THC, we strongly advise using small amounts slowly until you know how it will affect you.  Alternatively you may prefer a different type of full spectrum concentrate, or a broad spectrum CBD concentrate.