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What is CBD Rosin?

CBD Rosin is a hemp extract that is created by applying pressure and heat to hemp plant material. Unlike other types of Full Spectrum CBD concentrates that are created using a solvent, rosin is completely solventless.  Without the need for solvents or heavy equipment, rosin can be produced by just about anyone. 
Pressure and Heat

The extraction of CBD Rosin from hemp plant material is made possible by pressure and heat.  Heat loosens up the cannabinoids and terpenes allowing for pressure to separate them by force.  These cannabinoids and terpenes are quite literally squeezed out of the hemp flower, kief, hash, or trim. 
The Evolution of Rosin Pressing Methods

Many different methods have arisen as do it yourselfers have tried desperately to create the perfect cost-effective home rosin press.  For many years if you wanted to press CBD Rosin at home, you would use a hair straightener.  This eventually evolved into bench presses rigged with hot plates.  Today, there are many different companies offering home rosin presses for beginners and daily pressers alike.  Some of these replicate the old hair straightener presses but with added features for secure clamping and increased temperature control.  Others are full scale tabletop presses with hydraulic or pneumatic pumps, and some are even electric with the capability of pressing rosin with the touch of a button.
The Solventless Revolution

Each one of these methods of pressing CBD Rosin are solventless alternatives to the solvent based closed-loop extraction methods used to produce other types of CBD Concentrates and hemp extracts.  Not only do these methods use solvents, they require in depth technical training, they are time consuming, the equipment is expensive, and this equipment also needs to be placed in a location designed specifically for this complex type of extraction.  These solvent based extractions also require extra steps once the concentrate leaves the closed loop system.  Any solvents used must be purged either through evaporation or the use of a vacuum oven.  And, even after all this work there may still be small amounts of solvent present in the extract.

CBD Rosin offers a clean alternative to these solvent based concentrates.  Solventless CBD Rosin completely removes the risk involved when using solvent based concentrates.  Having never been touched by a solvent, there are typically more terpenes & cannabinoids present in rosin compared to other concentrates as well.  With safety around cannabis, hemp, and CBD consumption becoming more important to consumers, the preference for solventless products will surely continue to rise.  And, with just the small investment in a press, anyone can now purchase their own hemp flower and press their own CBD Rosin at home!
The History of Rosin

In 2006 ICMag became the first to introduce rosin to the cannabis community.  In 2015 rosin gained more public attention when Phil Salazar shared photos of rosin produced from hash.  When Salazar attempted to flatten some hash by pressing it, he noticed resin was forced out from the hash which had become dry and spent.  After pressing another bit of hash in some parchment paper using heat, Salazar was able to replicate the event.  Salazar then began using a hair straightener, first with hash and then with buds.  The same resin was produced that he had first noticed when pressing the hash.  This resin became known as rosin.

We aren’t sure who was the very first to discover this, or to produce rosin.  But these are the first mainstream accounts of the phenomena we all know now as rosin pressing.  Today, the methods used to press rosin have become far more advanced.  Commercial scale presses and techniques have been developed to produce large amounts of rosin very quickly.
What is in CBD Rosin?

The content of CBD Rosin largely depends on the material it is pressed from.  Hemp flower, hemp hash, & hemp kief/dry sift, can all be used to produce CBD Rosin.  Depending on the input material, some cannabinoids and/or terpenes may be more prominent.  But regardless of material used, CBD Rosin will essentially contain just cannabinoids and terpenes.  In most cases the rosin produced will be a translucent, waxy, and occasionally shatter-like concentrate that can be dabbed or added to flower or even edibles.  If the material pressed is of high quality, CBD Rosin can easily outperform solvent based CBD Live Resin in terms of flavor and potency.
Is CBD Rosin Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum? 

CBD Rosin is Full Spectrum.  Some will argue that CBD Rosin pressed from hash or sift is Broad Spectrum.  This is because it may only contain a select portion of the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in the hemp flower the hash or sift came from.  And while this makes sense, in the hemp/CBD industry “Full Spectrum” has become associated with any product containing THC, thus we will continue to refer to CBD Rosin as Full Spectrum since it contains THC. 

