Join our rewards program today and start earning points with every purchase at Sauce Warehouse!


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• Earn an additional 35 pts. for following Sauce Warehouse & sharing on social media

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Sauce Warehouse Rewards Program

How does it work?

Sign Up

Signing up is easy!  If you already have a customer account here at Sauce Warehouse, you are automatically signed up for our rewards program.  If you don't already have a customer account, simply launch the rewards app and click the "Start Earning" button pictured below.

Join our rewards program and start earning points with every purchase made at Sauce Warehouse!


You will be redirected to this sign up page where you will create your account by entering your name, email address, & a password for your new account. 
Create your account at and automatically join our Sauce Warehouse Rewards Program.  Members of our rewards program earn points with every purchase which can be used to claim rewards like dab rigs and discounts.


Signing In

Once you have made your account, you will be able to sign in each time you visit  This will allow you to earn points on purchases, check your total points, and of course redeem rewards! 
Signing in is quick and simple.  You can sign in directly from the rewards app,
Signing up for our rewards program at Sauce Warehouse is quick and easy.  Sign up today and start earning points you can use to redeem rewards like dab rigs and dab accessories.  


or you can also sign in using the account button on the main menu.

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You will earn 1 point for every dollar you spend at Sauce Warehouse.  These points can then be used to claim a variety of rewards including discount coupons, free shipping coupons, free products, & more!  

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There are other ways to earn points as well.  These include following us on social media & sharing a link to our site on social media.  Within the rewards app you can click "Earn Points" to view all of the possible ways you can earn.

Sauce Warehouse Rewards Program, Earn Points

We may add to this list in the future, so be sure to check back and see if there are any new ways for you to earn some points! 

 Join the Sauce Warehouse rewards program and earn points by following Sauce Warehouse on social media.  Earn points just for signing up!  You will also earn points for every dollar spent at Sauce Warehouse.


As a member of our rewards program you can use your points to claim a variety of rewards from free shipping and discount codes, to free concentrates and dab accessories. Once you are ready to spend some of your hard earned points on a sweet reward just open up the rewards app and click "Redeem Rewards".

 Sauce Warehouse Rewards Program, Redeem Rewards

You will then see a list of rewards you can choose from.  

Sauce Warehouse Rewards List

Clicking "Show" will give you the option to redeem that reward. 

Sauce Warehouse Rewards Program Redeem Rewards Button


Once you click redeem, you will be able to add the reward to your cart, or you can simply leave the rewards app and claim your redeemed reward at another time.

Sauce Warehouse Rewards Program Add Reward to Cart Button


If you click 'add to cart', the reward will be added to your cart and you will checkout as you normally would when making a regular purchase! Simple as that!
We'll likely be adding new rewards as time goes on, so be sure to keep an eye out for new rewards.  You can access your redeemed rewards at any time by clicking the "Your Rewards" button.
Sauce Warehouse Rewards Program Your Rewards Button



Another great benefit of joining our rewards program here at Sauce Warehouse is the customer referral discounts.  When you refer a friend to and that friend makes a purchase, they will receive a 15% discount and you will receive a 20% discount for referring them!  

Earn a 20% discount when you refer a friend to Sauce Warehouse.  Your friend will get a 15% discount too!

All you have to do is send them the link provided in your rewards app. When they follow your link to our site and make a purchase you will each receive your discounts!

Sauce Warehouse Rewards Program Referral Link

Spend. Refer. Earn.

It's really that simple!  Sign up for the Sauce Warehouse Rewards Program today and get rewarded for being a loyal customer!

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