Cali Vali CBD Diamonds. Potent, with an Incredible Taste of Natural Terpenes! Shop CBD Diamonds at Sauce Warehouse
Cali Vali CBD Diamonds. Potent, with an Incredible Taste of Natural Terpenes! Shop CBD Diamonds at Sauce Warehouse
Cali Vali CBD Diamonds. Potent, with an Incredible Taste of Natural Terpenes! Shop CBD Diamonds at Sauce Warehouse
Cali Vali CBD Diamonds. Potent, with an Incredible Taste of Natural Terpenes! Shop CBD Diamonds at Sauce Warehouse
Cali Vali CBD Diamonds. Potent, with an Incredible Taste of Natural Terpenes! Shop CBD Diamonds at Sauce Warehouse
Cali Vali CBD Diamonds. Potent, with an Incredible Taste of Natural Terpenes! Shop CBD Diamonds at Sauce Warehouse

CBD Diamonds

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Smooth, clean, and potent.  Natural terpenes give these diamonds an incredible aroma and a fantastic taste!  83.74% CBD and many other rare cannabinoids including CBN, CBC, CBDv, & CBG.

Tastes Like: piney/earthy

Feels Like: clear & uplifting

.5 Gram

.5 Gram
CBD: 83.74%
CBDv: 0.55%
CBN: 0.28%
CBG: 0.83%
CBC: 0.47%
Delta 9 THC: <LOQ

These CBD Diamonds from Cali Vali are loaded with rare minor cannabinoids CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDv, and they contain over 83% CBD! Conveniently packaged in half gram increments, these diamonds are perfect if you prefer to purchase your CBD Concentrates in smaller quantities. (If you would prefer to order diamonds by the gram, check out our CBD Diamonds) These come in a childproof glass jar placed inside of an elegant gold box. You might just think you are opening a box of actual diamonds!

CBD Diamonds concentrates exist in a few different variations depending on the materials used to create them. There are purely isolate based CBD Diamonds with zero THC. There are Broad Spectrum CBD Diamonds with a broad spectrum cannabinoid profile, and also zero THC. And, there are Full Spectrum CBD Diamonds that have a full spectrum cannabinoid profile and up to 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

It’s important to note that even when a Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrate has lab results showing ND(None Detected) or <LOQ(Below Limit of Quantification) for Delta-9 THC, there still may be trace amounts present that could cause a positive drug test.


Isolate Based CBD Diamonds are CBD Diamonds concentrates that have no added distillates. These concentrates will only contain CBD or CBDa. Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT’s) or Botanically Derived Terpenes (BDT’s) may also be added to isolate based CBD Diamonds for flavor and for a classic Diamonds and Sauce consistency.

Essentially all CBD Diamonds products start out as CBD Isolate, as the crystalline ‘diamonds’ are all formed from CBD Isolate. CBD Diamonds only become broad spectrum or full spectrum concentrates once other cannabinoids have been added to them. These Isolate Based CBD Diamonds are best for users who may be sensitive to other cannabinoids, and for those who are specifically looking for high doses of CBD & immediate effects.


Broad Spectrum CBD Diamonds will have a broad spectrum cannabinoid profile. The COA for these concentrates will usually show no detected Delta-9 THC. Terpenes are usually added for flavor, either CDT’s or BDT’s. To achieve a broad spectrum cannabinoid profile, a Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate is often added to the diamonds, but individual cannabinoids can be added as well in either isolate or distillate form.

Broad Spectrum CBD Diamonds are a good choice for those who want to experience an Entourage Effect by using multiple cannabinoids together, without consuming THC which some users are sensitive to.


There isn’t much difference between Broad Spectrum CBD Diamonds and Full Spectrum CBD Diamonds in terms of materials used to make them. The major difference is that a Full Spectrum CBD Distillate is added instead of a broad spectrum distillate. This contributes the full spectrum of cannabinoids, including Delta-9 THC, to the CBD Diamonds. These full spectrum diamonds are better for those who aren’t sensitive to THC or required to take drug tests.

For those who are required to take drug tests or are sensitive to THC, THC-Free isolate based or broad spectrum CBD Diamonds are the best choice.

In the world of CBD Concentrates, “dab” is a term used to describe a small amount of hemp extract. Because hemp extracts are so highly concentrated, a very small “dab” of them is usually all that is needed to get the same effect as eating multiple CBD edibles or smoking a full joint of CBD Hemp Flower.