At Sauce Warehouse we hold customer safety in high regard, and we would hate to call CBD Rosin broad spectrum only to have someone who is sensitive to THC purchase it and have a bad experience.

Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates retain the hemp plant’s full cannabinoid profile and contain a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds.  In the world of hemp extracts and CBD Concentrates, full spectrum concentrates are difficult to produce.  This is because of the requirement for these concentrates to contain <0.3% delta-9 THC.

CBD Rosin is the most difficult Full Spectrum CBD Concentrate to produce in the industry today.  Therefore, you won’t find many CBD Rosin concentrates out there.  Even though the hemp material used to produce the rosin has compliant levels of THC, when pressed, the THC becomes concentrated.  These higher concentrations of THC make almost all CBD Rosin non-compliant and illegal to sell.  We at Sauce Warehouse are confident however that a way around this will be discovered, and some processers seem to have already stumbled upon new methods for pressing compliant CBD Rosin. 
CBD Rosin vs. CBD Live Resin

How is CBD Rosin different from CBD Live Resin?  The major difference between these two CBD Concentrates is that CBD Rosin is solventless and CBD Live Resin is produced using a solvent.  CBD Rosin is always going to be created using only heat and pressure by means of a rosin press.  CBD Live Resin is usually extracted using CO2 or butane extraction methods. 

Another difference between CBD Rosin and CBD Live Resin is the extraction material.  CBD Rosin is generally pressed from material that has been dried and cured using traditional methods which degrade terpenes and cannabinoids.  CBD Live Resin is extracted from material that is frozen immediately after harvest to preserve these terpenes and cannabinoids.  As a result, CBD Live Resin will generally have a higher terpene and cannabinoid content than CBD Rosin.  In some cases, however, hash can be made from fresh frozen material and then this hash can be pressed to produce a ‘CBD Live Rosin’.  This is a product we have never seen on the market at Sauce Warehouse, but we hope to see it in the future.
Why is CBD Rosin from Sauce Warehouse So Popular?

People love the CBD Rosin available at Sauce Warehouse because it is solventless.  Consumers prefer the cleaner, more natural process used to produce CBD Rosin because it uses zero solvents compared to other concentrates produced using butane, propane, or other chemicals.  Unlike solvent based concentrates, rosin doesn’t need to be purged of these harmful chemicals – it is ready to be consumed immediately. 

CBD Rosin is also popular with consumers because the production process is a simple mechanical process which they can perform at home.  Simple to use rosin presses can be purchased for at home use, and even the most complex rosin press is still much simpler to operate and understand than a traditional closed loop extraction system.  Pressing CBD Rosin at home also doesn’t require the use of volatile chemicals that can be extremely dangerous in untrained hands.  And for home growers, rosin provides a way to make use of trim which might otherwise be thrown away.

Solventless CBD Concentrates and solventless hemp extracts are becoming more popular every day.  These solventless concentrates allow users to consume with added peace of mind, and without having to check for residual solvents on a certificate of analysis.  Solventless CBD Rosin at Sauce Warehouse will never contain residual solvents because it has never touched a solvent!  Only heat and pressure are used to squeeze CBD Rosin from high quality hemp material. 

CBD Rosin is so highly sought after because it contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and natural terpenes.  The solventless nature of rosin, paired with a true full spectrum, whole plant cannabinoid & terpene profile, creates one of the cleanest and most potent CBD Concentrate options on the market. 
CBD Rosin: Quick & Versatile Production

It has never been so quick and easy to produce a high grade solventless hash oil.  There has also never been such an efficient, versatile, and safe method of extracting hash oil.  CBD Rosin is the result of years of innovation and advancement in heat & pressure technology.  The rosin presses available on the market today are capable of enormous amounts of pressure and variable heat control that allows for maximum yield at low temperatures for the fullest terpene profiles possible. 

