Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of CBGa crumble.

CBGa Crumble

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Our CBGa Crumble is a soft golden brown concentrate containing over 60% CBGa and more than 70% total CBG for a powerful experience. Perfect for dabbing, vaporizing, or consuming raw, this crumble is a great way to experience all the benefits of CBGa. 



•True consistency
•No added terpenes
•Hydrocarbon extraction

CBC: 1.32%
CBG: 14.17%
CBGa: 66.8%
CBN: 0.08%
Delta-9 THC: 0.17%

TOAL CBG: 72.82%
TOTAL THC: 0.17%

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More Info

CBGa, or Cannabigerolic Acid, is a unique cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. CBGa is the "mother of all cannabinoids" allowing for the synthesis of other major cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Unlike its more famous counterparts, CBGa is less common in cannabis but is becoming popular for its health benefits.

While CBGa and CBD are both cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant, they differ in their effects and applications. CBD, or Cannabidiol, has gained widespread popularity for its therapeutic benefits without psychoactive effects. CBGa, on the other hand, is less researched but is believed to have unique benefits.

CBGa is easy to confuse with CBG (Cannabigerol), but they are distinct compounds. CBGa is the acidic form of CBG and converts to CBG through decarboxylation, typically when cannabis ages. Understanding the difference between CBGa and CBG is crucial for consumers looking for specific therapeutic effects.

CBGa Crumble Concentrate is a highly potent form of CBGa. It results from an extraction process that preserves a high concentration of CBGa. This concentrate is ideal for users seeking a powerful and effective way to consume CBGa. The crumble form makes it versatile for various methods of consumption.

You can use crumble in several ways, but one of the most popular methods is dabbing or vaporizing. To dab crumble, you can either use a dab rig or a vape pen to vaporize the crumble. If using a dab rig, you will want to take a small crumble dab and place it in your heated banger nail. This will produce a vapor that you can then inhale to experience immediate effects.

A vape pen works in a similar way, but instead of a banger or nail these pens feature a small chamber. Place your crumble in the chamber, and then press the button on your pen to apply heat. As you are heating your crumble, you will inhale through the mouthpiece of your pen.

How To Smoke Crumble

If you prefer smoking, you can smoke crumble instead of vaporizing it by mixing it with flower. To do this, you just sprinkle the crumble on top of your regular cannabis flower in a joint or bowl. For those wondering how to smoke crumble effectively, always remember a little goes a long way.