Sauce Warehouse CBD Live Resin Syringes
Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin Syringe
Special Sauce CBD Live Resin Syringe
Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin Syringe
Sour Suver CBD Live Resin Syringe
Twistspenser Concentrate Syringe Needle
Sour Suver Haze Live Resin Syringe
Sauce Warehouse CBD Live Resin Syringes
Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin Syringe
Special Sauce CBD Live Resin Syringe
Hawaiian Haze CBD Live Resin Syringe
Sour Suver CBD Live Resin Syringe
Twistspenser Concentrate Syringe Needle
Sour Suver Haze Live Resin Syringe

Live Resin Syringes

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•True consistency
•No added terpenes
•Hydrocarbon extraction

CBDa: 74.4%
CBDVa: 0.5%
THCa: 2.74%
Delta-9 THC: <LOQ

TOTAL CBD: 65.25%

CBDa: 71.74%
CBDVa: 0.44%
THCa: 2.17%
Delta-9 THC: <LOQ

TOTAL CBD: 62.91%
TOTAL THC: 1.91%

CBDa: 72.87%
CBDVa: 0.43%
CBGa: 1.12%
THCa: 2.87%
Delta-9 THC: <LOQ

TOTAL CBD: 63.91%
TOAL THC: 2.52%

CBDa: 83.04%
THCa: 0.06%
Delta-9 THC: <LOQ

TOTAL CBD: 72.83%

β-Myrcene: 2.40%
β-Caryophyllene: 1.90%
Terpinolene: 0.84%
α-Bisabolol: 0.68%
α-Humulene: 0.58%
Limonene: 0.47%
Guaiol: 0.30%
α-Pinene: 0.30%
Valencene: 0.28%
Ocimene 2: 0.24%
Linalool: 0.21%
β-Pinene: 0.19%
α-Terpineol: 0.14%
p-Mentha-1, 5-Diene: 0.12%
Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.09%
Terpineol: 0.09%
Endo-Fenchyl Alcohol: 0.08%
3-Carene: 0.04%


β-Myrcene: 6.26%
β-Caryophyllene: 0.99%
Limonene: 0.81%
α-Pinene: 0.60%
α-Bisabolol: 0.41%
α-Humulene: 0.37%
β-Pinene: 0.36%
Guaiol: 0.23%
Terpinolene: 0.20%
Linalool: 0.16%
cis-Nerolidol: 0.12%
trans-Nerolidol: 0.1%
Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.08%
Endo-Fenchyl Alcohol: 0.08%
Valencene: 0.06%


β-Myrcene: 3.28%
β-Caryophyllene: 0.77%
Limonene: 0.46%
α-Bisabolol: 0.39%
Guaiol: 0.37%
α-Pinene: 0.33%
Ocimene 2: 0.30%
α-Humulene: 0.20%
β-Pinene: 0.17%
Linalool: 0.16%
α-Terpineol: 0.09%
Valencene: 0.09%
Endo-Fenchyl Alcohol: 0.09%
Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.06%
Terpineol: 0.06%
Terpinolene: 0.04%


β-Caryophyllene: 1.73%
β-Myrcene: 1.07%
Terpinolene: 1.01%
α-Humulene: 0.61%
Guaiol: 0.56%
α-Bisabolol: 0.54%
Limonene: 0.32%
Ocimene 2: 0.25%
Valencene: 0.25%
Linalool: 0.14%
p-Mentha-1, 5-Diene: 0.14%
Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.12%
α-Terpineol: 0.12%
α-Pinene: 0.09%
β-Pinene: 0.09%
trans-Nerolidol: 0.09%
Terpineol: 0.07%
α-Terpinene: 0.06%
3-Carene: 0.04%
Sabinene: 0.03%


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Handy dandy super sour space candy

These things are slick! The syringe is perfect for filling up cartridges and the live resin is extremely tasty and effective.

Awsome as always! (SSSC & HAWAIIAN HAZE)

After trying the Sour Suver I had to come back and try a few more.
The Super Sour Space Candy is great. Reminds me of an extremely gassy old school strain and there are slight "candy like flavors", thats not to say it tastes like candy, because it certainly doesn't.
The H-Haze was extremely liquid like and full of terps. This was a great addition to Distillate to add that real cannabis like flavor and aroma however, it is a bit grassy as far as flavor goes. Some people love this flavor so if thats your thing, H-Haze will probably satisfy.