This advancement in rosin press tech has made commercial scale production of rosin a reality.  Dispensaries are carrying more rosin concentrates, and rosin is available wherever cannabis is legal.  We at Sauce Warehouse look forward to the day when CBD Rosin becomes just as prevalent as recreational/medical cannabis rosin.
Interested in Making Your Own CBD Rosin?

• CBD Rosin is the concentrate produced when heat and pressure are applied to hemp flower, hash, or kief/dry sift.

• The 2018 Farm Bill made CBD Hemp Flower legal to cultivate, sell or purchase, transport, possess, and use in all 50 states.

• Making your own CBD Rosin is a straightforward process. The materials needed require only a minimal investment and are easy to find. A Rosin Press will be the first investment you need to make. These are available online and range from low-cost handheld devices to more expensive tabletop presses that are capable of extreme pressure. The more pressure, the lower your temperatures can be set. The lower your temperatures, the higher the quality of your CBD Rosin.

• Pressing your own CBD Rosin and consuming a product you have made with your own hands is a highly fulfilling experience.  If you are interested in trying CBD Rosin but aren’t ready to invest in pressing your own, no worries!  Sauce Warehouse has many different CBD Rosin concentrates to choose from! CBD Rosin typically ranges from $35-$55 per gram.  Sauce Warehouse has CBD Rosin available in 1 gram jars, but we also plan to make CBD Rosin available in our Sauce Warehouse Baller Jars which hold 7 grams, 14 grams, or 28 grams of various CBD Concentrates.
Reasons for Pressing CBD Rosin at Home

The solventless CBD Concentrate revolution has begun!  Pressing rosin is quick, versatile, and efficient.  So efficient that a consumer can wake up with no concentrates to dab, throw some flower on their rosin press, and have concentrate within minutes.  Traditional closed loop extraction systems used to produce other types of concentrates would have this same person waiting days. 

CBD Rosin is a full spectrum concentrate that offers a safe and healthy alternative to solvent based CBD Concentrates and Hemp Extracts.  CBD Rosin will never contain residual solvents because it is never in contact with a solvent material.  Pressing CBD Rosin is safe, requiring no harmful chemicals, and it is simple.  Anyone can do it!
The Process is Straightforward

No specialized or professional skills are needed to press your own CBD Rosin at home.  Raw hemp flower, hash, or kief/dry sift is pressed to create CBD Rosin.  That’s really all there is to it!  Imagine squeezing orange juice from an orange.  It’s that simple.
Materials Needed:

1. Rosin Press
2. Parchment Paper
3. Rosin Bags
4. Hemp Flower, hash, kief/drysift
5. Dab tool used to collect CBD Rosin
Rosin Presses

Rosin Presses are available in many different sizes at varying price points.

Manual presses use either a screw or a clamp system to compress plant material between heated plates.  Pneumatic presses use gas or air, and hydraulic presses use a liquid which moves under pressure. 

Electric rosin presses use a motor to deliver precise pressure with high-speed efficiency.  These presses are low maintenance when compared to hydraulic presses.

Choose a press that is within your budget from a reliable company.  While there are many presses out there that offer advanced features such as hydraulic or pneumatic capabilities, these are not necessary for a beginner to press rosin at home.
Parchment Paper

Parchment Paper is the more popular material to use when pressing rosin, though there are other options.  PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) sheets are preferred by many simple because they don’t tear as easily under pressure.  These sheets are also transparent which is a plus for those who like to see their product through the paper.  At the end of the day however, parchment paper will always be easier to source locally, and it is also more affordable. 
Rosin Bags

Rosin Bags, or Rosin Filter Bags are fine mesh bags available in a variety of different levels of fineness for different pressing applications. 
Flower is generally placed in less fine bags such as 190 micron bags, while hash is placed in finer 25 micron bags.  These bags separate the plant material being pressed from the rosin that is to be squeezed out.  Using these filter bags produces cleaner rosin.
Step by Step Process of Pressing CBD Rosin

1. Prepare Your Material

You want to first set your rosin bag containing the hemp plant material in a piece of parchment paper and fold the parchment paper to enclose the material as if it were a greeting card.  You want there to be sufficient space for the rosin to collect on the outer edges of the material.

