Raspberry Cookie CBD Crumble! Over 80% CBD, CBDv, and CBG. Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble. Shop CBD Crumble at Sauce Warehouse
Raspberry Cookie CBD Crumble! Over 80% CBD, CBDv, and CBG. Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble. Shop CBD Crumble at Sauce Warehouse
Raspberry Cookie CBD Crumble! Over 80% CBD, CBDv, and CBG. Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble. Shop CBD Crumble at Sauce Warehouse
Raspberry Cookie CBD Crumble! Over 80% CBD, CBDv, and CBG. Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble. Shop CBD Crumble at Sauce Warehouse

Raspberry Cookie Crumble

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This Raspberry Cookie Crumble is distillate based and contains over 80% CBD, as well as CBDv, and CBG.  Very rare terpene profile.

Tastes Like: sweet creamy vanilla cookies & pungently sweet rasberries

Feels Like: very balanced effects, prominent effects from high CBD content

1 Gram 

We have a limited quantity and we may not be able to restock so grab a gram or two while you still can!

1 Gram
CBD: 80.9%
CBDv: 1.1%
CBG: 2.4%
Delta-9 THC: ND

CBD Crumble as the name suggests typically has a crumble like consistency. Crumble is generally the driest type of concentrate on the market and compared to a Sauce or Live Resin, Crumble is often more stable. It is possible for CBD Crumble to be moister and as a result have an appearance closer to that of CBD Wax. When it is on the dryer side, CBD Crumble is said to be the one of the most mold resistant types of CBD Concentrates on the market.

Dabbing is the quickest and most efficient way to use CBD Concentrates. Dabbing CBD Crumble involves vaporizing the concentrate using either a dab rig or dab pen. When the crumble is heated, a vapor is produced which is then inhaled.

One complaint that is often heard regarding CBD Crumble is that it seems to not last as long as other CBD Concentrates. A theory we have as to why users experience this is that because Crumble is less moist and more compact, it is easier to overestimate doses and thus use up the concentrate faster. We suggest trying to use smaller amounts of crumble compared to the amounts used with other CBD Concentrate consistencies. You can then work your way up to avoid wasting material and using all your crumble up too quickly!

If CBD edibles are your preferred method of consumption, CBD Crumble can also be infused with food and even liquid beverages. Most of the concentrate product pages at Sauce Warehouse will have a link to instructions for making edibles with CBD Concentrates.

In the CBD Concentrate world, there are two types of CBD Crumble. Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble, and Full Spectrum CBD Crumble. While the two might look similar in some cases, they are two very different concentrates, each with their own unique effects.

Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrates contain Zero THC. Of course, it is important to keep in mind that there is always a chance for trace amounts of THC to be present even in broad spectrum CBD products. Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble is usually made up of CBD, CBDA, and a few other minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, & CBT. This has a lot to do with how Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble is made using primarily CBD Distillate with minor cannabinoid isolates added in for texture. Because Broad Spectrum Crumble is essentially created by mixing different isolated cannabinoids and not extracted directly from cannabis or Hemp Flower, it is often lacking the flavor provided by terpenes. For this reason, Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT’s), or Botanically Derived Terpenes (BDT’s) are added to the mixture.

Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates contain the full array of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the cannabis/hemp plant. If you need to pass a drug test or if you find that you are sensitive to THC, your best bet would be a Broad Spectrum CBD Concentrate as Full Spectrum CBD Crumble will contain THC. Full Spectrum CBD Crumble is a great option for those who enjoy the experience of The Entourage Effect. The Entourage Effect is produced by using the full spectrum of cannabinoids together, and when terpenes are added to the mix the effect is even stronger. Luckily, most of our Full Spectrum CBD Crumble here at Sauce Warehouse is extracted directly from flower and has strong, natural cannabinoid & terpene profiles.

CBD Crumble can be made in several different ways.

Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble, as we previously mentioned, is generally a mixture of CBD Distillate and minor cannabinoid isolates which are added for texture. Unlike Full Spectrum CBD Crumble, which is extracted directly from hemp flower, Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble is made primarily with CBD Distillate. This allows the product to be marketed as a Zero THC CBD Concentrate. Because CBD Distillate is usually more viscous on its own than crumble, minor cannabinoid isolates are mixed in with the CBD Distillate to create the ‘crumbly’ texture. CDT’s or BDT’s are then added to this mixture to provide a flavorful experience when dabbing.

Full Spectrum CBD Crumble is extracted directly from Hemp Flower. Most commonly, C02 or Butane is used in what is called hydrocarbon extraction. This process pulls the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant material, often through a filter which separates any small impurities, producing a potent, and terpene rich concentrate. The hydrocarbon used in the processing stage is then purged from the concentrate, leaving behind a clean, ready to dab Full Spectrum CBD Crumble! The best part about Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates extracted directly from Hemp Flower is the all-natural cannabinoid & terpene profiles. The difference between this all-natural extract, and a distillate/isolate mixture, can be felt in the effects!

In some cases, Full Spectrum CBD Crumble can also be made using the same process that is used to make Broad Spectrum CBD Crumble, only the Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate is substituted with a Full Spectrum CBD Distillate. The main reason this method is usually chosen is that it is much more cost effective to use Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, which is already available at a low cost in abundance within the industry, than it is to have Hemp Flower processed to create a true Full Spectrum CBD Crumble.

At Sauce Warehouse, we prefer the true Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates as you may have already noticed by browsing our collection.
It’s sort of like going to the supermarket and buying orange juice. You can buy orange juice made from concentrate for a lower price, or you can spend a little more and buy much tastier orange juice made from fresh oranges. Take your pick!