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Skilletools Mrs. Dabalina Dab Tool

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Skilletools Mrs. Dabalina Dab Tool.  Stainless steel, high quality dab tool with a center grip and notched steel towards the ends for even better control while dabbing.  The Mrs. Dabalina tool features a small fork tip on one end and a scoop on the other.  A great tool for the daily dabber!

A dab tool is a tool used in the process of dabbing CBD Concentrates. These tools are used to scoop, stick, scrape, gather etc. a small ‘dab’ of CBD Concentrate material and apply it to a heated banger, nail, or bucket. Because these dab rig attachments must be heated to extreme temperatures, a dab tool is required to transfer your dab of concentrate to the heated attachment without burning your fingers! Of course, you could maybe pinch up a dab of concentrate with your fingers and drop it onto your nail, but who wants that mess? We are civilized human beings living in an advanced society, we use dab tools!

Dab Tools come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of different materials as well. Some are simple, some are downright neat, and others are out of this world sophisticated with complex artwork and designs integrated into the tool’s functionality. As dabbing becomes an increasingly popular method of consuming CBD and recreational cannabis concentrates, the tools used to dab are becoming more sophisticated and stylish.

The concept is quite simple, a dab tool is used to transfer concentrate material from the CBD Concentrate jar or container to the heated dab rig attachment whether it be a nail, banger, or bucket. Because CBD Concentrates come in many different consistencies, Dab Tools are available in many different styles.

Some Dab Tools will have a scoop or spoon style end that will allow users to scoop or shovel saucy and viscous concentrates like CBD Live Resin or CBD Terp Sauce into a dab rig banger or nail. Other dab tools have a flat style end that allows users to scrape at buddery type CBD Concentrates like CBD Wax, or this style of dab tool can also be used to simply scrape old concentrate jars to make use of the last remaining remnants of concentrate. Other types of dab tools include tools with pointed ends, these help with concentrates like sticky CBD Shatter.

There is a plethora of other styles of dab tools for all types of sticky, crumbly, & waxy situations dabbers may find themselves in. Many tools on the market today will be double ended and feature two different styles on each end to offer users a more versatile tool. One of these dab tools is usually all the average CBD Concentrate user will need. However, for the concentrate connoisseur, a nice collection of different types of dab tools is always nice to have on hand.

Here are the primary things to consider when choosing a dab tool.


To choose the correct style of dab tool, you’ll need to think about what type of CBD Concentrates you are using the most. If it is a CBD Live Resin, maybe you need a scoop style dab tool. If it is a sticker concentrate perhaps a pointed/pick style dab tool will be your best choice.


If you aren’t going to be using the tool very often, maybe you can get something a little cheaper with less versatility. If you plan on using the dab tool every day, you should probably choose one that will align perfectly with your needs, a tool that will last long and be comfortable to use.


If you have a little extra to spend on a dab tool, maybe you’d prefer something artsy and visually appealing like a glass or quartz dabber. These will also provide a better flavor. If you don’t want to spend as much on a dabber, stainless steel is the cheapest option on the market. Titanium and ceramic dab tools will be priced in the middle of these two extremes, with ceramic providing a bit better flavor than titanium.


If you are also in the market for carb caps, silicone mats, concentrate containers etc. then you might want to shop around to find a dab tool that is included with these other extras for a good price. Sauce Warehouse offers a large variety of dab tools and other dabbing accessories, so you can easily stock up all in one place.

SkilleTools is one of the leading names in dab tools. SkilleTools manufactures dabbers and dab tools for every type of dab enthusiast in existence and every type of CBD Concentrate available in our collection here at Sauce Warehouse. Made using quality materials by people who understand the different purposes a dab tool needs to fulfill when dabbing concentrates, SkilleTools dab tools are the most versatile range of products on the dab tool market. Sauce Warehouse is proud to carry SkilleTools dabbers in our collection of Dab Accessories.