1ml Measured Glass Syringe in case with 1 inch blunt tip needle

1ml Measured Glass Syringe

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1ml measured borosilicate glass luer lock syringe with 1 inch blunt tip needle and case.  These syringes can be used to fill carts, create your own custom concentrate blends, and so much more!

The dab syringe is quickly becoming a popular form of concentrate packaging. Dab Syringes have many names, distillate syringes, cannabis oil syringes, THC syringes, CBD syringes, concentrate syringes, the list goes on. All these different names just go to show how versatile these handy little syringes are.

Traditionally, cannabis concentrates, hemp extracts, CBD concentrates, essentially all types of concentrates have been sold in small concentrate jars. These concentrate jars work very well but they have their disadvantages. One example of this is ‘jar loss’. Jar loss is when the last few dabs of a concentrate gets lost to the jar because it is too difficult to scoop it up with a dab tool. Concentrate syringes solve this problem. All of the concentrate in a dab syringe gets pushed out through the needle and there is little to no waste. Another disadvantage of jars solved by syringes is that jars can allow for air exposure which degrades concentrates. Quality dab syringes are airtight so there is no exposure until the concentrate is dispensed.

All types of cannabis extracts can be used in syringes. Hemp extracts as well. Syringes are often used in the medical and recreational marijuana industry to package THC distillates and in the hemp industry it’s common for CBD distillate to be sold in syringes. Live resin, rosin, and even more liquid forms of wax can be stored in syringes as well.

Beyond their versatility and many uses, syringes just look cool, and they are fun to use!

A measured dab syringe is different from a regular glass syringe in that has measurements printed on the glass itself. These measurements allow for accurate filling when filling the syringe and accurate dosing when dispensing your concentrate. A plunger fits in to the hollow measured glass tube and is pushed into the tube to force the concentrate out of a needle at the tip of the syringe. A plastic cap known as a luer lock can be placed over the opening of the syringe once the needle is removed for airtight and leakproof storage.

There are many advantages of using a dab syringe compared to a traditional concentrate jar.

•Using a measured syringe allows you to measure out your dabs accurately. The ability to dispense just the right amount of concentrate not only ensures you will get the dose and effect you desire, but it also saves you money and prevents waste.

•Concentrate syringes prevent waste. No more jar loss! Dab syringes are airtight, this means when the plunger is pushed down, all your concentrate will be forced out of the syringe through the dispensing needle. This also saves you money and allows you to get every last drop of your extracts.

•Sustainability. Borosilicate glass syringes are durable and reusable.

•Versatile, many different uses. This 1ml measured glass luer lock syringe is extremely versatile and has many uses. Many concentrate users use these syringes to make their own custom concentrate blends or to fill their own vape cartridges with concentrates. They are also great for those with carpel tunnel or other conditions which make traditional methods of using concentrates like dabbing difficult.

This syringe is especially useful for those in the alternative cannabinoid (alt cannabinoid) community who enjoy creating their own custom cannabinoid formulations. The measured glass allows you to dispense just the right amount using the included blunt tip needle.

•Temperature resistant. Other luer lock syringes on the market might break or crack when exposed to high fluctuations in temperature, but not these. Made with high quality borosilicate glass these syringes are designed to withstand high and low temperatures.

•Best value for your money. If you shop around for syringes, you’ll find most companies force you to buy a needle separately from the syringe itself. That’s crazy! Grab your syringes at Sauce Warehouse, you’ll get a 1inch blunt tip needle and a storage case to protect your goods!

•Airtight, won’t leak. This borosilicate measured glass syringe is fitted with a plastic luer lock & plunger which prevents leakage and keeps your concentrates safe inside. Because the syringe is airtight, filling carts or transferring your concentrates is easy and mess-free.

•Durable, won’t break. This syringe is built to withstand high heat, extreme cold, and even accidental drops. The high-quality borosilicate glass prevents the cracking and shattering that often occurs with low quality syringes. The included storage case adds an additional layer of protection.

These are just a few of the many advantages dab syringes offer.

1ml borosilicate glass dab syringes are incredibly durable and sustainable. Borosilicate glass can withstand both hot and cold temperatures and will not crack or break easily. Each syringe comes with a luer lock to keep your concentrate sealed in the airtight syringe with no leaking. They even come with a 1-inch blunt tip needle for dispensing and a storage case.

Not all concentrates will work with dab syringes, but many will. Saucy concentrates that have more of a liquid consistency work best in syringes. These will be less likely to clog the syringe or make it difficult to dispense. Distillates, oils, hash rosin, live resin, and wax can all be used in syringes. Crumble and other more stable concentrates won’t work well in concentrate syringes.