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Add an insulated box liner and cold pack to your order to keep your concentrates cold and stable during shipping.  When Cold Shipping is added to your cart, you will be given the option to choose either USPS Priority Mail or UPS Next Day Air as your shipping method.  

USPS Priority Mail is an additional $12.00, UPS Ground is an additional $10.00, UPS Next Day Air is an additional $50.00.  UPS Next Day Air orders must be placed M-F before 1PM EST in order to receive your order the next day.  

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    stephen nolletti (Aberdeen, US)
    Its all great

    Great product and cold shipping and baller jars the best

    Thanks for the review!

    Tony (Gainesville, US)
    Great idea for relatively short trips like 4 days or less

    I would love to find a way to ship cold paks that last the entire way to the customer. It is very difficult especially with humid hot temperatures of late

    Our Next Day Air shipping option will accomplish this. There are other ways to ensure the cold pack shows up still frozen, but they would drive up the cost of cold shipping near the price of the Next Day Air option. We've found most of our customers aren't willing to pay that extra cost so we haven't invested in these other methods.

    Packages will often sit around on holidays/weekends so it's best to order early in the week with our regular expedited shipping options. This usually works out just fine.

    We're always trying to improve and if we discover a way to extend the time our cold packs stay cold without a higher cost for our customer we will implement it right away. In the mean time if you absolutely need the cold pack to arrive cold, UPS Next Day Air is your best bet.

    J.M. (Estero, US)
    100% worth

    The care and carefulness of this added shipping option is insane. Everything is perfectly packed and nestled together. The cold shipping package adds and extra layer of sealed padded mylar. If you want discrete absolutely go with this option.

    Thank you for the review!!

    M.S. (Whittier, US)
    Needs improvement

    While it doesn't say that the cold pack will remain frozen it should be at least cooler than room temp to the touch. Also when an order has close to 50 grams in, you should put more than a single cold pack for the order.

    Hello Miguel!

    We appreciate the honest feedback. If you take a look at our shipping info we recommend placing cold shipping orders early in the week. You ordered on a Thursday and your package was not delivered until Monday and likely sat in a warm USPS location over the weekend. For the absolute best results, it's best to order on a Monday or Tuesday.

    Cold shipping definitely has its flaws and our current way of shipping items with a cold pack is the most economical and effective way we have found. With extra cold packs comes added weight and larger shipping boxes which increases the overall cost. We have found that in most cases customers would rather pay a cheaper shipping price than pay more than our current prices for cold shipping.

    For those customers who don't mind paying extra and would like their package to arrive with cold packs still semi-frozen, we do offer UPS Next Day Air cold shipping.

    We will reach out directly as well but thank you again for the honest feedback, this will be considered as we are always working to improve our customers experience.

    Sarah Kundinger (Alpena, US)
    Thank you Sauce Warehouse!!

    Absolutely love the option to ship with a cold pack included, no other companies seem to offer this. Thank you so much for doing what you all do!!!

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