Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates

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What Are Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates?

Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates, as the name implies, consist of the Full Spectrum of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant.  This includes THC.  Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates are preferred by some users and avoided by others.  Those who enjoy them often believe that using the many different cannabinoids side by side produces an enhanced effect and even contributes to enhanced benefits.  This enhanced effect is known as the ‘Entourage Effect’.  Not only are the cannabinoids thought to enhance the effects of one another, the natural terpenes that are often present in Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates are also thought by many to make their own contribution to the Entourage Effect. 

Common Types of Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates

The most common CBD Concentrates that fall into the Full Spectrum category are CBD Live Resin, CBD Wax, CBD Distillate, and CBD Rosin.  Of course, others like Full Spectrum CBD Shatter and Full Spectrum CBD Crumble can exist, they are just far less common.  We have found CBD Live Resin to be the most ‘potent’ in terms of effect.  CBD Live Resin combines fresh terpenes with a full cannabinoid profile which provides a very powerful experience.  CBD Rosin provides a very similar Full Spectrum CBD experience as well.

Why Do Some Users Avoid Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates?

Some users choose to avoid Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates primarily due to the THC content.  While CBD Concentrates are required to contain less than <0.3% Delta-9 THC, the small amount that is present can still be enough to effect sensitive users.  When dabbing Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates it is important for sensitive users to take it slow and avoid repeat doses in a short window of time.  THC can accumulate in these users’ systems quickly and cause unwanted effects!  Just because these are CBD Concentrates does not mean they cannot cause intoxication.  Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates contain zero THC and can be just as enjoyable!