CBD Wax. What is it & How is it Made?

CBD Wax just like CBD Shatter comes in a few different forms.  A more common form of CBD Wax is a CBD Isolate based mixture that consists of CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, and sometimes additional cannabinoids such as CBG.  These elements are combined to create the waxy consistency we all know.  Terpenes are often added for flavor, and these waxes are generally considered Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates because they primarily contain only CBD. 

On the other hand, there are other types of CBD Wax which are true Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates.  An example of this would be our CBD BHO Wax.  This is a CBD Wax Concentrate that has been extracted from hemp plants using Butane.  BHO stands for Butane Hash Oil, which is a term for the extracted material that has been separated from the plant using butane.  CBD BHO Wax extracted from Hemp will have a much more ‘natural’ flavor compared to a Broad Spectrum CBD Wax, due to the natural terpenes contained within. 

Full Spectrum vs. Broad Spectrum CBD Wax

Full Spectrum CBD Wax brings with it the benefits of the Entourage Effect.  The Entourage Effect is the combined effect of all the cannabinoids within the hemp plant which is thought to be more beneficial than the single effects of any one given cannabinoid.  Though, some users find that they are sensitive to the THC present in Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates.  These individuals will be better off with a Broad Spectrum CBD Wax containing no THC.  Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates are also a good option for those looking to consume higher doses of CBD at once because the CBD percentages are often higher per dose.  We have made it easy to browse both full and broad spectrum CBD Concentrates by adding a section for each on our Concentrate Menu