Our Story

Sauce Warehouse was created for multiple reasons.  The primary reason being, to make CBD concentrates made by the best companies available in one place.  Until the creation of Sauce Warehouse, one might search the internet for CBD concentrates and find only a few products here and there.  Customers would have to make orders with separate companies individually, pay multiple shipping costs, and waste a whole lot of their time.  

We hope by bringing this collection together and providing easy access to CBD concentrates, we inspire extract artists and CBD companies to raise the bar and create legal cannabinoid concentrates that can share the same shelf as high quality medical/recreational concentrates.

In addition, our intention in creating this collection is to serve those looking for THC-free products that do not cause a ‘high’ while still delivering beneficial cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, and CBN.

With that said, we are here to provide you with the best Hemp & CBD concentrates available.  We truly appreciate all of our customers, vendors, affiliates, influencers, and all of the great people who have helped us out along the way!  We are a small business trying to make it in a large industry and we have high hopes that we will fulfill a much needed role. 

Thank you!





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