Insainly Impressive. (Sour Suver)

Fist order with SW and I'm absolutely pleased. I'm not 100% sure what I was expecting, but it was not what I recived... To start, Sour Suver is one of my least favorite strains in existence but I saw the price and decided why not.
On its own, the flavor is just wild. Textbook DANK flavors and very reminiscent of high thca cannabis live resin. The top notes I get are Sour, Dank(canna sulfery flavors) and a slight bit of sweet spice. This is comparable to some of the moxie concentrates I've had in flavor.

I decarbed 0.50g and mixed with 0.50g of distillate and did the same again but with an added 3% of sour suver co2 terps. Both turned out absolutely amazing! I will be back to get more products the second the review code hits my inbox lol.

I am a true cannabis snob and I won't consume anything that I even slightly dislike and I will recommend this stuff all day long! Cant wait to try more products. This blew me away.

Hawaiian Haze Live Resin

I used the Hawaiian Haze syringes in place of terpenes for cartridges I was making recently. It's incredible and I can't see myself making them any other way now, flavor profile is stunning and I can't wait to try out other strains too! I had no issues with getting the syringes to work after submerging them in a hot water bath for a while, as per Sauce Warehouse's recommendation. Really enjoyed the terpene candy added as a gift too, thank you :) Very excited to come back when I'm ready to make my next batch of cartridges!

Hawiian Haze

Follow up from past review, the Hawiian Haze is similar to the Special Sauce in all aspects expect taste and smell. I had the similar issue with not being able to squeeze out all the excess, a hair dryer though solved that problem. Will be ordering more once they solve the crystallization issue since I was really hoping to not run into issues with my filled up carts. Overall, the syringes are great to travel with and use.

More Info

CBD Live Resin Syringes are a versatile and convenient way of using high CBD live resin concentrates. Here are a few of the common reasons our customers might prefer to buy their CBD live resin in a pre filled syringe:

Debilitating Medical Conditions

When purchasing CBD live resin in a regular concentrate container, it may be difficult for those with conditions like carpel tunnel, or MS to collect a dab of concentrate from the jar and apply it to their dab rig’s nail or the chamber on their portable concentrate vaporizer. A pre filled syringe allows them to easily dispense the live resin with less pain and discomfort.

Adding CBD Live Resin to Homemade Vape Carts

For our customers who purchase live resin to make their own CBD vape carts, it can be quite a hassle to transfer the live resin from the container into an empty vape cartridge. Without the proper equipment and materials things can get messy. There is also the problem of ‘jar loss’.

Jar loss occurs when a concentrate with a ‘saucy’ consistency spreads out inside a concentrate jar and is unable to be collected for use. The thin and unstable concentrate sort of just adheres to the jar while you desperately attempt to scrape up a dab. This makes it almost impossible to get all of the concentrate out of the jar and into your vape cart.

Live resin syringes are the perfect solution to this problem. Syringes hold your concentrate in an airtight chamber and a plunger dispenses the concentrate as you wish so there is little to no waste.

Overall Convenience

The overall convenience is another major benefit of buying your live resin in a prefilled syringe. Even if you are planning to dab your live resin using a dab rig or portable dab pen, using a live resin syringe allows you to quickly and easily dispense the perfect sized dab directly into your banger or onto your coils. No messy jars, no messy dab tools, no clean up!

And, if you are using your CBD live resin orally or infusing into food or topicals, CBD live resin syringes purchased at Sauce Warehouse are measured which means you’ll know exactly how much you are dispensing and infusing into your homemade live resin edibles, lotions, or capsules.

CBD live resin is one of the most sought after types of CBD concentrates on the market. But why?

Unlike other CBD concentrates, live resin is created using a unique process that results in a concentrate containing higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. The name ‘live resin’ comes from the fact that live resin concentrates provide the full flavor and potency of the live plants they are extracted from.

Before the extraction process even begins, plants used for live resin extracts are harvested and frozen immediately. This preserves the terpene and cannabinoid profiles at their peak levels. When cannabis and hemp plants are cured and dried after harvesting, a significant amount of these cannabinoids and terpenes are destroyed.

