Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin in a black calyx container.
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin dripping from dab tool.
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin Up Close
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin Label
Image of Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze Live Resin Box
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin in a black calyx container.
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin dripping from dab tool.
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin Up Close
Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin Label
Image of Sauce Warehouse Hawaiian Haze Live Resin Box

Hawaiian Haze Live Resin


Hawaiian Haze Live Resin.  Extracted via cryogenic butane extraction from hand bucked & fresh frozen Hawaiian Haze hemp flower.  High in CBDa and also contains CBGa & CBDVa.  Predominant terpenes include β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, & Limonene.


•DC Haze x Early Resin Berry

•True consistency
•No added terpenes
•Hydrocarbon extraction

CBDa: 75.49%
CBDVa: 0.67%
THCa: 1.38%
Delta-9 THC: <LOQ

TOTAL CBD: 66.2%
TOAL THC: 1.21%

β-Myrcene: 7.38%
β-Caryophyllene: 0.44%
Limonene: 0.81%
α-Bisabolol: 0.15%
Guaiol: 0.25%
α-Pinene: 0.49%
trans-beta-Ocimene: 0.48%
α-Humulene: 0.09%
β-Pinene: 0.30%
Linalool: 0.11%
Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.01%
trans-beta-farnesene: 0.09%
cis-Nerolidol: 0.04%
Farnesol 1: 0.18%


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent product

I ordered a half gram of this and I absolutely love it! The terpene profile is delicious and the effects are exactly what I was looking for. It is relaxing, but not to the point that it makes me tired. I will definitely be getting a baller jar of this in my next order!

A Staple!

This is the first time I've tried Sauce Warehouse, so, I opted for one of my favorite strains. After testing it for the past few weeks, I can honestly say this is some of the best CBD concentrate I've ever had! Smooth, tastes great, and amazing quality. Very pleased! And for anyone curious, this is a great daytime strain; you won't feel couch locked. Helps to relax my muscles, and, with my anxiety.

More Info

The Hawaiian Haze hemp strain is one of the original hemp cultivars bred specifically for the smokable hemp flower market. Bred by Oregon CBD Seeds, Hawaiian Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid cross of DC Haze “CC” x Early Resin Berry (ERB). The strain gets its name from the tangy & fruity aroma of its large dense flowers.

Since its debut, Hawaiian Haze has become somewhat of a staple in the hemp flower scene, and it has even earned itself a few awards. In 2020 it was awarded 1st place in the High Times Hemp Cup, 1st place in the Outstanding Terpenes Golden Grow Awards, and in 2021 it took 3rd place in the High Times Hemp Cup.

As new cultivars hit the scene and push older strains to the side Hawaiian Haze is still a highly desirable strain among consumers of hemp flower.

When it comes to cannabinoids & terpenes, there are certainly other CBD hemp flower strains that contain higher percentages, but that isn’t to say this strain lacks in terms of effects or flavor. At around 15-19% CBD and 2% total terpenes on average the Hawaiian Haze hemp strain has plenty to offer.

Major terpenes present in this strain include Myrcene, alpha-Pinene, beta-caryophyllene, & Limonene.
•Myrcene: Found in mangos and hops. Contributes to the ‘peppery’ aroma in beer. Thought by many to have relaxing or even mildly sedating effects.

•alpha-Pinene: Found in pine needles, orange peels, & basil. Gives pine trees their piney scent. Studies have shown strong anti-inflammatory and bronchodilation properties.

•beta-Caryophyllene: Found in Rosemary, hops, & cloves. Peppery/spicy aroma. This terpene binds to CB2 receptors and has strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. It is also thought to have potential for pain and anxiety relief.

•Limonene: Found in citrus fruits and in other plants. Citrus aroma. This terpene is fascinating because of its ability to absorb & remove damaging free radicals in the body that would otherwise injure our cells. There is speculation that regular use could lower the risk of certain cancers and signs of aging by reducing oxidative stress.

All in all, a great strain and a must try for every hemp flower connoisseur!

If you think Hawaiian Haze hemp flower tastes good and has an amazing aroma, just wait until you try this Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin!

This live resin was processed from hand bucked Hawaiian Haze hemp flower which was flash frozen immediately after harvest in an IQF nitrogen tunnel. Freezing the flower while it is still fresh off the stalk allows for the complete preservation of cannabinoids and terpenes that would otherwise be destroyed using traditional drying and curing methods. The frozen flower is then processed using cryogenic butane extraction which results in a beautiful & clean live resin that is rich in terpenes and acid dominant cannabinoids like CBDa & THCa.

The terpene content of this live resin is 0.68% total terpenes. Top terpenes include:
beta-Myrcene: 0.33%
beta-Caryophyllene: 0.08%
Limonene: 0.05%
alpha-Bisabolol: 0.04%
Guaiol: 0.04%

The flavor and aroma created by this unique terpene combination is best described as a tangy Hawaiian punch. Notes of fruit and citrus are noticed first followed by a strong citrus tang. You may have smoked or vaporized the hemp flower strain before but taking a dab of this Hawaiian Haze live resin just might have you picking up on flavors and aromas that are much more subtle in the flower.

This live resin doesn’t disappoint when it comes to cannabinoid content either. If you are looking for a potent CBD live resin concentrate look no further! At over 70% CBD, 2% THCa, & 1% CBGa, Hawaiian Haze CBD live resin is more than capable of providing desirable effects. CBDVa is also present at almost 1%.

