Large Vibes Signature Catch a Vibe Metal Rolling Tray. Shop dabbing and smoking accessories at Sauce Warehouse.

Vibes™ 'Catch a Vibe' Metal Rolling Tray

Size Large

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The Vibes™ Signature Metal Rolling Tray is the perfect companion piece for comfortably, and neatly, rolling your custom smokes.  Featuring raised and rounded corners, the tray keeps all particulate matter and smoking tools safely contained on the glossy, flat, center surface.

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·Crafted From Metal
·Smooth, Glossy Surface
·Rounded Corners
·Vibes Branded
·Large Dimensions: 13” x 11”
·Medium Dimensions: 11” x 6”
·Small Dimensions: 7” x 5.5”

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More Info

Rolling Trays are convenient trays, often the perfect size to fit on one’s lap, used to hold cannabis or hemp flower while being broken down and rolled into a joint or a blunt. Often, we are in a hurry or even in the car already when we need to roll one up. Rolling Trays provide a safe space with their raised edges where we can place our buds, dump our grinders onto, and roll our joints over without worrying about dropping weed or making a huge mess!

Joints and blunts can be the most relaxing ways to consume cannabis or CBD Hemp Flower. Usually, we smoke joints or blunts in our social circles and these methods of consuming cannabis and hemp flower are great ways to connect with one another and enjoy social outings. But, rolling joints and blunts is not always a simple and easy task. If you are in a situation where you may not have a nice flat table to roll on, a rolling tray can be a life saver. A nice clean and flat surface can mean the difference between a nice fat blunt, and a pathetic crinkly and loose blunt that your friends will mock you over for eternity.

Nothing of quality in life results from haste and poor conditions. Your joints and blunts are no exception. If you need to roll quickly, you better do it in the right conditions! Having a clean, flat, rolling surface is necessary if you want to roll the perfect joints or blunts quickly and efficiently. Rolling trays provide the perfect safe space to set your tips, papers/blunt wraps, grinder, and of course, your weed!

The best rolling trays will have a flat surface for rolling, high tray edges to keep your materials on the tray, and enough space to hold your cannabis plus your smoking accessories. Rolling Trays come in many different sizes but generally there are small, medium, and large rolling trays. It is important to choose the size that will best suit your needs.


Small rolling trays are great for portability and can usually be placed in backpacks or purses and easily used on the go. However, these smaller trays will have less space for your smoking accessories and cannabis or hemp flower.


Medium sized rolling trays will have more space for your smoking accessories while also remaining a good option for on the go use, though they may not be as easy to store in smaller spaces. These are great for placing on the lap while sitting and rolling up your favorite strain!


Larger Rolling Trays are less suitable for travel, but they will provide more than enough space for all your cannabis/hemp flower, your smoking accessories, and whatever else you may want to place on the tray. These can even be used to place your dabbing accessories and dab rigs on.


A flat surface is the most important part of a rolling tray! Without the flat surface, the tray is useless. A nice rolling tray will also have high edges to prevent your weed or smoking accessories from falling off and getting lost. Nobody likes digging under car seats or couches for lost grinders, and if that grinder has cannabis in it and fell onto carpet… your gonna have a bad time!


Some Rolling Trays are bit more advanced than others, featuring glowing LEDS and extras like pockets and storage areas. These pockets can be used to store papers, grinders and other smoking accessories and built-in storage areas often provide a safe and secure location to store your weed. These rolling trays will cost you some more money, but some of them are just so cool it’s worth it!


If you are going to invest in a new rolling tray, you might as well get one that looks cool! These days rolling trays can be custom printed with your own special and unique designs, and there are plenty on the market with awesome artwork already printed on them. Find one that matches your style and step up your rolling game.

Sauce Warehouse carries the Vibes ‘Catch a Vibe’ Metal Rolling Trays. These rolling trays are available in small, medium, and large and feature all the necessary elements to create the perfect rolling experience. Printed with the trademark Vibes logo and a stunning patterned design, the Catch a Vibe rolling tray has raised edges and plenty of space to hold all your smoking accessories. Grab one today and Catch a Vibe!