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Dablicator™ Oil Applicator is the easiest, most versatile way to dispense oil. Simply twist, click, and push to enjoy precision dosing every time. Dab directly, twax a joint, infuse your own edibles, fill a vape cart, or even eat it directly. From our Live Resin Dablicator™ to our Distillate Dablicator™, all products feature lab results and product details on each product page. 

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Take a deep dive into this new and innovative concentrate dispensing tool. Discover why it has quickly replaced traditional syringes, how to use it, and much more.

Dablicator FAQs

The Dablicator Oil Applicator, first introduced by Jetty Extracts, has taken the world of cannabis concentrates by storm. This cutting-edge device efficiently dispenses CBD oil and other forms of cannabis oil in a precise measured dose. It can even dispense oil to a dab rig thanks to a heat resistant metal tip.

Dablicators are easy to use, just follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Remove cap.

Take the cap off the heat resistant metal tip. 

2. Twist & click to desired dose.

Twist the end of the Dablicator body while holding the concentrate tank. This will reveal the plunger and the successive dosage measurements as you twist. Stop twisting once you reach your desired dose.

3. Push to dispense.

Push the measured plunger to dispense your oil. 

4. Twist back to stop flow.

Twisting the Dablicator body the opposite direction will stop the flow of the oil and reverse the plunger. 

You can visit our Dablicator article to view our how to use Dablicator video.

Dablicators are not only for dabbing with dab rigs. Their precise dosing makes them great for cooking with BHO oil (butane hash oil) and other cannabis extracts. If you have a preference for flower, you can use Dablicator to twax (infuse) joints and blunts, or bowls of flower.

If you are interested in consuming your Dablicator oil orally, you always want to check the COA first. If the CBD oil or THC oil contains CBDA or THCA, you will need to decarb the oil. These cannabinoids won’t produce the effects you desire unless converted to their non-acidic counterparts, CBD and THC. 

There are many different types of dabbing syringes available on the market today. From the increasingly popular delta 8 THC syringes to the more traditional CBD oil syringes, there's something for everyone. For those desiring intense potency, THC oil syringes(THC needles) stand out as a top choice. On the other hand if you are sensitive to THC you might consider using a CBD concentrate syringe. 

Our live resin syringe for example offers the pronounced flavors of live resin without the high THC concentration. Live resin oil is the preferred choice among users of marijuana concentrates because of its increased potency and flavor. This is thanks to the use of fresh frozen flower in the creation of live resin extracts.

If you are into making your own vape carts, distillate syringes are a great choice. Our distillate Dablicator allows you to easily fill vape carts at home with little to no mess. You can visit our Dablicator article to view our how to fill a vape cart with Dablicator video.

Whether you choose a CBD syringe or a THC syringe, most syringe dabs result from a hydrocarbon extraction method. This method uses solvents like butane or carbon dioxide (CO2 oil) to extract desirable plant compounds. Manufacturers purge the solvent from the extract to ensure no residual solvent remains. The end product is a concentrated form of CBD (or THC) that is perfect for use in a dabbable syringe.

In short, Dablicators offer a much more convenient and precise dosing and dispensing experience.

Regular syringes feature a plunger inside of a glass tube that forces the concentrate out when pushed. In some cases the glass tube will have measured markings on it that allow you to measure a dose. Common issues with these syringes include plungers getting stuck inside the glass syringe and inaccurate dosing.

Dablicators feature a plunger inside a special housing, or the Dablicator body. Twisting the body of the Dablicator reveals the plunger which contains precise dosage measurements. Users twist the Dablicator body until their desired dosage is showing on the plunger, then they push the plunger to dispense.


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