The fresh frozen flower from these plants are then extracted using the same hydrocarbon extraction processes used for non-live resin concentrates. Butane, CO2, or ethanol are the most common solvents used for extraction.

Because non-live resin concentrates are processed from flower or plant material that was dried and cured using traditional methods, they do not contain the higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes present in live resin. This results in a less potent, less flavorful extract that, while enjoyable, simply cannot compare to the potency and flavor of live resin which captures the essence of the whole plant as it was at the moment of harvest.

There is just something about the experience of a nice live resin concentrate that words cannot do justice. It’s truly something you must experience for yourself to understand completely.

CBD live resin syringes available for purchase at Sauce Warehouse feature Twistspenser concentrate syringes. These unique syringes differ from traditional cannabis concentrate syringes in that they feature a thread driven plunger that dispenses your concentrate as you twist the body of the syringe itself. This allows for more precise control over the amount of concentrate being dispensed.

Traditional syringes that use a push plunger are old news. Often the plunger will push out too much or too little concentrate leaving you with a huge mess or simply frustrated. Another issue is that the plunger can get stuck within the syringe altogether.

Twistspenser syringes are the first fully lab certified child-resistant liquid dispensers for cannabis and hemp concentrates. The Twistspenser has been designed for fluids of any thickness, it is resistant to leakage, and it will not waste any liquid. Another great feature of this syringe is the lipstick style appearance which adds a layer of discretion.

How to Make Your Own Live Resin Vape Carts

CBD live resin concentrates consist of crystals or diamonds of varying sizes that are suspended in a terpene rich sauce or wax. Some live resin concentrates can be used in vape cartridges as is, while others will need to be decarboxylated. If your live resin is full of large crystals and/or extremely thick, there is a good chance you will need to decarboxylate in order to end up with a smoother consistency that will not clog your cart.

There is one major issue that arises when decarbing live resin and that is terpene degradation. For concentrates that require decarbing, the following method can be used to separate the ‘terp layer’ from the cannabinoid layer of the live resin which will allow you to protect the majority of the terpenes from the heat of the decarbing process.

In a lab setting, you would reach for much more ‘professional’ tools, but considering the majority of us don’t have these at home you can use the following items which can easily be found online (amazon):

• 13mm x 100mm Test Tube w/ Cap
•An extra long dab tool along with a couple standard sized dab tools
•Luer-Lok Syringe w/ dispensing needle
•Glass Beakers - 100ml x 1, 50ml x 1. 25, 10, and 5ml beakers can be used to hold empty cartridges.
•MCT Oil

You will also need some equipment:

•Hot Plate, most induction cooktops with temperature control will work.
•Probe Food Thermometer w/ Needle Probe

STEP 1: Insert Concentrate Into Test Tube

If using a pre filled live resin syringe, simply dispense your live resin into the test tube being careful to avoid getting any on the sides. You want to get as much of it in the bottom as possible. A heat gun/hair dryer/heating pad can be used to get any off the sides.

If you are using concentrate from a regular concentrate jar, use a Standard Dab Tool to collect about 0.5g (you may use less or more depending on the stability of the concentrate) of concentrate and carefully place this onto the largest end of the extra long dab tool. Carefully insert this into the test tube and deposit it in the bottom. A heat gun/hair dryer/heating pad can be used to make sure all of the concentrate leaves the dab tool.

STEP 2: Heat the Concentrate to 160-170F

Fill the 100mm beaker with MCT oil. Place the test tube in this beaker. Place the beaker on your hot plate. Set the temperature to 160-170F and within a few minutes you will notice the terpenes separating from the cannabinoids.

The top layer is the ‘terp layer’ which you want to syphon from the tube using the Luer-Lock syringe. Avoid sucking up any of the smaller crystals from the cannabinoid layer. Set the syringe aside.

STEP 3: Increase Temperature to 240-250F

In this step you will decarboxylate the cannabinoid acids in the cannabinoid layer. During this process you can leave the test tube cap on, but be sure to remove it periodically to release any built up CO2. As the crystalized cannabinoids break down into their non-acidic forms, you will notice a bubbling action. You want to wait until this bubbling stops completely. You will be left with a clear concentrate. This process can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes.

