As of 2020, it's been reported that over half of Americans have heard of CBD and its benefits. But have you heard of dabbing CBD? Learn everything you need to know at Sauce Warehouse

Dabbing CBD: Everything You Need to Know

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Dabbing CBD

Support for CBD usage has been growing at a rapid pace year after year, and shows no signs of slowing down. 

As of 2020, it's been reported that over half of Americans have heard of CBD and its benefits.

Something people may not have heard of yet is that dabbing CBD is a fantastic way to experience maximum potency and effectiveness. Is this your first time hearing about dabbing? Maybe you have heard of it and just have no idea what it is or how to start?

If you fall into either of those categories, you've come to the right place! This article will cover what dabbing is, what you'll need to get started, and a variety of CBD products you can use for dabbing.

What Does Dabbing CBD Mean?

The term dab refers to a small amount of CBD concentrate. Dabbing refers to the act in which the CBD is inhaled and used.

The process involves the heating of a device to a high temperature, and the application of the concentrate to that device, which causes vaporization. Inhaling the vapors produces very potent and immediate results for the CBD user.

What are the Benefits?

The biggest benefits of dabbing are that it provides a higher potency and a much faster result than other methods of CBD use.

For example, oral ingestion is perhaps the most common way people currently use CBD, but it can take some time to experience the effects. In comparison, dabbing offers almost immediate results to the user. This can be especially important depending on the reason you prefer to use CBD products.

Vaping is another common method, but the oils are blended with many other ingredients to create the final liquid product. Dabs rely on pure CBD extract, because of this, dabbing provides a much higher potency than vaping.

While the potency is high, dabbing is often considered much smoother than smoking. The smokeless vapor also helps to avoid creating odor making it much more discreet.

Many CBD users find that concentrates make controlling doses easier. Dabbing CBD also has a much higher consistency of results than other methods.

Types of CBD Dabs

There are many types of concentrates available for dabbing, all with different consistencies and effects.

Full spectrum CBD concentrates use all cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, including THC. Broad spectrum CBD concentrates only consist of CBD and a few other non-psychoactive components. Most types of concentrates have options in both categories.

CBD Crumble is very dry and crumbly in its consistency, as the name suggests. Considered less messy, crumble is often preferred for use outside of the home and works well with dab pens. Because of its lack of moisture, it tends to be the most mold-resistant of concentrates. Its consistency is very compact, so we suggest using a smaller amount to avoid overestimating doses.

CBD Shatter is found in both the full and broad spectrum, and is often made with CBD Isolate. It has very high percentages of CBD per gram when compared to other concentrates. It gets its name from its glass-like appearance, though it transforms into a honey-like consistency after heating. Unless mixed with terpenes, isolate-based shatter can lack flavor, which can be a pro or con depending on your preference.

CBD Wax commonly combines CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, and occasionally added cannabinoids. The mixture creates a waxy consistency. Wax often only contains CBD and is considered broad spectrum, but full spectrum varieties such as CBD BHO Wax are also available.  

CBD Live Resin is a great full spectrum option and can range from saucy to crumbly in consistency. It uses plant material that is frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve terpenes, and can create what is known as the Entourage Effect. This effect is obtained when multiple components of the cannabis plant interact with the body instead of just one.  

Essential Equipment Used For Dabbing

The most common way to dab CBD is by using a dab rig. Similar to a water pipe, the rig will contain the vapor that you'll be inhaling. Most standard rigs come with a nail or "banger", which is what you'll heat and apply the concentrate to.

To heat the nail, you will need a torch, because a standard lighter will not produce the necessary heat for vaporization. 

A dab tool is what you'll use to scoop and apply the CDB concentrate into the nail of the rig once it's heated. These tools are heat resistant, and they're usually thin and metal. Much like the torch, it is affordable and one of the most necessary dab accessories.

If you already own a water pipe, it may also be possible to replace the bowl used for CBD hemp flower with a nail used for CBD concentrates. 

A dab pen is another option for dabbing CBD. While it doesn't produce the potency and effectiveness of a dab rig, it does offer portability that rigs lack. These are best for on-the-go situations.

Ready to Dive Into Dabbing?

Dabbing CBD isn't as complicated as you thought, is it? Now that you know the benefits and what you'll need to get started, we here at Sauce Warehouse would love to help you out!

From full spectrum to broad-spectrum options, we have the most diverse hemp and CBD concentrate collection on the web. We also have several dab accessories to assist you in your journey to one of the most effective ways of using CBD.

Do you still have questions about dabbing or CBD products that weren't answered here? We invite you to visit our contact page and let us know.  


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