Hawaiian Haze BHO CBD Wax
Calyx jar containing Hawaiian Haze BHO CBD Wax
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze BHO CBD Wax Lid Label
Hawaiian Haze BHO CBD Wax
Calyx jar containing Hawaiian Haze BHO CBD Wax
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze BHO CBD Wax Lid Label

Hawaiian Haze BHO Wax

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Hawaiian Haze BHO Wax extracted using butane, and third party tested for residual solvents.  This wax has a terpy aroma reminiscent of the Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower.  

Tastes Like: sweet, with subtle notes of pine and gas

Feels Like: uplifting & focused at lower doses, more relaxing at higher doses


1 Gram

1 Gram
CBD: 1.31%
CBDa: 73.1%
CBG: 0.153%
CBGa: 1.77%
CBC: 0.154%
CBDVa: 0.411%
THCa: 3.24%
Delta-9 THC: 0.24%

The Hawaiian Haze hemp cultivar is a Sativa-dominant strain that typically has bright green buds with a fruity aroma. The flavor is best described as a medley of tropical citrus, and peach. This strain has been notoriously kind to new users of high CBD hemp flower with its strong but manageable effects that make it perfect for daytime or nighttime use.

Hawaiian Haze is one of the original high CBD hemp flower strains and it has won many awards. In 2020 Hawaiian Haze won 1st place at the High Times Hemp Cup, and 1st place at the Outstanding Terpenes Golden Grow Awards. In 2021 the strain won another High Times Hemp Cup award when it took 3rd place.

Hawaiian Haze Genetics

Hawaiian Haze CBD flower was created by crossing DC Haze “CC” and Early Resin Berry (ERB) strains from Oregon CBD Seeds. It is one of many CBD hemp flower strains that can be traced back to high-yielding cannabis strains.

As the evolution of high CBD cultivars has progressed, growers have bred the THC out of many parent strains and bred CBD in. This process has created high CBD hemp flower with dense buds that look and smoke just like regular high THC cannabis.

BHO stands for butane hash oil. High CBD BHO is a type of hemp extract that contains high concentrations of CBD. It comes in many different consistencies including wax, budder, shatter, crumble and more. A liquid butane solvent is used to extract these concentrates from hemp plant material, which is where the name butane hash oil comes from.

There are serious risks involved with using butane to extract concentrates from hemp including explosions and injuries. Another danger of amateur butane extractions is the potential for contaminants, mold, or pesticides to end up in the extract. When these extractions are not carried out by experienced individuals with the right equipment, both the extractor and the consumer are at risk.

Butane extraction must be done using the proper materials, equipment, and expertise. Only experienced professionals are fit for this job. Amateur extractors are known for making critical errors during the extraction process that can result in contaminated extracts, explosions, and injuries. Consumers of BHO wax should only buy their extracts from trusted sources with 3rd party residual solvent lab results.

Simply put, hemp plant material is inserted into a tube and a butane solvent is pushed through this tube to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material. There are two primary ways of performing a butane extraction, one being safe and the other being very dangerous.

Open Blasting

Open blasting is a butane extraction method that is very dangerous. This method was the original technique used to make BHO extracts but it has since been discontinued by commercial extraction professionals.

The outdated open blasting technique is both dangerous and wasteful. Because there is nothing preventing the solvent from leaking out, any ignition source in the open blasting area will cause a fiery explosion and serious injury.


The closed-loop extraction technique is the method used by commercial extractors today.

Closed-loop extraction systems have no openings throughout the system where flammable solvents can leak. This also prevents outside contaminants from entering the system and ending up in the finished extract. In a closed-loop system, the butane solvent is released into a pressurized tank. This tank is attached to the extraction tube containing the hemp plant matter. Although this system is much safer than open blasting, routine equipment checks are necessary along with certain precautions to ensure a safe extraction process.

A great advantage of the closed-loop extraction equipment is that solvents used during the extraction process can be reused. These systems feature recovery tanks that collect solvents during the extraction process. These tanks will store the solvents until they are recycled and reused.

If you are new to dabbing BHO wax, it is important to start slow. The reason it is called “a dab” is that only a “dab” of wax is needed to feel effects. Start with a small dab and work your way up.

Dabbing high CBD BHO wax using a dab torch and a dab rig is the most common method of use. Dab rigs are essentially water bongs that have a nail instead of a bowl. Concentrate users that dab daily usually prefer to dab at a low temp with a carb cap. A popular tool called an E-nail is also commonly used for low-temperature dabbing because it eliminates the need for a butane torch. An e-nail is made up of two parts, the controller which controls the temperature and the heating coil which wraps around the nail on the dab rig.

