Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Strawberry Cake CBD Rosin.
Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Strawberry Cake CBD Rosin.
Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Strawberry Cake CBD Rosin.
Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Strawberry Cake CBD Rosin.

Strawberry Cake Bubble Hash Rosin

Solventless Strawberry Cake Bubble Hash Rosin is made using fresh Strawberry Cake hemp flower which is washed to produce bubble hash.  The bubble hash is then freeze dried and pressed to create a buddery rosin that is cold cured to preserve terpenes.  Strawberry Cake Bubble Hash Rosin tests high in Linalool, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. 

1 Gram


•Strawberry x OG Kush

•True consistency
•No added terpenes
•Solventless extraction

CBD: 75.769%
CBDv: 0.286%
CBG: 4.014%
CBN: 0.525%
CBC: 0.684%
Delta-9 THC: <LOQ
THCa: 1.816%

α-Bisabolol: 0.085%
α-Humulene: 0.092%
α-Pinene: 0.05%
β-Caryophyllene: 0.265%
β-Myrcene: 0.169%
Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.047%
Limonene: 1.768%
Linalool: 0.319%

Total Terpenes: 2.795%

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Absolutely heaven

This strain smells EXACTLY like a strawberry shortcake from heaven! I was blown away by the taste and nose on this strain and would absolutely get it again!

Jose B.
Strawberry Fields forever

This was my first time ordering from sauce warehouse got two grams and was impressed at the quality of the product. Very creamy smooth strawberry taste that is not too sweet or overpowering. The terps levels may be bit lower than others but still present and balanced enough for smoothness.


After trying so many different brands of cartridges, I will never go back. Using Sauce Warehouse products in a Puff Co Plus is a different ball game in terms of flavor and overall experience. This is so tasty, so smooth and so on point it’s hard to wrap my head around. I will only be consuming CBD products made by Sauce Warehouse from here on out.

As Delightful As I Thought It Would Be

Had to wait for it to come back in stock, and, it was 100% worth the wait! Right as you open the container the fruity earthy scent smacks you in the nostrils; Not to mention the strawberry taste, which lingers. This is a strain I REALLY look forward to smoking!


Very sweet and juicy scent and flavor, with earthy notes that leave the taste of strawberry on your tongue. I'm still shocked every time I hit this stuff. Shame it doesn't come in a baller jar!

More Info

Strawberry Cake is a high CBD hemp flower strain that was created by crossing Strawberry with OG Kush. The result is an Indica dominant cultivar that is rich in terpenes and provides a deeply relaxing experience to those who indulge.

With an intense strawberry aroma and funky notes of cheese and fruit, Strawberry Cake surely lives up to its name. However, the aroma and flavor of this high CBD flower are not the only attributes it has to offer.

Strawberry Cake buds are dense and dark green, often with bright pink calyxes and dark orange hairs. A heavy coating of trichomes gives the flowers a sugar coated appearance and adds to their overall beauty.

This strain is often sought out for physical relief, stress relief, and it is reported to boost mood while also promoting relaxation. This makes Strawberry Cake perfect for both going out and socializing and spending time alone at home.
Given the heavy indica effects, it may be best to save this one for the evenings.

If you are a fan of the terpene rich Strawberry Cake hemp strain, you are going to love this Strawberry Cake Bubble Hash Rosin!

If you are new to the world of CBD concentrates, or more specifically, new to dabbing CBD rosin, you might be unfamiliar with the difference between regular old flower rosin and the more desirable hash rosin.

Rosin pressed from flower is typically darker, and it contains cannabinoids & terpenes, but it can also contain plant fats, waxes, and lipids that are present in the flower. Rosin pressed from hash however primarily contains only the cannabinoids and terpenes present in the concentrated trichomes it is pressed from. This contributes to a lighter color, softer consistency, and users report stronger effects with a more desirable flavor as well.

In short, CBD bubble hash rosin is a rare and highly prized form of CBD concentrate.

Strawberry Cake Bubble Hash Rosin is extremely high in CBD at over 75%. It also tests high in the terpenes Limonene, Linalool, and Caryophyllene. These terpenes are preserved through a cold cure process and preserved further through our use of cold storage here at Sauce Warehouse. If flavor is what you look for in an enjoyable concentrate, look no further than this bubble hash rosin!

Bubble Hash is a form of cannabis/hemp concentrate that is created by separating trichomes from flower. The separated concentration of trichomes is what is known as ‘bubble hash’.

To create bubble hash, fresh flower is put into a large vessel of water that is agitated either manually or automatically using special equipment. This agitating motion of the water separates the trichomes from the flower as they collect in the water. After a set amount of time which varies by the amount of flower being washed, the water is drained through a series of fine micron screens that filter out the desirable trichomes collected during the washing process.

Finally, these trichomes are collected from the screens and dried. The drying process can be done using a freeze dryer, or by simply leaving the putty-like mass of trichomes out to dry in open air. 

Once dried, the bubble hash is ready to be consumed or processed further. Bubble hash can be smoked on its own, added to flower, used to create hash rosin, infused into edibles, and so much more!

It seems to be the general consensus among concentrate connoisseurs that rosin pressed from hash is of a higher quality than rosin pressed from flower.

This is mainly due to the fact that hash rosin contains less plant waxes, fats, and lipids which might be present in higher concentrations within flower rosin. This also results in hash rosin having a lighter color and softer consistency which only adds to its higher level of attractiveness.

Another factor that makes hash rosin more desirable is the enhanced effects and flavor. Because it is pressed directly from the trichomes containing the cannabinoids and terpenes, it tends to have higher concentrations of both compared to rosin pressed from flower. As you can imagine, this contributes to more potent effects and much more pronounced flavor.

Solvent-less CBD concentrates have become just as popular, if not more popular than the concentrates that have long been held as the most desirable on the market such as CBD live resin. Concentrate users are becoming more concerned with their health and they want to know the concentrates they are consuming are safe.

Because CBD rosin is pressed from flower or hash using only heat and pressure, the rosin concentrate that results never touches a dangerous solvent and there is zero chance of rosin containing residual solvents. This is not true for hydrocarbon extracts like CBD live resin or CBD wax which are extracted using solvents like butane or CO2. While it is rare for these extracts to contain dangerous levels of residual solvents when purchased from reputable vendors, it is certainly possible.

Solvent-less CBD rosin provides concentrate users with a certain peace of mind knowing they are consuming something that is safe. And, another added benefit of solvent less CBD concentrates is that they may contain higher levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. It is well known that solvents can strip away desirable terpenes and cannabinoids during hydrocarbon extraction processes, thus diminishing potency and flavor. Since solvent less extracts never touch a solvent, fewer of these desirable compounds are lost to the extraction process.