For large flower buds, it may help to preform a ‘pre-press’.  This involves lightly pressing the material to flatten it before placing it on your heated press plate.  This allows for a more even distribution of heat and thus a more efficient extraction once pressure is applied.

2. Place Extraction Material on Press

Place your folded parchment envelope on the center of your rosin press’s bottom plate and ensure the plates have been heated to the desired temperature. 

180 degrees – 190 degrees Fahrenheit seems to be a good temperature for most hemp flower, but you can experiment to find what temperature delivers the results you are looking for.

3. Apply Pressure

Slowly apply pressure.  You want to bring the plates together until they are snug over your material, let sit for 30-60 seconds to ‘loosen’ up the cannabinoids and terpenes, and then continue to apply pressure.  There are many different techniques out there as far as applying pressure past this point.  Some like to apply pressure in increments of 10-30 seconds, others steadily increase pressure until they are ready to release pressure altogether.  In any case you want the press to last no more than 3 minutes until you are familiar with the material the temperature being used.  Experimentation is key to achieve the desired yield and quality of CBD Rosin.

4. Collect Your CBD Rosin!

Using a dab tool, you will now collect your CBD Rosin from the parchment paper.  If the rosin is too sticky and difficult to collect, it is helpful to place the parchment paper in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.  After this period the CBD Rosin should be cool enough that it will separate easily from the parchment and stick to your collection tool.  Simply collect all the rosin on the tool, and then use a separate piece of parchment paper to pull the rosin off the tool.  This parchment paper can be folded around the rosin and used to store in cool place.

5. Enjoy! 

Enjoy a solventless CBD Rosin extracted using your own two hands!  Doesn’t get much better than that! 
Solventless Extraction & Solventless Concentrates Are Safer

CBD Rosin is different from CBD Live Resin and CBD BHO Wax in that it can be produced safely at home with easy-to-use tools and equipment.  C02 and BHO extraction processes involve dangerous solvents that when mishandled can cause serious explosions and fires.  These processes require skilled professionals and should never be attempted at home.  Because CBD Rosin does not require any solvents to make, there are no serious safety concerns or special skill sets required. 

With zero hydrocarbon solvents being used to produce rosin, the only hydrocarbons present in CBD Rosin will be the natural hydrocarbon compounds that exist in hemp trichomes, carbon and hydrogen.  A more genuine flavor encapsulating the full essence of the hemp starting material is to be expected when consuming CBD Rosin.  This is due to the solventless extraction method that avoids contact with compounds that degrade and alter flavor in solvent based extracts. 

CBD Rosin contains terpenes, and the cannabinoids present in the trichomes of the pressed hemp plant material.  Trichomes are resin glands of the hemp plant, these are the mushroom-shaped structures that act as a defense mechanism in nature, protecting the plant from external threats.  Fragrant terpene oils repel these threats and aid the plant in surviving the duration of the flowering cycle.  Within these resin glands, the hemp plant produces CBD, THC, CBG, CBC, CBN, along with other active cannabinoids.  These compounds have come to be known as significantly beneficial for many different ailments by society in general and the medical community.

Apart from CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBG, CBC, CBT, and CBN are also thought to be quite beneficial in their own unique ways.  These ‘minor’ cannabinoids are steadily growing in popularity.  Many of the CBD Rosin concentrates offered at Sauce Warehouse are high in the minor cannabinoid CBC.  Studies have shown CBC (cannabichromene) and CBG (cannabigerol) to have antifungal and antimicrobial effects.  Sauce Warehouse also carries many CBG concentrates such as CBG Wax & CBG Crumble.  At saucewarehouse.com, all our product pages feature certificates of analysis which contain cannabinoid potency percentages for all cannabinoids that are present in each product.

