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What is CBD Live Resin?

In both the recreational cannabis and hemp worlds, Live Resin is probably the most sought after type of concentrate.  Live Resin usually has a ‘saucier’ type of consistency, but this can vary.  CBD Live Resin is extracted from plant material using solvents and similar processes used to extract other types of concentrates, only there is one key difference.  Plant material used for Live Resin is frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve terpenes.  Studies have found that over 30% of terpenes within cannabis/hemp plants are destroyed within one week using traditional drying methods(1).  Because Live Resin is extracted from material that has retained most of its terpene content through freezing, there is greater flavor and effect.

The Entourage Effect

It is not only cannabinoids that produce an ‘Entourage Effect’ when used together, terpenes are also thought by many to contribute to an overall Entourage Effect(2).  And of course, the more terpenes in the material being consumed, the greater the effect.  In addition to the more pronounced flavor, the Entourage Effect is surely another reason why Live Resin has become the first choice for many concentrate consumers.

1. 1995 Study from the University of Mississippi
2. Dr. Ethan B. Russo 2011 Entourage Effect Study
Full Spectrum CBD Live Resin

Live Resin extracted from Hemp is not only rich in CBD, but also the full spectrum of rare and minor cannabinoids.  Because of this, it is a great choice for anyone looking for a full spectrum CBD concentrate.  We have found CBD Live Resin to be the most potent type of CBD concentrate one can purchase, 99% of the time.  For users with no tolerance to THC, we strongly advise using small amounts slowly until you know how it will affect you.  Alternatively you may prefer a different type of full spectrum concentrate, or a broad spectrum CBD concentrate.

Hemp Extracts & CBD Concentrates Like Live Resin Are the Future!

Concentrates and Extracts make up the fastest-growing subsections of products being sold in both the recreational Cannabis and Low-THC Cannabis(Hemp) industries. With the Cannabis concentrate market projected to become worth $42.7 billion by 2024, this growth isn’t slowing any time soon.

Cannabis/Hemp extraction and processing has come a long way over the years. From shoe hash & hair straighteners, to sift tumblers and rosin presses. The world of cannabinoid concentrates is continuously evolving, and the technology used to process flower is steadily advancing. With this constant evolution of technique and technology, extraction artists have managed to produce a concentrate that encapsulates the very essence of cannabis and hemp flower as it exists on the day of harvest.

CBD Live Resin is a form of Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate that is undoubtedly the most prized Hemp Extract on the market. The reason? Quality CBD Live Resin contains the most prominent terpene profiles, and the most potent cannabinoid profiles of any CBD Concentrate out there. Excellent flavor and potent effects, this is what one expects when dabbing CBD Live Resin.

Sauce Warehouse is home to The Most Diverse Collection of Hemp & CBD Concentrates on the Web, a collection that is largely made up of quality CBD Live Resin Concentrates. Sauce Warehouse carries a selection of CBD Live Resin from the best companies and extract artists in the hemp extract industry. Asheville Extracts, Hemp Hop, H-Town Extracts, & More! Our collection is certain to grow and take on even more quality products as interest in quality CBD Concentrates like Live Resin rises. Here are some of the reasons why we are so crazy about Live Resin.

What Makes CBD Live Resin So Highly Prized?

We’ve all had that moment after purchasing some top shelf cannabis/hemp flower, where we bury our noses inside the bag or jar to take in the full experience of the particular strain we were so eager to try out. All the amazing subtle and more pronounced aromas that combine to give us the perfect impression of what the actual effects will be once smoked, vaporized, or eaten.

When it comes to CBD Live Resin, this very experience is frozen and concentrated so that we can enjoy it on a much deeper level. We can vaporize, smoke, eat, the whole essence of the Hemp Flower that is frozen immediately after being pulled from the soil. Traditional drying and curing destroys cannabinoids and terpenes. Other types of concentrates extracted from traditionally cured buds have less flavor and less cannabinoid content. But not Live Resin. CBD Live Resin provides a more complete experience.

Instant freezing of Hemp Flower after harvesting, while the plant is still ‘alive’ so to speak, allows the cannabinoids and terpenes to be extracted in all their glory. In bypassing the traditional drying and curing methods, the light, heat, & oxidation that would normally degrade terpenes and cannabinoids are avoided altogether. Therefore, we call it ‘Live’ Resin! It’s alive!

