Gold Chill HQ TImeShine Dab Station with Timer. Time your dabs perfectly and avoid wasting concentrates or destroying precious terpenes! Shop dab accessories at Sauce Warehouse

Chill HQ TimeShine Dab Station with Timer

Color Gold
Get organized and time your dabs perfectly and conveniently with the TimeShine dab station. The TimeShine features a stop watch timer that can count up and down, two vials that hold up to 6ml of isopropyl alcohol, and a storage area for your cotton swabs. The TimeShine also comes equipped with 4 non-slip rubber feet to prevent unwarranted movement.

Chill HQ products are printed with high quality polylactic acid (PLA), which is one of the most common filament materials used in modern 3D printing. PLA is a corn-based bio-plastic, and is a 100% biodegradable, renewable resource. PLA can be cleaned with 91 or 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol.

Measurements: 6.75" x 3.25" x 2.75"

·TimeShine x1
·Timer x1
·6ml Clear Vial x2

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A dab station is a dabbing accessory item that allows dabbers to organize their dabbing essentials like their dab rig, dab tools, bangers, concentrate jars, and much more. Sauce Warehouse carries Chill HQ’s Time Shine Dab Station. This dab station features a built-in timer to help you time your dabs perfectly from the moment you heat them up with your dab torch to the moment you apply your dab of concentrate with your dab tool.

The Time Shine Dab Station by Chill HQ also comes with two vials that can be used to hold your isopropyl alcohol. The dab station has two holes for these vials, and a designated holding space for q-tips. With the built-in timer that can count up or count down, and all of the space to keep your banger cleaning supplies neat and organized, the Time Shine Dab Station is the perfect organization station for any dabber.

Chill HQ’s Time Shine Dab Station is available in a variety of colors also, so you should be able to pick one out that will match your dabbing setup perfectly!

The built in dab timer counts both up and down making it the perfect tool to time your dabs just right for the best possible flavor and experience.

We suggest waiting about 50 seconds after heating your banger or nail with your dab torch before applying your dab of concentrate. This seems to be just the right amount of time for the banger/nail to cool down to perfect temperature for terpene preservation and cannabinoid vaporization.

These TimeShine Dab Stations come in a variety of cool colors to fit in with your own personally unique Dab area. Rubber feet keep the base from sliding, so you can set this thing wherever you’d like without worrying about slippage!

Use the Q-tip holder to store plenty of Q-tips in an easily accessible space, and eliminate the need to run and grab them for every dab session. With the two vials for alcohol that are conveniently held in the base, you will also never have to run and grab your alcohol. Simply grab a Q-tip, dip in one of the vials and get your banger nice, clean, & ready for the next dab!

Sauce Warehouse carries a variety of Dab Accessories such as this Chill HQ TimeShine Dab Station. We also carry Dab Tools, Butane Torches & more! Be sure to check back as our accessory collection is constantly growing. If you would like to see us carry something you don’t see here, please contact us and let us know!