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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Sauce Warehouse owner, Tyler Kozdron, began using CBD concentrates after quitting high THC cannabis concentrates & flower which he used daily for over a decade. He found the CBD concentrates allowed him to continue his daily dabbing rituals while he slowly tapered off of the high THC concentrates. His experience with CBD concentrates inspired his vision for Sauce Warehouse, a diverse marketplace for high quality hemp extracts. 

Quality Meets Integrity

As the legal hemp and CBD market explodes with extremely questionable intoxicating cannabinoids and other gimmicks, Sauce Warehouse remains focused on one thing - offering customers a large variety of high quality CBD concentrates.

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Our Goal

Our long term goal is to one day offer true consistency concentrates such as live resin and rosin that are high in CBD and contain zero THC. Why? We believe the benefits of cannabis should not be limited to those who are able to consume THC.