Extraction material that is dried and cured using traditional methods can lose up to 95% of it’s original terpene content before a concentrate is ever even extracted from it. This is why CBD Live Resin contains a higher terpene content than any other form of CBD Concentrate on the market. This higher terpene content not only contributes to a more pronounced flavor, but a more pronounced ‘entourage effect’ due to more beneficial terpenes being present to interact with the higher cannabinoid profile.

What Does CBD Live Resin Look Like?

Live Resin concentrates are usually more viscous and saucier than other types of concentrates, but they can also be more stable and resemble crumble. Live Resin extracted from fresh frozen Hemp Flower will usually have a golden color resulting from the pigments in the fresh plant resin not having a chance to oxidize. The general consistency is best described as a saucy wax.

As previously mentioned however, this consistency can vary. CBD Live Resin concentrates can be found in the form of waxes, shatters, crumbles, & more.

A unique characteristic of CBD Live Resin concentrates is that unlike other types of concentrates, live resin concentrates can change over time. They may begin as a clear sauce, but with time they might transform into a cloudy, granular consistency. This is due to the resin breaking down and terpenes evaporating. To prolong the shelf life of your live resin, it is best to store it in a cool and dark environment such as the fridge.

CBD Live Resin Encourages Transparency in the Hemp Extract Market

Because CBD Live Resin so accurately resembles the original terpene profile and essence of the Hemp Flower it was extracted from, it is very easy to spot Live Resin created with inferior material. If the best flower isn’t used, it will be evident in the aroma and taste of the live resin. This fact alone essentially forces CBD and Hemp companies to create CBD Live Resin using quality material, otherwise it won’t sell!

This is quite the contrary to other types of CBD Concentrates, especially broad spectrum concentrates. These concentrates are made using mixtures of CBD Distillates and Isolates, which have been stripped of all other plant compounds. It is essentially impossible to tell if these cannabinoids were extracted from quality material or bunk hemp flower. This is yet another reason we will always choose to focus on the true full spectrum CBD Concentrates at Sauce Warehouse!

Unfortunately, a large percentage of the CBD Concentrates and Hemp Extracts out there are thrown together from low quality plants that have been processed into distillate and isolate. Higher quality hemp plants are used for raw, smokable hemp flower, true full spectrum CBD concentrates such as CBD Live Resin, and other products where the end product is transparent enough for users to identify the quality of the starting material.

In addition to many of these concentrates being created with subpar material, many companies in their pursuit of a quick profit will use synthetic or low quality terpenes to try and re-introduce flavor profiles that were really never there to begin with.

This is one of the primary reasons Sauce Warehouse was created. We noticed that most consumers turning to Hemp Extracts and CBD Concentrates appeared to be completely oblivious to this. Often, we see our customers and consumers within the industry discussing their use of a ‘broad spectrum live resin’, completely unaware that the concentrate they are using has been artificially manufactured to mimic real CBD Live Resin.

99.9% of the time if a CBD Concentrate is broad spectrum, it is faked. Even Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates can be faked. Thus, it’s important to do your own research before making any purchase to avoid being duped! With that said, these ‘fake’ concentrates aren’t always low quality or a bad thing, we just hate to see consumers lied to by CBD Companies who are intentionally taking advantage of them.

Who Was the First to Make Live Resin?

While we’re not quite sure who was the first to create live resin concentrates, the general consensus is that William ‘Kind Bill’ Fenger, ‘Kind Bill’, A.K.A., the ‘Godfather of Live Resin Extracts’, came up with the idea to use fresh frozen Cannabis plants for extraction back in 2010 when the concept became first entered the mainstream.

Ever since, the process has gradually been evolving steadily. Initial extraction methods involved ‘blasting’ fresh frozen flower using butane in an open system. If you recall the many news reports over the years of house fires, explosions, and subsequent laws being passed outlawing Cannabis concentrates, this extraction method was usually to blame.

Eventually around 2013, ‘The Godfather of Live Resin Extracts’ teamed up with the founder of EmoTek, a well known cannabis extraction company. Together they went to work figuring out a better way to make legitimate live resin extractions.

They were able to accomplish just that using a machine called OBE-Dos unit. This machine is essentially a closed-loop system which uses ultra-cooled butane. Within this system, the perfect conditions are created for extracting resin from the live cannabis plant. This has become the mainstream method of live resin extraction around the world.