When BHO wax first became popular, it was common for titanium nails to be heated until red hot and the dab would be applied seconds later. Since then, concentrate connoisseurs have evolved their techniques. Today, low temperature dabbing using quartz nails have become the norm. These low temp dabs offer the best flavor from the terpenes present in concentrates.

Low Temp Dabbing

Low temp dabs are dabs that are taken after the nail has been thoroughly heated and left to cool. Depending on how long the nail is heated for and the type of nail it is, a cool off period between 20 seconds to one minute will allow the nail to reach the perfect low temperature for a dab. Different types of nails retain heat differently and will require different lengths of time to cool off. Once the nail is cool enough to vaporize the extract without burning the terpenes and cannabinoids the dab can be applied to the nail.

After the extract has begun to melt, a carb cap can be placed over the nail. The nail is too hot if the taste is burnt and harsh. A smooth and flavorful taste means the nail is the perfect temperature. Excess extract that is left over in the nail can be cleaned up using a Q-tip. Be sure to always clean your nail so the next dab will be just as flavorful.

Quartz Banger Inserts

A quartz banger insert is a relatively new low temp dabbing accessory. A quartz insert forces extracts to immediately change from a low-temperature to a high temperature. This will provide a unique dabbing experience that isn’t possible using only a nail and carb cap.

Quartz inserts are placed in quartz bangers and are available in different shapes and sizes. A cup shape is most common and this will fit into most bangers.

The insert drop technique can be used to maximize flavor. To do this, pre-fill your insert with your dab, and then heat your banger up evenly for about a minute. After 5 to 30 seconds, drop the insert into the banger.

There are various types of hemp extracts on the market today. BHO extracts as you now know are extracts that are extracted using butane. These BHO dabs are available in many different consistencies. Differences in consistency occur due to different extraction material and techniques being used in the extraction process. In some cases these extracts look like regular BHO wax, while in others they look saucy or glassy.


BHO extracts with loose consistencies are referred to as BHO oil. This oil is sticky and only a little thicker than a liquid. This slightly thick oil is known as sap. Sap and oil in comparison to other concentrate consistencies can be difficult to work with. Because of this, they are not very popular with consumers.

BHO Budder

Like regular butter, BHO budder has a consistency that makes it easy to spread and scoop. It’s because of this similarity we call it budder. This butter-like consistency is attained by agitating the extract during extraction. Budder typically looks wet, and it is often easier to work with than BHO sap or oil. For this reason, it is preferred by those who use portable devices like wax pens. Budder isn’t necessarily any better than other types of consistencies, it all comes down to preference.

BHO Crumble

This type of BHO extract is named after its crumbly consistency. BHO crumble tends to literally crumble when it is handled. When using a dab tool to scoop up crumble, much of it will often break apart. Crumble might be easier to handle than saps and oils, but is still more difficult to use than budder or shatter.

BHO Shatter

Your fingers are sometimes all you need to break off a dab of BHO shatter. This is one of the only types of hemp extracts that can be dabbed without a dab tool. Shatter got its name because it can shatter just like glass. In some cases, you can snap and pull pieces of shatter from a slab of the extract and drop them right into your banger. Some shatter extremely glassy and will shatter into pieces that fly everywhere if you try to use a dab tool.

BHO Live Resin

Unlike other types of BHO extracts, BHO Live resin is extracted from plant material that is cryogenically frozen just after harvesting. The extraction material is kept frozen right up until it is placed into the extraction equipment. Freezing the plant material preserves precious terpenes and cannabinoids that are typically destroyed during the traditional drying and curing process. BHO live resin can take on many consistencies including wax, sauce, budder, crystalline, shatter, and sugar.


BHO wax is one of the most common forms of BHO extract. Butane extraction, also known as hydrocarbon extraction, has become the primary method of making cannabis extracts. If you buy concentrates at a dispensary, they were most likely extracted using butane. BHO wax is known for having a waxy consistency, which is of course where it gets its name. Full spectrum CBD BHO wax generally has higher concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids, including CBD, than other types of hemp extracts.

If you are unsure about using butane extracted extracts, purchasing them from trusted vendors like Sauce Warehouse is a good way to ensure you are only consuming clean concentrates. Sauce Warehouse only works with professional extraction artists and we provide 3rd party residual solvent lab results for all CBD BHO wax.

On the other hand, solventless CBD concentrates are always an option too. Sauce Warehouse carries CBD rosin concentrates and you can even press your own CBD rosin dabs at home. CBD hash can also be made at home. If you want an extremely potent, connoisseur quality concentrate, you can even press your hash to make CBD hash rosin!