Just like the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in CBD Hemp Flower, terpenes are also secreted from trichomes.  Many terpenes have also been studied and found to possess antifungal properties.  The now infamous entourage effect created by using multiple cannabinoids together, has also been found to grow stronger when terpenes are included in the mix.  Using Full Spectrum CBD Rosin is a great way to experience this amplified entourage effect produced by using cannabinoids and terpenes together.
Quality Input Material

High-quality CBD rosin is usually made from Hemp Flower that is grown indoors.  Shake, kief, or hash created from indoor Hemp Flower may also be used.  Outdoor Hemp Flower often has a less favorable taste that might be subtle or barely noticed when smoked, but when pressed to create CBD Rosin this inferior taste will become more pronounced.  Quality input material equals quality output material.

CBD Hemp Flowers are produced by female hemp plants (cannabis plants) when they reach full maturity.  Hemp Flower contains a wide variety of cannabinoids, and cannabinoid profiles vary from strain to strain.  CBD Hemp Flower is specifically bred to contain low levels of delta-9 THC, and high levels of CBD.  In recent years selective breeding for higher levels of CBG has also become popular.

These flowering hemp plants produce tight clusters of buds known as ‘colas’ on which the trichomes are located.  As mentioned previously, these trichomes are the production centers for all the cannabinoids and terpenes that are eventually squeezed out with heat and pressure to produce CBD Rosin.  If high quality indoor hemp flower is too expensive or unavailable to you, less expensive outdoor or greenhouse grown CBD Hemp Flower may be used to press CBD Rosin also.  The flavor and potency may not compare to indoor hemp flower, but it will still be a cannabinoid rich solventless CBD Rosin.

CBD Hemp Flower “Shake” may also be used to save on the cost of materials.  Shake is the leftover crumbs of hemp flower at the bottom of larger bags of hemp flower buds.  These crumbs break off buds through regular handling and are commonly sold at a discounted rate.  Because shake can contain a lot of stems and leaves with fewer trichomes, yield may be affected significantly when pressing hemp flower shake to make CBD Rosin.  Quality is also a key factor for shake.  High quality indoor grown CBD Hemp Flower shake will have more trichomes than shake from a lower quality outdoor grown CBD Hemp Flower. 

The same is true for trim, which is the plant matter cut away from hemp flower buds before curing.  Trim can be purchased directly from a handful of CBD companies that store their trim in climate-controlled rooms and take care to preserve cannabinoid and terpene content.  If the quality is high, this can be a great way to produce CBD Rosin without investing much in hemp extraction material. 

Hash, kief, dry sift, each of these terms refers to trichomes that have been separated from CBD Hemp Flower material. 

Hash is often created using large washers filled with ice.  Plant material is mixed in cold water with ice and in the process the trichome heads are knocked off into the cold water.  After the wash cycle, the washer is emptied, and the heads are collected on fine screens.  This process is referred to as ice water hash extraction and the resulting hash is known as bubble hash.  Once this hash has been properly dried and cured it usually smoked, but it can also be pressed into CBD Rosin. 

Kief is also another term for trichomes, but kief is generally collected from trim bins or other storage containers in which trichome heads have fallen off during regular handling.  Kief can also be intentionally collected by placing CBD Hemp Flower in tumblers or using screens to sift the heads from the surface of the flowers.  When screens are used in this way the resulting trichome heads are referred to as dry sift.  Dry sift is just another form of hash made by using these fine mesh screens to hand-sift dried flowers or trim.

The ability to use these commonly unwanted and undesirable plant materials to use CBD Rosin is yet another reason for the concentrates soaring popularity.  These materials provide a practical and affordable way to produce rosin.
Additional Information on Rosin Pressing Temperatures

An important factor in the quality and yield of your CBD Rosin is temperature.  The optimal press temperature will vary for each type of material pressed. 