Why Sauce Warehouse is the Best Source for CBD Live Resin

Live Resin is the most desirable and highest quality concentrate of all the CBD Concentrates and Hemp Extracts on the market. But of course, in an industry that is growing rapidly there are many desperate players willing to cut corners and sacrifice quality with little regard for the consumer.

At Sauce Warehouse, we’ve vetted essentially every single company and extract artist out there producing Hemp Extracts and CBD Concentrates. With quality being our main priority, we have selected only the best companies and extract artists, and their best products to be part of our diverse collection.

All the products at saucewarehouse.com, including all CBD Live Resin concentrates, are third party tested. Lab results will always be available on every single product page. This allows you to make the right choice for your needs based on cannabinoid content and terpene profile when available.

Sauce Warehouse is focused on quality products, transparency, and going a step above the rest to do things the right way. You will often see other companies throwing any old product up on their website to fill a void, telling their customers whatever they might want to hear just to sell a product, and parroting the same old tired CBD sales gimmicks we have all grown tired of. Sauce Warehouse is here to do things differently. We respect our customers, and we strive to represent truth and integrity in everything we do.

Thus, it only makes sense that we prioritize 100% true full spectrum hemp extracts in our collection of CBD dabs. While we do carry broad spectrum isolate based CBD shatters and CBD Terp Sauce, we do this to provide those who cannot use THC, a way to continue enjoying concentrates. Our vision for the future of Sauce Warehouse, however, involves CBD Concentrates extracted directly from quality hemp flower such as Live Resin and even solventless options such as CBD Rosin. We will continue working with the best in the industry to create a collection of Hemp & CBD Concentrates that has something for everybody!

About CBD Live Resin at Sauce Warehouse

Sauce Warehouse offers CBD Live Resin extracted from many different strains of Hemp Flower. Most of these live resin concentrates will be available in 1 gram jars, but we also carry CBD Live Resin ‘Baller Jars’. These Baller Jars allow our customers to purchase bulk CBD Live Resin and other CBD Concentrates in bulk quantities. The quantities available in these jars are generally 7 grams, 14 grams, and 28 grams.

Of course, we are always willing to work with our customers to provide them just what they are looking for, so if you are looking for more or less feel free to contact us!

Sauce Warehouse will always put precedent on getting your order to you as fast as possible, whether you take advantage of our expedited shipping or if your items ship first class. We will always ship the same day or the very next day, every single day of the week. Packages are discreet, and all items are vacuum sealed for an added layer of privacy. And of course, a notice to law enforcement is included in every package we ship.

As previously mentioned, we vet all CBD Live Resin concentrates, only adding the best to our collection. CBD Concentrates available at Sauce Warehouse will never contain any impurities or fillers such as MCT Oil, only cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from organic hemp flower.

A Closer Look at Some of the CBD Live Resin Available at Sauce Warehouse

Hemp Hop Hawaiian Trainwreck Live Resin

A Sauce Warehouse best seller, this hydrocarbon extracted CBD Live Resin has an orange-y & cinnamon aroma. It also tests high in Myrcene (2.20%), Nerolidol (1.54%), & Caryophyllene (0.99%).

Hemp Hop Otto II Live Resin. Winner of the High Times Hemp Cup Award

Otto ll has a woody/floral aroma and it is high in both CBD & minor cannabinoids. It tested high in the terpenes Cedrol (2.13%), Bisabolol (0.63%), & Caryophyllene (0.62%).

Sour Space Candy Live Resin

CBD Live Resin extracted via hydrocarbon extraction using fresh-frozen Sour Space Candy hemp flower. Citrus-candy flavor.

How To Use CBD Live Resin

Here are a few ways to use CBD Live Resin from Sauce Warehouse:

1. Dabbing

Dabbing is essentially the most effective way to consume CBD & CBD Concentrates/Hemp Extracts.

Dabbing CBD Concentrates consists of using a dab rig or a portable dab pen. Both devices use heat to vaporize the concentrate. This vapor is then inhaled for quick and efficient absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

When using a dab rig, you will need either an e-nail or a butane torch to heat the banger/nail/bucket on your dab rig. You will also need a dab tool which is used to place the concentrate inside the heated banger for vaporization. These tools are also helpful when loading concentrates into a dab pen.

