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What is CBD Sauce?

CBD Sauce can be used to describe many different types of CBD Concentrates.  The most common type of CBD Concentrate that is referred to as a ‘Sauce’, is terpsolate.  ‘Terpsolates’ consist of CBD Isolate mixed with terpenes and sometimes distillate or even other cannabinoids to produce a flavorful and saucy consistency.  In other cases, CBD Concentrates that are not made with CBD Isolate but have a very ‘saucy’ consistency will be referred to as a CBD Sauce.  Some CBD Live Resin has a very viscous consistency and falls into this category.  Some CBD Sauces contain no CBD Isolate and consist of only CBD Distillate and added terpenes.  With more and more innovation occurring everyday with CBD Concentrates, the different types of CBD Sauce continue to grow. 

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates contain the full array of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, including THC.  Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates usually only contain CBD alone, and of course terpenes which have been added for flavor.  Isolate based CBD Sauce will typically be a Broad Spectrum Concentrate while Distillate based or Live Resin type concentrates with a saucy consistency will have a higher likelihood of being a Full Spectrum Concentrate.

How is CBD Sauce Used?

CBD Sauce is often combined with other types of concentrates such as CBD Diamonds or CBD Isolate.  This makes it much easier to ‘scoop’ a decent sized dab with a dab tool.  When dabbing CBD Sauce on its own, it can be a bit difficult to get a large amount of the sauce to stay on the end of your tool.  For this reason, CBD Sauce is probably best enjoyed at home with a dab rig as opposed to on the go.  CBD Sauce can also be drizzled on top of a bowl or spread on the outside of a joint!