“Dabbing” is the term used to describe the actual process of consuming the “dab” of CBD Concentrate material. In most cases this process involves the use of a glass water pipe called a “dab rig”. These rigs have either a quartz or titanium attachment, usually called a banger, bucket, or nail, that is heated using a butane torch or an e-nail. Once heated, the “dab” is placed inside the heated attachment using a “dab tool” where it is vaporized. This vapor is filtered through the water as the user inhales through the glass dab rig’s mouthpiece.

Alternatively, a “dab pen” or a portable concentrate vaporizer can be used to dab CBD Concentrates.


Dabbing CBD Concentrates for the first time can seem very complicated and overwhelming, but trust us, it’s not! Once you have all the proper dabbing essentials, you will be dabbing like a true concentrate connoisseur in no time!



A dab rig is essential for any serious concentrate connoisseur. These water pipes allow for cool water filtration of vapor, and if you purchase a smaller rig meant to preserve terpene profiles like those made by MJ Arsenal, you will enjoy better flavor compared to a dab pen or other methods of use.

Dab pens are better if you will mainly be using CBD Concentrates on the go or in situations where you need to be discreet about dabbing.


If you are going with a dab pen, you can skip to the next essential item. But if you are using a dab rig, you are going to need a heat source! The cheapest solution is a butane torch. Butane torches as the name implies are fueled by butane that can be purchased at pretty much any gas station these days. You want to make sure the butane torch itself is of high quality. Many torches out there are made with cheap materials and will not last very long. Sauce Warehouse carries high quality butane torches from trusted companies like Blazer Torches and Maven Torches. When using a torch, you may also want to invest in a small tabletop timer so you can time your dabs to be taken at the perfect temperature. Generally, you want to wait about 40-50 seconds after heating your banger until it is red hot.

E-nails are another option for heating your banger. These devices feature a controller box that plugs in to the wall and allows you to set a desired temperature to be maintained throughout your entire dab session. A coil that is attached to this controller box fits snugly around your banger to keep it at a consistent temperature. E-nails are good investments for those who dab daily and often, as buying butane to refill a torch can get costly when refills are needed frequently.

Sauce Warehouse has organization stations available for purchase that not only hold q-tips and isopropyl alcohol for cleaning your banger, but they also feature built in dab timers! These are perfect for keeping your dab sessions organized, clean, and enjoyable.

There are some cool new rigs out on the market now that feature a built-in temperature control system. These rigs are called ‘e-rigs’. Popular brands like PuffCo make these e-rigs and they have become a big hit within the cannabis community. CBD Concentrates can be used in these rigs without the need for a butane torch or an e-nail. Most of these devices are chargeable with built in batteries like a cell phone.


Dab tools are used to remove ‘dabs’ of CBD Concentrates from their containers and place them inside dab pens and heated bangers when using a dab rig. It is important to purchase only quality dab tools from trusted vendors as cheaper tools made overseas may contain toxic coatings that could potentially burn off into your concentrates when inhaling and cause health concerns. These tools are usually glass or stainless steel, any tools with odd coatings especially paint should be avoided at all costs.

There is a plethora of other Dabbing Accessories that you might eventually want to invest in, such as dab pads which are used to set dab rigs on, but the above accessories are the primary essentials that will allow you begin dabbing CBD Concentrates with ease.

THC-A Diamonds are one of the most popular concentrates in the recreational and medical cannabis markets, they are also one of the purest and strongest. A top shelf THC-A Diamonds concentrate can contain up to 99.9% THC!!! That’s quite impressive!

On the other hand, CBD Diamonds must contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by law. When it comes to THC-A content in CBD Diamonds, there may be some CBD Diamond concentrates with higher concentrations, but nowhere near the levels of THC-A Diamonds on the cannabis market.

Some states have set limits for the amount of THC-A that can be present in CBD Concentrates, and even though these laws are rarely enforced, CBD Concentrates hardly ever contain THC-A in levels above 4%. For those who may be curious, the laws set by some states require CBD products to contain no more than 1% total THC. Total THC being Delta-9 THC + THC-A.

Aside from THC and THC-A levels, and the fact that THC-A Diamonds will cause an intense high while CBD Diamonds will not, another major difference between CBD Diamonds and THC-A Diamonds are the processes used to make them.