Sauce Warehouse Fruit L***s CBD BHO Wax
Sauce Warehouse Fruit L***s CBD BHO Wax Dripping from Dab Tool
Sauce Warehouse Fruit L***s CBD BHO Wax
Sauce Warehouse Fruit L***s CBD BHO Wax Dripping from Dab Tool

Fruit L***s BHO Wax

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Fruit L***s BHO wax is hydrocarbon extracted from Fruit L***s hemp flower.  A cross between Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel, Fruit L***s is an indica dominant strain with a very unique terpene profile. 



Fruit Loops CBD BHO Wax Flavor Profile


Cherry Abacus x Abacus Diesel


Fruit Loops CBD BHO Wax Experience

Additional Info

Fruit Loops CBD BHO Wax Additional Information


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1 Gram
CBD: 1.77%
CBDa: 65.231%
CBDVa: 0.14%
CBG: 0.22%
CBGa: 1%
CBC: 0.23%
CBCa: 10.38%
THCa: 3.02%
Delta-9 THC: 0.19%

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Fruit L***s is an indica dominant hemp cultivar created by crossing Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel.

This strain is a great evening or nighttime strain that provides deeply relaxing effects. The buds are dense with dark green and deep purple hues. As far as aroma, the Fruit L***s strain seems to take after Abacus Diesel more so than the Cherry considering its floral and earthy scent. The taste of Fruit L***s is also floral, with notes of pine and citrus. Prominent terpenes include β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, and α-Pinene.

BHO Wax high in CBD is not a common type of CBD concentrate on the market today. This is likely due to the issue of maintaining delta-9 THC compliance under <0.3% which is extremely difficult with these types of full spectrum hemp extracts.

Butane extraction, also known as hydrocarbon extraction, is the process used to extract BHO wax from high CBD/CBG hemp flower. BHO stands for butane hash oil. The highly concentrated oil, or wax, that results from a butane extraction is rich in CBD. Dabbing high CBD BHO wax provides a potent, fast acting, full spectrum effect that is unique to BHO wax and hard to achieve using other types of CBD products.

BHO wax offers all the benefits of hemp, without the need for the raw hemp flower. All the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that are present in hemp flower are extracted from the plant material to produce the highly concentrated wax.

Hydrocarbon extraction is used to create many types of concentrates including crumble, high terpene full spectrum extracts (HTFSE’s), and of course, wax. These different types of concentrates differ in their consistencies which largely depend on the extraction methods used to create them.

When BHO wax was first becoming popular, the extraction methods used were quite simple. Trim, stems, and left-over plant material that would otherwise go to waste would all be collected after harvesting. Because these parts of the plant still contain valuable cannabinoids and terpenes, wax can easily be extracted from it.

The extraction process would begin by grinding up the flower or excess trim. Then, this ground plant material would be stuffed into a tube. These tubes were and probably still are readily available at most headshops and grow supply stores, but initially PVC or metal pipes with sealed fittings at the end were used.

After stuffing all the plant material inside the tube, a can of butane would be pressed into one end of the tube so that liquid butane would ‘blast’ through the plant material. The butane solvent would extract all the active cannabinoids and terpenes in the raw plant material, carrying them along as it moved towards the other end of the tube. When the butane extract reached the other end, it was expelled usually into a glass container. From there the BHO wax would be left to sit while the butane evaporated.

The Professional Way of Extracting BHO Wax

Yes, BHO wax can be extracted using a makeshift tube stuffed full of stems and leaves, but for the highest quality extract possible, flower, or bud, should be used. In either case, butane hash oil extraction processes strip the resin glands from plant material. The plant material is discarded, and a highly concentrated and potent wax is purged of the butane solvent.

All of this sounds pretty straight forward and easy. A non-polar solvent is pushed through plant material. As the solvent moves through the plant material, it quickly dissolves the resin glands taking with it cannabinoids and terpenes and leaving chlorophyll and other undesirable plant matter behind. Then, the butane hash oil wax is collected in a container and left to sit until the solvent is purged. And in a perfect world where this is all done right, the end result is clean and potent wax.