Low temperatures are always ideal when dabbing a CBD Concentrates such as Live Resin. Low temperatures ensure all of the terpenes are experienced completely as high temperatures can destroy these terpenes resulting in less flavor.

2. On Top of Flower

CBD Live Resin can be placed on top of a bowl of hemp flower or cannabis flower. Sandwiching the live resin in between layers of flower is often the best way to ensure all the live resin is completely consumed. This may also preserve some of the flavor since you aren’t holding a lighter directly to the live resin.

Another option when using CBD Live Resin with Hemp Flower or cannabis flower, is adding the live resin concentrate to the inside or outside of a joint. Live resin can be spread on the outside of a joint or blunt, or if the consistency is a little more stable it can be added to the flower before rolling.

3. Infusing Food & Drink to Make Your Own Edibles

CBD Live Resin is often made into edibles, and these provide a more potent experience than edibles made with regular CBD Isolate or other CBD Concentrates. At Sauce Warehouse, you will find links on every concentrate product page to instructions that will walk you through the process of making edibles with CBD Concentrates! This is actually not as difficult as you may think, and anyone can do it at home!

Purchase CBD Live Resin at Sauce Warehouse Today

CBD Live Resin is the pinnacle product of hemp extraction and is the most prized CBD Concentrate on the market. It’s truly the best tasting, and most potent Hemp Extract money can buy. A full cannabinoid & terpene profile which is made possible by freezing Hemp Flower directly after harvest, makes CBD Live Resin stand apart from any other type of concentrate on the market.

The immediate freezing of Hemp Flower at harvest allows these precious terpenes and cannabinoids to be preserved just as they were on the last day of the plant’s life. This full flavor and potency, unaffected by the traditional processes of drying and curing, is present in the CBD Live Resin that is extracted from the fresh frozen flower. There is just no other CBD Concentrate currently available that delivers like a quality CBD Live Resin.

Check out our huge collection of Hemp & CBD Concentrates and consider trying some CBD Live Resin for yourself. If you purchase some live resin from us here at Sauce Warehouse and enjoy it, be sure to leave us a review on the site or on Google, or both! And if this is your first time ordering from us, signing up to our email list and using code ‘FIRST!’ will save you 10% on your entire order!

Common Questions About CBD Live Resin

Still have some questions?

1. Where can I purchase CBD live resin?

Sauce Warehouse! At saucewarehouse.com we have many different CBD Live Resin options available both in 1 gram jars, and bulk quantities are also available in our Baller Jars. If you are a CBD/Hemp business owner looking for wholesale CBD Live Resin, feel free to contact us directly.

Sauce Warehouse has taken the time to ensure all CBD Live Resin offered on the site is extracted from 100% organic Hemp Flower, independently lab-tested, and solvent-free. Our top priority is quality and customer satisfaction.

2. Is CBD Live Resin Available for Bulk Purchase?

Sauce Warehouse is proud to offer Hemp Extracts & CBD Concentrates in bulk quantities for those who’d like to save money and have their concentrates last longer. We offer CBD Concentrates such as CBD Crumble and CBD Live Resin in bulk ‘Baller Jars’, choose from 7 grams, 14 grams, or 28 grams. Feel free to contact us for special quantity orders and wholesale inquiries as well.

3. Does Sauce Warehouse Ship CBD Live Resin to All 50 States?

Yes. Sauce Warehouse will ship your CBD Live Resin to all 50 states. We ship all packages in discreet packaging, with all of the contents vacuum sealed for added security and privacy. A notice to law enforcement is included with every shipment. At Sauce Warehouse we are committed to getting you your orders as soon as possible. When you order before 1PM EST Monday through Friday, we will ship your package the very same day. Orders received after 1PM EST M-F will ship the very next day(excluding holidays, of course).

CBD Live Resin, and all other CBD products that contain <0.3% delta 9 THC are completely legal to ship across state borders.
4. Does Sauce Warehouse Ship CBD Live Resin with Cold Packs?

Sauce Warehouse is happy to include a cold pack in any concentrate order upon request. We understand some of our customers may live in a warmer environment where CBD Concentrates such as CBD Live Resin could be susceptible to damage in the mail. We would be more than willing to ship your order with a cold pack to give you the peace of mind that your live resin will arrive just as you ordered it.

Interested in purchasing CBD Live Resin from Sauce Warehouse? Have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact us!