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CBD Wax Faq's

CBD wax is a type of CBD concentrate that gets its name from its waxy texture and appearance. It contains a high concentration of CBD and it may contain minor cannabinoids as well. 

True consistency wax comes directly from hemp plants and is rare. It contains all the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the hemp flower used for extraction. In this form it is more likely to contain THC. 

In its more common form, CBD wax is a blend of CBD distillate and terpenes. This blend is mixed to mimic the appearance of real wax. Companies make concentrates this way to avoid the difficulty of producing a real extract containing <0.3% Delta-9 THC. For this reason, most concentrates made in this manner contain little to no THC.

Dabbing is a quick and efficient way to consume CBD concentrates. It might seem complicated at first, but dabbing CBD wax is easy. Dabbing is the act of vaporizing CBD using a dab rig or a dab pen. These devices heat the wax and produce vapor for inhalation.

What sets dabbing apart from other methods of using CBD? When inhaled, CBD enters the bloodstream right away. This is faster than other methods of use. In addition, users need smaller amounts of concentrate compared to other forms of CBD like CBD gummies.

If you prefer CBD edibles, wax is great for adding to foods and drinks. Beyond eating, you are also able to blend wax with topical applications.

Depending on the type of CBD wax, there may or may not be THC present. The two primary types are:

• Broad Spectrum

• Full Spectrum

Broad spectrum wax typically contains no THC. Full spectrum wax is likely to contain at least a small amount of THC.

It is important to remember trace amounts of THC can be present even in broad spectrum CBD concentrates. Keep this in mind if you are trying to pass a drug test. 

Learn more about the difference between full spectrum and broad spectrum.

Concentrates in the world of cannabis and hemp are concentrated oils, waxes, saps, and liquids. They are rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. They may also contain some plant waxes and lipids. There are two primary types of concentrates on the market today:

Cannabis Concentrates (High THC)

Cannabis concentrates are cannabis plant extracts. They have a high amount of THC and low amount of CBD.

CBD Concentrates (High CBD)

CBD concentrates are hemp plant extracts, they are primarily CBD and have little to no THC. All concentrates sold by Sauce Warehouse are high in CBD and low in THC. Another term used to refer to these types of concentrates is 'hemp extract'.

How to make concentrates

Hydrocarbon extraction equipment strips concentrates from the cannabis or hemp plant while filtering out plant material. The extractor then purges the solvent used, either CO2 or butane. This results in a clean, pure, ready to use extract. 

How to use concentrates

Dabbing CBD concentrates is the most efficient way to use high doses of CBD quickly. This is because vaporized CBD when inhaled enters the bloodstream right away. The onset of effects is quick. When taking CBD orally or eating CBD edibles, the effects take much longer to kick in.

It is becoming more popular to combine high CBD concentrates and high THC concentrates. Many people find that CBD tends to have a balancing effect when used alongside THC. It is common to hear about CBD making the overall experience of using high THC products more enjoyable. 

Make sure to buy real CBD concentrates, not the fake stuff

Most vendors offering CBD concentrates online are just selling blends of terpenes and CBD isolate. Yuck! These are not real concentrates. They will never provide the real flavor and effects you are looking for.

At Sauce Warehouse our focus is high CBD hemp extracts extracted directly from hemp plants. Our genuine extracts taste, smell, and feel like the hemp flower used for their extraction. If you are seeking a traditional cannabis concentrate experience without the high concentrations of THC, we're sure you'll enjoy them!

The answer depends on the type of CBD wax you are using. Broad spectrum wax does not have THC, so it will not cause the psychoactive high associated with THC.

Full spectrum CBD wax often does contain low concentrations of THC. Whether or not you will get high from low amounts of THC depends on your THC tolerance. If you have no tolerance, you might experience psychoactive effects from low THC extracts. Those with a low tolerance should always begin with a small dose and work their way up.

It is important to remember that you can always take more, but you can never take less!

Don't take it too seriously

It is important not to get too hung up on these different consistency types. Often, these different names can apply to more than one type of concentrate. In some cases you can consider wax to be live resin and vice versa.

Primary differences

Live resin comes from a unique source that is exclusive to this type of concentrate. That source is hemp plants frozen immediately at harvest which contain terpenes and cannabinoids at their peak levels.

On the other hand, wax generally comes from dried and cured flower.

Another important difference to note, is consistency. Wax tends to be a bit crumbly and can range from extremely dry to moist. Live resin is almost always moist if not extremely saucy! Additionally, because of the unique extraction method that preserves terpenes and cannabinoids, it is usually more potent and flavorful.

Yes, one can be the other

As we mentioned before, you can often consider one type of concentrate as another. Some live resin might have a consistency that is very waxy. In this case, if the live resin is wax, then the wax is also live resin! 

What a crazy world we live in, is it even real?!

Differences in effect

Pure CBD live resin is always going to be the more potent option when compared to wax. This is because it generally has more cannabinoids and terpenes in it.

Don't take this too seriously either though. Even though cured flower does contain less cannabinoid and terpene content, it can still produce a tasty and potent hemp extract.

  • Potency: It packs a high dose of CBD into just a small amount of concentrate. This makes it ideal for those seeking a strong entourage effect without the need to consume a lot of product.

  • Rapid Effects: When dabbed or vaped, wax has immediate effects. This is because the inhaled vapor enters the bloodstream right away via the lungs.

  • Purity: Advanced extraction processes and lab testing ensures our quality wax is free from impurities and contaminants.

  • Versatile: There are many ways you can use wax. Aside from dabbing and vaping, you can also add it to foods and topical blends.

There are a couple types of CBD wax on the market today, each made using a unique process. 

1.  Broad spectrum

This type is almost always a mix of CBD distillate and terpenes. This means there isn't really an extraction process involved but simply a mixing process.  

This is an easy and cheap way for CBD vendors to offer concentrates that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. Trying to produce a compliant extract directly from hemp flower isn't always easy. This usually results in THC levels that are too high.

2. Full spectrum

This type of wax is a real hemp extract processed from hemp flower. It contains the natural terpene & cannabinoid profiles present in the flower. 

In most cases, processors use hydrocarbon extraction equipment. Hydrocarbon solvents like CO2 or butane strip cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant material. The extract passes through a filter to remove impurities and the result is a potent, terpene rich wax.

Processors purge the solvent from the extract at the end of the process to ensure a safe, clean, and pure concentrate.

We have the best CBD wax right here at Sauce Warehouse. Not only that, we are one of the only vendors that have real hemp extracts. 

99.9% of the CBD wax you'll find online is completely fake. Don't waste your money on distillate/terpene mixtures that taste nothing like real hemp/cannabis and provide subpar effects. 

Grab one of our true consistency CBD wax concentrates today. See for yourself why we are the industry's best licensed hemp extract vendor. 

Our goal is to offer our customers the most diverse collection of CBD concentrates and hemp extracts currently available. Our growing selection features extracts from a variety of hemp flower strains.

From the classic hemp strains, to the rare and exotic strains, we have something to please everyone. Our concentrates are sure to deliver a smooth and enjoyable vaping or dabbing experience.

At Sauce Warehouse, we aim for complete transparency and customer satisfaction. That's why we have detailed product information and lab test results available on every page. We also have friendly customer support ready to help with any issues.

We are your trusted source for CBD concentrates and hemp extracts. Explore our concentrate menu today and discover why our CBD concentrates are the best around. 


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