Our Story

About Sauce Warehouse

Who We Are

Saucewarehouse.com launched on March 8th of 2021.  We are a small employee owned business currently only operating online with hopes of opening retail locations in the future. 

From it's start, Sauce Warehouse has maintained a primary focus on offering a collection of the highest quality hemp extracts and CBD concentrates available on the market.  We work with the industries top vendors & extraction artists to bring you the most diverse hemp & CBD concentrate collection on the web. 

How it All Started

The founder and owner of Sauce Warehouse, Tyler, used high THC concentrates & flower for over a decade before deciding to call it quits.  As soon as this decision was made, he began using CBD concentrates which allowed for the continuation of the daily dabbing rituals he had become so accustomed to, minus the THC of course.  They also provided the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids which reduced the discomfort that often comes with stopping THC outright after prolonged heavy use.  

A couple years later in 2020, while employed as a 'frontline worker' amidst a global pandemic, Tyler found himself stressed out and quite frankly, fed up with his job.  Having almost forgot all about CBD, he began purchasing the concentrates again looking for relief.  He was also looking for a new job.  Then it hit him.

All of the CBD concentrates that appeared in Google searches, well, they sucked!  Through a lot of searching and market research, he found that there were a handful of quality concentrates out there, but they weren't easy to find.  In addition to this, these higher quality concentrates were usually offered by smaller vendors, each offering only a couple options.  This meant high shipping costs as a result of shopping with multiple vendors, uncertain shipping times, and in many cases, uncertain quality of the products themselves. 

Tyler envisioned one easy to use website where consumers could shop a vetted collection of the best hemp extracts and CBD concentrates on the market.  Thus, Sauce Warehouse was born!  

Our Goal

Our primary goal here at Sauce Warehouse is to maintain a diverse collection of the best low THC hemp extracts and CBD concentrates on the market.  We hope by doing so that we are able to contribute to the rising standard of quality across the industry.

Another goal of ours is zero THC, true consistency concentrates.  We would love to offer concentrates with natural terpene profiles and true consistencies (not fake) that contain zero THC.  Why?  We believe cannabis and the cannabinoids found in cannabis have much more to offer than THC and a psychoactive high.  Terpenes and cannabinoids working together in unison in a quality THC-free live resin concentrate for example might be extremely helpful for those who benefit from cannabis but experience anxiety from THC.

This of course is much easier said than done, and there don't seem to be too many extraction artists or even vendors who have an interest in this, but we will take any and every opportunity presented to us to contribute in any way to making these types of concentrates a reality.

Get to Know Us!
With all of that said, we truly appreciate all of our customers, vendors, affiliates, influencers, and all of the great people who have helped us out along the way!  We are a small business trying to make it in a large industry and we have high hopes that we will fulfill a much needed role.  We invite you to reach out to us any time with questions, suggestions, comments, or just to say hi!  Find us on social media, or use our contact form to send us a message.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!