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All items on this menu contain less than 0.10% Delta-9 THC & can be shipped to the United Kingdom.

What are CBD Concentrates?

CBD concentrates are hemp extracts that contain high concentrations of CBD, or cannabidiol.  These extracts are available in both broad spectrum and full spectrum varieties.  Broad spectrum concentrates do not contain THC, while full spectrum concentrates do contain THC.  There is also CBD isolate and other cannabinoid isolates that consist of one single isolated cannabinoid. 

Dabbing CBD has become quite popular among CBD users in the UK.  Dabbing allows users to consume large doses of CBD by vaporizing only a very small amount of concentrate.  Inhaling vapor is much healthier than inhaling the smoke and tar present in smoke, and the high concentrations of cannabinoids also make concentrates a cheaper and more cost-effective option.  

Vaporizing and inhaling cannabinoids is also more effective than eating CBD gummies or using CBD oils.  When inhaled, cannabinoids like CBD enter the bloodstream right away and the effects are felt almost immediately.  These instant effects are beneficial for anyone who needs relief fast.


Two Popular CBD Concentrates, Shatter & Crumble: What’s the Difference?

CBD shatter and CBD crumble are two popular forms of concentrate commonly sold in the United Kingdom.  But what is the difference between these two extracts?

Broad spectrum CBD shatter is typically made using CBD isolate.  CBD isolate is a 99% pure CBD powder or crystalline extract.  It is formulated using a unique process that ‘sets’ the isolate into a hard slab which mimics the appearance of normal full spectrum shatter.  Terpenes are then added to this shatter for flavor.  It is not very likely you will find full spectrum CBD shatter in the UK that isn’t isolate, or distillate based due to the legal limits of THC preventing these types of concentrates from being sold.

Broad spectrum CBD crumble is made from CBD distillate.  It is also possible to find full spectrum CBD crumble in the United Kingdom that contains THC within the legal limit.  Broad spectrum CBD crumble will contain 40-80% CBD along with smaller amounts of other cannabinoids like CBDv, and CBG.  Full spectrum crumble will contain all these cannabinoids as well as Delta-9 THC and/or THCa.


Trusted Source

Sauce Warehouse is home to the largest collection of CBD concentrates and hemp extracts on the web.  We only work with reputable extraction artists and processors as well as trusted vendors within the hemp & CBD industry.  Our goal is to provide a curated collection of quality concentrates to consumers looking for low THC high CBD extracts.  We only sell concentrates that we would personally use ourselves.  Sauce Warehouse provides 3rd party lab results (COA’s) on each product page.  These show the cannabinoid content and in some cases lab results for terpene analysis and residual solvent analysis will also be available. 

All concentrates on the Sauce Warehouse UK Menu contain less than 1mg of Delta-9 THC and are UK compliant.


What We’re All About

Our primary focus here at Sauce Warehouse is true full spectrum whole plant extracts with true consistencies.  In the UK today, the CBD concentrate options are extremely limited and what is available is most likely fake.  By fake, we mean concentrates that are advertised as wax, crumble, shatter, etc. when in fact they are just isolate, distillate, & terpene mixes. 

At Sauce Warehouse, you can find real CBD wax, real CBD crumble, and real CBD shatter!  We offer hydrocarbon extracted CBD concentrates that share the same consistency, appearance, & authentic flavor as the concentrates found in recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries.  We do offer broad spectrum concentrates that contain botanically derived terpenes and cannabis derived terpenes, but nearly all our full spectrum CBD concentrates contain the natural terpenes that were present in the hemp flower at the time of extraction. 

In short, the concentrates available here at Sauce Warehouse are small batch extracts processed by extraction artists that take pride in producing clean, high quality, high potency, and high flavor concentrates.  We’re here to serve the connoisseurs and terpene lovers.  


Types of CBD Concentrates

There are many different types of hemp extracts and CBD concentrates on the market today.  These concentrates have unique consistencies and varying percentages of cannabinoids and terpenes with some being more potent and flavorful and others being less potent and less flavorful.

  • Distillate – Distillate is the thick and oily stuff commonly found in CBD vape carts.  It may also be referred to as CBD oil, and it can be consumed orally, dabbed, vaped, or even added to foods.  It might have a slight ‘hemp’ taste and it is rich in cannabinoids.
  • CBD Wax – CBD wax is a waxy extract that is commonly ‘faked’ using broad spectrum CBD distillate, but full spectrum CBD distillate can also be used.  Real CBD wax is hydrocarbon extracted and offers much better flavor and higher potency than fake wax.
  • Live Resin – CBD live resin is the most desirable concentrate on the market.  Extracted from fresh frozen hemp flower, live resin contains higher cannabinoid and terpene content and provides a rich whole plant flavor that is highly sought after by consumers.
  • Sauce – CBD sauce can be another way of referring to CBD live resin, but in most cases, it is referring to CBD terpsolate.  This is a terpene-isolate mixture that has a consistency similar to apple sauce.
  • Diamonds – CBD diamonds are essentially shards of crystalline CBD isolate that are mixed with a CBD distillate and/or terpenes.  When mixed with distillate or other concentrates it becomes a concentrate known as diamonds and sauce. 
  • Isolate – CBD isolate and other cannabinoid isolates like CBG isolate and CBN isolate are typically white powders that consist of a 99% pure isolated cannabinoid.
  • Budder – CBD budder is like live resin in consistency with a creamy and whispy texture. It is often golden in color and produced using fresh frozen flower and a hydrocarbon extraction process. 
  • Shatter – CBD shatter is almost always fake in the UK, consisting of CBD isolate and terpenes.  Full spectrum CBD shatter is rare and is hydrocarbon extracted with a glassy appearance and consistency like regular cannabis shatter.
  • Rosin – CBD rosin is popular with consumers because it is completely solventless, meaning nothing but heat and pressure is used to extract it from flower.  Rosin can also be extracted from hash for a higher quality extract.  Rosin can range in consistency from a shatter to sugary wax and may be light gold to dark brown.
  • Crumble – CBD crumble is like wax in that it can be both faked and extracted using hydrocarbon extraction.  Fake CBD crumble is made using distillate and may be full or broad spectrum.  Real CBD crumble like real CBD wax will be more potent and flavorful.


How To Use CBD Concentrates

Dabbing CBD concentrates may be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it it’s simple and easy.  Dabbing is the most common way of using hemp extracts.  A ‘dab’ is a small amount of concentrate and ‘dabbing’ is the act of vaporizing the dab usually by using a dab rig. 

Dab rigs are similar to water pipes or bongs but instead of a bowl used for flower they feature a quartz or titanium nail, also known as a banger.  Banger nails are heated using a butane dab torch or an enail and a dab tool is used to place the dab of concentrate inside the nail.  As soon as the dab contacts the heated nail, a vapor is produced which is then inhaled through the dab rigs mouthpiece.  

An alternative to dab rigs is a vape pen, also called a dab pen or portable concentrate vaporizer.  These devices allow users to load a chamber with concentrate which is heated with the press of a button for easy vaporizing on the go.

If vaporizing isn’t your thing, concentrates can also be used to top bowls of flower or joints and blunts.  Concentrates can even be added to foods or topical products as well.


Questions about using CBD concentrates? Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime, we’d be happy to help!