The problem is, it isn’t a perfect world and making high CBD BHO Wax the right way involves expensive equipment and expertise. We do not recommend attempting butane extraction at home by any means, it is extremely dangerous! This is something that should be left to the professionals.

Butane Extraction Methods

There are two methods used to perform butane extractions. Open extractions, or “open blasting”, and closed extractions, also known as “closed loop”.

Open Blasting

The original extraction method used for BHO wax is known as Open Blasting. In this method, a stainless steel or glass tube would be filled with plant material, and butane would be forced through the tube. This resulted in a thick yellow-orange, oil that exited the other end of the tube. The solvent would then be evaporated from the oil and once purged the oil would become usable wax.

Of course, this method brings with it a huge risk. With no safeguard to contain the solvent, there is plenty of opportunity for explosions and fires. Not only this, but it is also a very wasteful way to extract cannabinoids.

Closed Loop

A much safer and more efficient method of extracting cannabinoids is the Closed-Loop system. These hydrocarbon extraction systems contain the solvent throughout the entire process so there is less risk of a leak. The butane solvent is in a pressurized tank which is attached to the extraction tube containing the plant material. Both the solvent and plant material are kept within the extraction equipment, hence the term “closed-loop”.

Although this is still a much safer method of extraction, the equipment needs to be routinely checked and maintained by a professional. Of course, because of the high cost of the equipment, amateur extractors usually aren’t the ones using it!

CBD BHO wax is a great alternative to the traditional methods of smoking cannabis, and some may even argue it is a healthier alternative. Dabbing CBD wax offers the same beneficial effects of smoking cannabis or hemp, without the inhalation of smoke.

BHO (Butane Hash Oil) wax is a honey-like CBD concentrate that has a sticky and syrupy consistency. BHO wax high in CBD is a potent hemp extract that contains higher concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids than other types of CBD products. This wax is created using a liquid butane solvent to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from hemp plant material.

Because this wax contains higher concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids, the effects are much stronger compared to the effects of smoked hemp flower or other traditional CBD products. This is something to be aware of if you are new to using CBD concentrates.

If you are considering making your own BHO wax, which we strongly advise against doing, it is important to be aware of the inherent risks involved with the extraction process.

The Danger of BHO Wax Lies Primarily in the Extraction Process

High CBD BHO Wax itself is ultimately not dangerous. The safety of BHO wax has primarily been called into question due to amateur extraction methods. BHO wax has at times gained a bad reputation because of at home extractions that resulted in explosions, fires, and serious injuries.

When this wax is extracted by a professional using the right equipment, the risks of explosions and injuries go down significantly. In addition to this, professional extraction artists can purge all solvents from the wax to ensure a clean and safe product. Dabbing professionally extracted CBD wax may even be safer than smoking regular CBD flower.

Alternatively, using wax extracted by amateurs at home is extremely dangerous. There is no way of knowing for sure if homemade wax contains dangerous solvents or chemicals. Unless you are willing to spend thousands on extraction equipment and lab testing, it’s best to leave extraction to the pros. Buying your CBD BHO wax from a reputable brand you can trust that works with professionals is your best bet.

Sauce Warehouse works with experienced extraction artists and only offers clean, high quality BHO wax and other hydrocarbon extracted CBD concentrates. Residual solvent lab results are also provided for all high CBD BHO wax available at Sauce Warehouse.

Butane alone is not all that dangerous. In fact, the FDA lists butane as a food additive. And, in many food related industries, butane is used as an artificial antioxidant in order to keep food fresh longer. Inhalation of butane, however, is a subject with little research available regarding safety.

In states where cannabis concentrates are legal, small amounts of butane are legally allowed to be present in extracts. This may suggest that the occasional inhalation of small amounts of butane may be benign. Even if this is the case, it is best to avoid butane extracted wax and other hydrocarbon extracts unless they are processed by a professional and purchased from a trusted source.

There are also far more dangerous chemicals than butane that can be present in hydrocarbon extracts. Butane is often cut with harsh chemical thinners like neopentane and hexane, which are known carcinogens. You certainly want to avoid inhaling these. Reliable vendors of BHO wax like Sauce Warehouse will always provide residual solvent lab results to ensure BHO wax concentrates do not contain any of these harmful chemicals.


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