Dry sift, hash, or flower that is rich in terpenes will require a lower temperature.  Not only will a lower temperature preserve terpene content, but material high in terpenes to begin with will produce a greater yield with less heat.  When pressure is first applied to terpene rich material, the initial flow of terpenes will act as a solvent and aid in the extraction of the remaining cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Lower temperatures, from 150 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, produce lower yields.  On the other hand, lower temperatures result in higher terpene content and CBD Rosin that fully embodies the hemp starting material.  Rosin  pressed at low temperatures is generally more stable, resembling a butter or thick honey.

High temperatures, from 250 to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, produce high yields.  Unfortunately, the flavor of these higher yields is more subtle than the terpene rich flavor produced using lower temperatures.  Higher temperatures produce a lighter, sap like rosin. 

For those who are sensitive to THC, it is important to remember when making CBD Rosin that THC will become concentrated at a higher level in the rosin than the levels that were present in the hemp starting material.  THCa can also be converted to THC due to the heat of the press, contributing to higher levels of delta-9 THC.
Increasing Your CBD Rosin Yields

When pressing CBD Hemp Flower to produce CBD Rosin, several factors affect your overall yield.  One of the biggest factors is the quality of material being pressed and the cannabinoid and terpene content of this material. 

CBD Hemp Flower in general tends to yield less rosin than high THC cannabis flower.  10-18% is the typical rate of return by weight for most hemp flower strains.  Increasing the press time and the temperature of your plates is one way to boost your yields.  However, higher temperatures equal less flavor and lower overall quality. 

One way to balance yield vs. quality is to experiment with different pressing times and temperatures until you can secure a 15% yield.  After you have dialed this in, you can decrease the press time to increase the quality of the CBD Rosin. 

In the end the temperature, pressure applied, duration of the press, and the quality of the rosin press itself are all tied into your overall yield.  If one of these factors is lacking, your yield is likely lacking as well.

Different strains will produce different results, as well as different types of plant material.  When it comes to pressing CBD Rosin, experimentation is necessary to really develop a natural understanding of the many different factors involved. 
Advanced Tips & Tricks for Pressing CBD Rosin

1. Temperatures and Press Times

When pressing CBD Hemp Flower, begin pressing at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for a duration of roughly 40 seconds. 

If you are pressing hash or kief, begin pressing at 170 degrees Fahrenheit for around 60 seconds, and if needed work your way up to 190 degrees Farenheit.  Increase/Decrease press duration to achieve your desired yield/quality.

If you still aren’t happy with your results, try pressing for 2-3 minutes at 190 degrees to 220 degrees Fahrenheit.  This temperature and duration should produce CBD Rosin that still has a decent terpene profile and yield.

2. Amount of Material Being Pressed

This is heavily dependent on the amount of pressure your rosin press is capable of.  The more pressure you are exerting, the more material you can press at one time.  The less pressure you are exerting, the less material you want to press. 

You can experiment with the capability of your rosin press by pressing a small amount, such as 1 medium sized bud.  Then, press a larger amount, say 3.5 grams.  If you apply the same amount of pressure and the larger amount yields significantly less, your press is not exerting enough pressure per square inch to press these larger amounts of material.  In this case you will want to stick to small amounts of material on each press to maximize the amount of rosin you are able to collect.

3. Amount of Pressure Applied and Frequency

When pressing CBD Rosin using a rosin press that allows you to gauge the amount of pressure being applied, you can use the gauge as a guide.  Once you have brought the pressure up to around 60% of the total amount of pressure you intend to apply, the rosin should be nearing its peak rate of extraction and the flow will be slowing down.  To maximize your yield from this point on, apply 5-10 psi at time to bring out the remaining rosin until you have reached your maximum pressure limit.  Of course, this technique can be modified to suit your unique pressing setup and desired results.

Never rush into a press by applying as much pressure as possible as fast as you can.  This will lead to blow outs and reduced yields.  A blowout is an event where plant material has expanded from the pressure of a rosin press causing the rosin filter bag to rupture and plant material to escape the bag.  Nobody likes blowouts!  When you first start pressing your own CBD Rosin, blowouts will likely occur.  Experimentation and practice will lead to less of these events and higher quality presses.  Stick with it!
Does Sauce Warehouse Ship CBD Rosin to All 50 States?