Considering the 6%+ terpene content and higher than average CBD content, this live resin will produce a strong entourage effect. This means you might not need as much compared to other types of CBD concentrates, especially if you are dabbing or vaporizing opposed to making an edible or eating it raw.

The sativa lineage of this strain makes this a great option for anytime of day and most users should find the effects to be relaxing without being too overbearing. If you enjoy fruity and citrusy flavors along with strong CBD dabs, this live resin is for you!

Hemp extracts, also commonly known as CBD concentrates, are highly concentrated oils that are extracted from hemp flower. These oil extracts contain the terpenes and cannabinoids present in hemp flower but in much higher concentrations.

An average CBD hemp flower cultivar may contain 20% CBD, whereas an average hemp extract may contain over 70% CBD! These high concentrations make CBD concentrates a versatile product that allows users to consume high doses quickly and easily.

Hemp concentrates are also more cost effective compared to gummies, flower, and other types of CBD products. For example, an average CBD gummy contains about 10-15mg of CBD and a pack of 50 gummies usually costs around $45 on the low end. That’s about .75 cents per gummy! A high-end CBD live resin concentrate on the other hand containing 70% CBD, or 700mg CBD, will contain about 50 14mg dabs costing about .60 cents each. You can save even more by using extracts like CBD isolate which contain higher amounts of CBD and cost much less.

Hemp extracts come in many different forms. Some of them are saucy and others are powders. Common consistencies include live resin, shatter, crumble, distillate, isolate, and wax. When it comes to hemp concentrates many on the market today are not true consistency extracts, but instead they are mixtures of isolate and distillate. This trend of ‘fake’ concentrates is largely the result of CBD companies trying to save money and ensure a compliant product containing <0.3% Delta-9 THC.

Real CBD concentrates with true consistencies are different from the isolate and distillate mixtures because they have been extracted from hemp flower without any remediation being done or any terpenes being added after the fact. These concentrates taste better, look better, and have better effects as well due to their natural terpene & cannabinoid profiles.

Always think twice before buying hemp extracts and be sure you are not getting fooled by a shady CBD company. Sauce Warehouse is the most trusted vendor of hemp extracts and CBD concentrates featuring the largest selection on the web! We provide third party lab results for each product and are committed to offering only the highest quality extracts on the market.

Because terpenes potentiate the effects of cannabinoids on top of producing their own unique effects, high-terpene hemp extracts are often much more potent than extracts with lower percentages of terpenes in them.

The specific effects provided by a hemp extract varies depending on the predominant cannabinoids and terpenes that it contains. Hemp concentrates that contain high levels of CBD and low levels of THC will be much less psychoactive. If there are no minor cannabinoids present the effects may be even less pronounced. CBD concentrates that contain high levels of CBD, THCa, and minor cannabinoids like CBG and CBN will produce much more noticeable effects.

Delta-9 THC is required by federal law to be below 0.3% on a dry weight basis in all hemp products. THCa on the other hand is not limited by law but it does convert to Delta-9 THC when heated. This means you should not only consider the Delta-9 THC content but also the THCa content when thinking about how a particular CBD concentrate may affect you.

Certain terpene profiles contribute to certain effects. Some terpene profiles lean towards the classic indica effects which are more relaxing or even sedating. Other terpene profiles may lean towards sativa effects which are more stimulating and energizing. And some profiles are hybrid in nature and don’t lean too far in either direction. These hybrid profiles are great for those who seek a well-balanced effect that is neither too relaxing nor too stimulating.

Regardless of the terpene profile itself, if there are minor cannabinoids present and a large percentage of major cannabinoids, terpenes will always have a potentiating effect on these cannabinoids known as ‘the entourage effect’. Not only are you going to experience the individual effects of each terpene, but the combined effects caused by the synergy between the terpenes and the cannabinoids.

CBD live resin is typically going to be the most potent high-terpene CBD concentrate available on the market. This is due to the extraction process used to create it which uses fresh frozen hemp flower. Freezing the flower just after harvesting it preserves cannabinoids and terpenes which results in a higher concentration of each being present in the finished product.

Another form of high-terpene extract is HTFSE or high terpene full spectrum extract. When extractions are performed to create concentrates like CBD live resin, a ‘terp layer’ or terpene layer often forms on top of the cannabinoid rich concentrate material. This layer can be collected and sold on its own as HTSFE. It does have a lower cannabinoid content, but it will often contain much higher concentrations of terpenes.

Most CBD concentrates should be stored in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Concentrates can be stored in a refrigerator for 6 months to a year, and a freezer for longer periods.

Terp coolers are a great way to store your dabs. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are essentially small mini fridges that allow you to keep your concentrates at the perfect temperatures for preserving terpenes and cannabinoids. These can easily be purchased online for a decent price. For those who are often on the go, they are even available in portable versions that can be plugged in to the car.

Saucy extracts like live resin are more susceptible to fluctuations in temperature which can influence their consistency. When removing these types of concentrates from cold storage it is best to let them reach room temperature before opening to avoid a buildup of moisture.

Heat, light, and air are all factors that can degrade hemp extracts and diminish their flavor, consistency, and potency. If you keep them secluded from these elements, they should have a long shelf life!