STEP 4: Reduce Temperature to 160-170F & Reintroduce Terp Layer

Take the syringe containing the terp layer from earlier and carefully dispense back into the test tube. If you find it difficult to dispense you may use a heat gun/hair dryer/heating pad to loosen it up. Once you empty the syringe, pull the entire contents of the test tube up into the syringe and dispense again. Do this a couple of times to mix the terp layer throughly with the decarboxylated layer. Finally, dispense your now decarboxylated concentrate into your vape cartridge.

There ya go! Now you can make your own CBD live resin vape carts at home!

NOTE: if you would like to skip this complicated process you can usually get away with using live resin that isn’t full of crystals/diamonds. You can also purchase refillable cartridges and portable vape devices that are meant for vaporizing thicker concentrates.

Alternative cannabinoid blends are growing in popularity as more alternative cannabinoids are isolated and made available to the public. These blends allow consumers to create their own cannabinoid profiles in all types of products and enjoy intentional and refined effects.

Everyone responds to different cannabinoids in a unique way based on their own individual chemical makeup and biology. For many people THC is extremely enjoyable, but for others they find they are extremely sensitive and often THC produces undesirable effects for them. Research continues to expand each year into these variable effects of the numerous cannabinoids present in cannabis and hemp. But, wouldn’t it be great if you could create your very own products containing the cannabinoids that are just right for you? This is the lure of the alternative cannabinoids and custom cannabinoid blends.

Cannabis and hemp plants produce a wide variety of different cannabinoids and terpenes, and each strain contains a different concentration of these compounds. Environmental factors also play a role in the overall cannabinoid and terpene content of cannabis or hemp plant. Not only do these cannabinoids and terpenes have effects of their own, but these effects combine and work synergistically to create something referred to as the “Entourage Effect”. You’ll often see this mentioned when shopping for full spectrum CBD products.

Until recently, cannabis plants were typically bred specifically to produce high amounts of THC and hemp plants were bred to produce high amounts of CBD. However, this is beginning to change as interest in alternative cannabinoids is steadily increasing. Cannabinoids such as THCV, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBT, & CBDV which many consumers of cannabis weren’t familiar with a few years ago are now at the forefront of a booming alternative cannabinoid market.

Of course, a very large part of this new market consists of intoxicating alternative cannabinoids which have skyrocketed in popularity. Delta-8 THC, THCO, THCP, HHC, Delta-10 THC, Delta-11 THC… the list goes on! It seems as though a new cannabinoid is released every other week with the potential to mimic the effects of Delta-9 THC which is the infamous psychoactive cannabinoid associated with the cannabis high.

There is a major drawback however to all of these cannabinoids and that is the experience of consuming them. This is especially true for the intoxicating alternative cannabinoids. This is because essentially all of them are extracted using solvents or even created in a lab and they are very far removed from the cannabis plant themselves. The flavor of these extracts or isolates is generally much less enjoyable than a full spectrum CBD live resin for example which is extracted directly from fresh frozen hemp flower and has a robust and highly desirable flavor.

This is where something like a CBD live resin syringe can be extremely useful. Adding some extremely flavorful live resin to an otherwise flavorless alternative cannabinoid isolate or distillate can enhance the overall experience quite a bit. We hear the question being asked all the time now, “is there a delta-8 live resin”. No, and there never will be. But, you can infuse your delta 8 distillate with our tasty CBD live resin!

Forgetting the intoxicating cannabinoids for a moment, our CBD live resin syringes are also really great for those who want to create their own alternative cannabinoid blends. Many cannabis concentrate consumers and consumers of CBD concentrates may have noticed how products containing certain cannabinoids offer the specific effects they are looking for. In many cases however, concentrates available on the market today won’t contain those cannabinoids in any significant concentration. So, what is one to do?

These individuals can easily find alternative cannabinoid isolates and distillates online which can be mixed with our CBD live resin to create a live resin concentrate that contains high amounts of their desired cannabinoids.
Think of it as a ‘designer’ cannabis concentrate/hemp extract, and YOU are the designer!