Yes.  Sauce Warehouse will ship your CBD Rosin to all 50 states.  We ship all packages in discreet packaging, with all of the contents vacuum sealed for added security and privacy.  A notice to law enforcement is included with every shipment. 

At Sauce Warehouse we are committed to getting you your orders as soon as possible.  When you order before 1PM EST Monday through Friday, we will ship your package the very same day.  Orders received after 1PM EST M-F will ship the very next day(excluding holidays, of course). 

CBD rosin, and all other CBD products that contain <0.3% delta 9 THC are completely legal to ship across state borders. 

Keep in mind that CBD Rosin pressed at home and not submitted for potency testing may have THC concentrations above the legal limit.  It is best not to travel with any CBD product unless you have a COA to bring along incase of an encounter with law enforcement.
What Does it Mean to “Winterize Rosin”?

Sometimes a process is used in commercial rosin production called ‘winterization’.  Winterization of rosin is the process of using food grade alcohol to isolate and extract plant lipids, fats, and waxes from the rosin.  This process essentially removes plant-based impurities that get left behind in the rosin after pressing.  Winterized rosin has the potential to last longer and maintain a fresher appearance. 
Other Types of CBD Concentrates Sold at Sauce Warehouse

Sauce Warehouse offers the most diverse collection of hemp & CBD concentrates on the web.  We have vetted the entire industry and chosen only the best companies and their best CBD Concentrates to be part of our collection. 

While most CBD companies will spend very little time ensuring their products are quality and focus mainly on having every single type of CBD product available, Sauce Warehouse has decided to focus only on CBD concentrates.  This allows us to spend more time assuring quality and catering to the needs of CBD Concentrate users.  All of the hemp extracts and CBD concentrates at saucewarehouse.com are derived from legal hemp and contain <0.3% delta-9 THC in compliance with the 2018 farm bill.

CBD Concentrates when vaporized in a portable dab pen or dabbed using a dab rig offer the quickest & most efficient method of consuming CBD.  This is due to the speed at which vapor is absorbed into the bloodstream, which is much faster than ingesting edibles or using topical creams.

CBD Concentrates have higher concentrations of cannabinoids when compared to gummies or topicals also.  Smaller doses are required, and effects are more pronounced. 

There are both broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD concentrates available at Sauce Warehouse.  Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates generally consist of CBD and a few minor cannabinoids.  Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids, including THC.

Dabbing CBD Concentrates provides instant effects. 

Sauce Warehouse also carries CBD Hemp Flower in various quantities ranging from 1 gram to multiple ounces.  CBD Hemp Flower can also be smoked for instant effects.

In some cases, our customers prefer to combine CBD Concentrates with CBD Hemp Flower by placing concentrates on top of their bowls of flower or inside of their joints.  For those who are unable to roll their own CBD Joints, we have a large selection of CBD Pre Rolls. 

CBD Crumble, CBD shatter, CBD isolate, CBD wax, CBD Live Resin, CBD Terp Sauce or Terpsolate, and of course CBD Rosin, are all popular types of CBD concentrates available here at Sauce Warehouse.  Most of these concentrate names are descriptions of the consistency of the concentrates themselves.  CBD Wax tends to be waxy; CBD Crumble will crumble if handled, CBD Shatter is easily broken into pieces, and CBD Terp Sauce is usually a saucy mixture of CBD and Terpenes.

Making your own CBD Rosin at home can be a rewarding experience and dabbing CBD Rosin is a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD.  The process of pressing CBD Rosin is safer than alternative solvent-based extraction processes, and the rosin produced is a solventless and safe CBD concentrate.

For those who aren’t quite ready to begin pressing their own CBD Rosin at home, Sauce Warehouse has many CBD Rosin concentrates, and essentially every other type of CBD concentrate imaginable, available for purchase.

If you would like to know more about purchasing CBD Rosin or have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!