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Skilletools Mr. Dabalina Mini Dab Tool

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Skilletools Mr. Dabalina Mini is a pocket sized, stainless steel, high quality dab tool.  The Mr. Dabalina Mini features a small fork tip and has a wide handle for an easy grip.  Comes with a ball chain that makes this a great 'on the go' tool you can attach to your keychain! 

A dab tool is a tool used in the process of dabbing CBD Concentrates. These tools are used to scoop, stick, scrape, gather etc. a small ‘dab’ of CBD Concentrate material and apply it to a heated banger, nail, or bucket. Because these dab rig attachments must be heated to extreme temperatures, a dab tool is required to transfer your dab of concentrate to the heated attachment without burning your fingers! Of course, you could maybe pinch up a dab of concentrate with your fingers and drop it onto your nail, but who wants that mess? We are civilized human beings living in an advanced society, we use dab tools!

Dab Tools come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of different materials as well. Some are simple, some are downright neat, and others are out of this world sophisticated with complex artwork and designs integrated into the tool’s functionality. As dabbing becomes an increasingly popular method of consuming CBD and recreational cannabis concentrates, the tools used to dab are becoming more sophisticated and stylish.

The concept is quite simple, a dab tool is used to transfer concentrate material from the CBD Concentrate jar or container to the heated dab rig attachment whether it be a nail, banger, or bucket. Because CBD Concentrates come in many different consistencies, Dab Tools are available in many different styles.

Some Dab Tools will have a scoop or spoon style end that will allow users to scoop or shovel saucy and viscous concentrates like CBD Live Resin or CBD Terp Sauce into a dab rig banger or nail. Other dab tools have a flat style end that allows users to scrape at buddery type CBD Concentrates like CBD Wax, or this style of dab tool can also be used to simply scrape old concentrate jars to make use of the last remaining remnants of concentrate. Other types of dab tools include tools with pointed ends, these help with concentrates like sticky CBD Shatter.

There is a plethora of other styles of dab tools for all types of sticky, crumbly, & waxy situations dabbers may find themselves in. Many tools on the market today will be double ended and feature two different styles on each end to offer users a more versatile tool. One of these dab tools is usually all the average CBD Concentrate user will need. However, for the concentrate connoisseur, a nice collection of different types of dab tools is always nice to have on hand.

When choosing the right dabber or dab tool for you, there are few things to keep in mind. As with any dabbing essential, the number of options out there can be a little overwhelming, but if you look out for these main factors you should have no trouble making the best choice!


When purchasing a new dab tool, you want to select one that is made of high quality, heat resistant materials. Dab tools are commonly made using these materials:

• Glass – Glass Dabbers and Glass Dab Tools are a great option for the concentrate connoisseur or those new to dabbing who like the more artsy and creative smoking and dabbing accessories. Glass dab tools are usually made to order by glass blowing artists, but they can be found occasionally in head shops and online. They will usually have neat glass artwork in or on them. One downside to glass dabbers is they are fragile and can be broken easily if you are not careful.

• Quartz - Quartz is a common material used for bangers, nails, and bucket attachments for dab rigs. This is due to its ability to withstand and retain such high temperatures. Because of this it is also a durable material for dab tools. Like glass, quartz is fragile and can be broken. Many take this risk however because they believe quartz tools contribute to a better flavor from their CBD Concentrates.

• Ceramic – Ceramic is also a good material for dab tools, and it is also thought to deliver a better flavor, not to the extent that quartz does but better than titanium or stainless-steel dabbers.

• Titanium – Titanium dab tools are going to be the most durable tools on the market. You will want to look out for titanium that is medical grade, as medical grade titanium will not have any materials on or inside of it that may be released when heated. Titanium tools will likely out live you though, so if you are looking for the most durable option, this is it.

• Stainless Steel – Stainless steel dab tools are probably the most budget friendly option on the market. You want to make sure you purchase stainless steel dab tools from a reputable vendor like Sauce Warehouse as the cheaper ones might have chemicals or other materials on them that are not safe to expose to heat and inhale. Skilletools is a popular brand of dab tools we carry here at Sauce Warehouse, and these can be trusted as safe stainless steel dab tools.


There are many different styles of dab tools available, and each type has a unique purpose & functionality. Each style of dab tool will work best with a specific type of CBD Concentrate, so it is important to choose the right style. Here are a few popular dab tool styles:

• Scraper/Paddle - Scraper tipped dab tools often resemble paint scrapers or canoe paddles. This style of dab tool is versatile and works with most types of CBD Concentrates. This a great option for scraping out concentrate jars to get every last bit of material.

• Scoop/Shovel – Scoop and Shovel style dab tools are great for saucy, runny, & waxy concentrates. CBD Live Resin, CBD Wax, and CBD Distillate all require a dab tool with a scoop or shovel end.

• Pointed/Pick – Pointed or Pick style dab tools have pointed ends that are used to easily ‘stick’, and if needed, slice, concentrates like sticky CBD Shatter.


As dabbing becomes more common the tools used become more advanced, and dab tools are no exception. You will of course want to choose a dab tool that is comfortable to use and provides adequate functionality. You don’t want a tool that is too thick to comfortably grip, or a tool with odd ends that don’t really serve a purpose.

In some cases, dab tools might come with a carb cap or other cool and versatile tools that can be used when dabbing. If you can find a great deal on these types of dab tools, it’s always worth the added versatility and functionality.


It’s important to consider the size of the dab tool you choose. If you travel, a long dab tool will be an inconvenience and you will have trouble finding a good place to store it. And even if you are only using the tool at home, a larger dab tool will be harder to fit in most dab stations or organization stations. On the other hand, if a dab tool is too small it can be difficult to pull it out of a storage space and it will be easier to burn yourself when applying your dabs to your hot banger or nail.

SkilleTools is one of the leading names in dab tools. SkilleTools manufactures dabbers and dab tools for every type of dab enthusiast in existence and every type of CBD Concentrate available in our collection here at Sauce Warehouse. Made using quality materials by people who understand the different purposes a dab tool needs to fulfill when dabbing concentrates, SkilleTools dab tools are the most versatile range of products on the dab tool market. Sauce Warehouse is proud to carry SkilleTools dabbers in our collection of Dab Accessories.