Sauce Warehouse Honey Butter CBD Live Resin
Calyx jar containing Sauce Warehouse Honey Butter CBD Live Resin
Sauce Warehouse Honey Butter CBD Live Resin Lid Label
Sauce Warehouse Honey Butter CBD Live Resin
Calyx jar containing Sauce Warehouse Honey Butter CBD Live Resin
Sauce Warehouse Honey Butter CBD Live Resin Lid Label

Honey Butter Live Resin

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This hydrocarbon extracted live resin is a mix of Skytemple and Jophy hemp flower extractions.  Honey Butter live resin tests high in CBDa, CBCa, and THCa. 


Making Edibles with Concentrates


•Skytemple x Jophy

•True consistency
•No added terpenes
•Hydrocarbon extraction

1 Gram
CBD: 1.26%
CBDa: 62.8%
CBDVa: 1.03%
CBGa: 0.51%
CBC: 0.46%
CBCa: 7.3%
THCv: 0.13%
Delta-9 THC: 0.17%
THCa: 1.4%

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CBD live resin is a form of CBD concentrate that tends to be very high in terpenes and cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD). The resin is a unique form of hemp extract in that it perfectly captures the essence of the hemp flower from which it is extracted. The high concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids, as well as the entire essence of the extraction material present in live resin, are the result of the special extraction process used.

Live resin is always extracted from hemp plants that are frozen immediately after harvest until ready for processing. Keeping plants frozen helps preserve terpenes and cannabinoids that are degraded using traditional drying and curing methods.

CBD live resin usually has a sauce-like consistency, but can also come in other forms such as crystals. Since CBD Live Resin is sensitive to heat and warmer environments, it needs to be stored in a cool place to prevent the resin from losing its shape.

CBD live resin concentrates are undeniably the most flavorful and potent form of hemp extract on the market today. Their rich cannabinoid and terpene content provides a full “whole plant” experience in both taste and effects.

Extracting the resin from hemp that is frozen immediately after harvest allows processors to use plants with the highest phytochemical content. This means that the natural aroma and flavor of the hemp strains are almost completely preserved. CBD live resin is a full-spectrum hemp extract, which means it contains THC. Of course, Sauce Warehouse only sells CBD concentrates that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

3 Popular Ways of Using CBD Live Resin

1. Dab it

Not only is dabbing CBD live resin quick and easy, but it is also very effective. In fact, it is even more effective than using tinctures and other types of CBD products. Because of the rich flavor, it is often more enjoyable too.

Many different options are available as far as devices and tools used to dab CBD concentrates. Bangers or dab nails are used to heat concentrates until they are vaporized. Some nails are meant to be used with torches and are heated manually; others are paired with electronically heated coils. The vapor produced inside the nail is inhaled, usually being filtered through water as it travels through a glass dab rig up to the mouthpiece.

The most common type of nail is a quartz nail or quartz banger. These are usually heated using a butane dab torch. Alternatively, electric nails can be used. These nails are made to fit inside of a coil that is attached to an electronic controller which can be adjusted to the desired dabbing temperature.

True concentrate connoisseurs and daily dabbers tend to prefer an electronic nail paired with a quality glass dab rig. This allows for adequate temperature control which is crucial if you want to get the most flavor from your Sauce Warehouse CBD concentrates. Any rig will work though, and plenty of concentrate users prefer using a dab torch over an enail. It all comes down to personal preference.

2. Dab Straw or Nectar Collector

A nectar collector is basically a handheld and simplified version of a dab rig. Made of glass or silicone, most nectar collectors are shaped like a screwdriver. There is a mouthpiece on one end and a glass or titanium tip on the other end. This tip is heated in the same way a banger or nail is heated, and then applied to the hemp extract. This produces a vapor which is inhaled through the nectar collector mouthpiece.
Nectar collectors are a better option for portability as they are often small enough to fit in a small bag and don’t require water or a table like a dab rig does.

3. Mixing with Flower

CBD live resin can also be mixed right in with your hemp or cannabis flower. This is probably the simplest method although you may not experience the full flavor that dabbing provides. On the upside, it can potentially increase the potency of your flower and provide more flavor! All you need is a spoon pipe or a water bong.

Another option when adding live resin to flower is to use a dab tool to spread the resin on the outside of a joint or a blunt. As the joint burns the live resin will be vaporized/combusted along with the flower. Just be careful to apply sparingly otherwise you may end up with quite the mess!

CBD Live Resin is a full spectrum CBD concentrate, meaning it does contain a small amount of THC. Sauce Warehouse only sells live resin that contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, however some concentrates may contain higher levels of THCa which converts to Delta-9 THC when heated and can produce psychoactive effects.

If you are a daily user of regular cannabis, you will likely not feel a high from CBD live resin. However, if you are sensitive to THC or new to using cannabis and hemp products, it is best to start slow until you are familiar with the effects. Each person is unique, and each concentrate is unique as well, so cautious experimentation is key.

If you find that full spectrum CBD live resin is too much for you in terms of effects, you can always stick with broad spectrum or zero THC CBD concentrates. Sauce Warehouse has the largest selection of CBD concentrates and hemp extracts on the web including both full and broad spectrum concentrates.

A CBD concentrate is a highly concentrated hemp extract. These extracts are extracted from federally legal hemp flower and contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. CBD concentrates often contain very high percentages of CBD or cannabidiol, as well as minor cannabinoids and terpenes. Different types of extracts are created using unique extraction processes and as a result the consistencies and cannabinoid content of these concentrates can vary.

CBD concentrates can be vaped, dabbed, made into edibles, or even mixed with flower. They can also be consumed orally or used topically. Because of their high CBD content, only small amounts need to be consumed for a potent effect. Depending on the extraction method used, hemp extracts may contain 45%-99% CBD.

There are various types of CBD concentrates available on the market today including CBD wax, CBD distillate, CBD shatter, CBD badder, CBD crumble, and more.

Here’s a few key factors to look for when buying CBD concentrates:

CBD Content: In most cases, you are going to want to look for a high percentage of CBD. Quality CBD isolate for example will almost always have at least 99% CBD content. Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum concentrates may have a bit less CBD, but 40%-90% is a good percentage to look for.

Extraction Process: Many argue CO2 extraction produces the cleanest concentrates. This method involves using carbon dioxide as a solvent, which leaves no residual solvent behind. Ethanol and hydrocarbon extraction are also popular extraction methods, but residual solvents can be left behind if they are not purged completely. Only purchase these types of concentrates from trusted sources such as Sauce Warehouse.

Terpene Content: Not only does high terpene content contribute to a better aroma and taste, but terpenes also work together with cannabinoids to produce the highly sought after entourage effect. Concentrates containing myrcene, pinene, linalool, limonene, and humulene are highly desirable.

Certificates of Analysis: If a vendor does not have COA’s readily available for you to access you want to avoid purchasing their products. Third-party lab results contain information about the cannabinoid content, terpenes, residual solvents, and even pesticides and microbial content. Different vendors will have different types of lab results available, but the more COA’s the better.

Consistency and Color: Different types of CBD concentrates have different consistencies and colors. You want to make sure the type of concentrate you are looking for has the right consistency and color. For example, live resin is often saucy and has a color like honey, while isolate is white and powdery.