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Mixed Live Resin: What Is It?

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Mixed live resin is a term we use here at Sauce Warehouse to describe a low THC hemp live resin blend. These blends contain real live resin extracted from hemp as well as cannabinoid isolates and distillates.

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The added isolates/distillates act to dilute the THC content of the live resin. These concentrates are great for those seeking real live resin flavor minus the effects of THC.


Mixed live resin as the name suggests is a mixture of several different hemp extracts. These include isolate, distillate, and hemp live resin. Processors blend these extracts together while keeping the consistency as close to that of the hemp live resin as possible.

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The goal is to create a low THC live resin concentrate that has a traditional live resin consistency and flavor. In some cases, additional steps such as applying heat during the blending process help to achieve this goal.


Generally, mixed live resin will have a diamonds and sauce appearance. Many of the cannabinoid isolates that processors blend in consist of medium to large crystalline structures. These spread throughout the live resin and distillate sauce creating an even blend.

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The taste is similar to regular live resin, it does contain real live resin from hemp after all. However, it is worth mentioning that the addition of minor cannabinoid isolates and distillates can add their own unique flavor. This flavor is best described as herbaceous, or 'hempy'.

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Because these cannabinoids aren't usually present in regular cannabis concentrates in large amounts, it may surprise some users. For those with experience using hemp extracts, the hemp flavor of these cannabinoids won't be anything new. But for those who primarily use traditional high THC cannabis extracts, you may find you prefer regular CBD live resin.


Mixed Live Resin offers users a traditional cannabis experience without the effects of THC. The real hemp live resin provides the familiar flavor and aromas of a natural live cannabis terpene profile. The cannabinoid isolates and distillates provide the effects of numerous cannabinoids while diluting the THC.

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Ideally, in a perfect world, there would be a natural low THC live resin extract. Unfortunately these are not very common. Until hemp breeders find a way to breed out THCa and THC altogether, Mixed Live Resin is the next best alternative.

Uses & Benefits of Mixed Live Resin:

• Lowering THC tolerance

• Substituting regular high THC concentrates while trying to quit THC altogether

• Reduce the risk of a positive drug test (this is not fullproof)

• High concentrations of minor cannabinoids that aren't present in other concentrates

• More balanced effects

• Less negative effects from THC


Substituting your high THC concentrates with low THC Mixed Live Resin can help with lowering THC tolerance. In the beginning you might find yourself craving more THC, but over time it should get easier. Here's how you can start lowering your tolerance to THC.

•Step 1:

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You'll need to purchase a low THC concentrate like the Mixed Live Resin offered here at Sauce Warehouse.

•Step 2:

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Begin by replacing half of your usual dose of high THC concentrate with low THC concentrate. The amount of time you wait before reducing the high THC dose further will vary from person to person. Just remember, the faster you reduce your THC intake, the faster you reduce your tolerance.

•Step 3:

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Now replace remaining high THC dose with low THC concentrate, you will now only be using low THC concentrate. The longer you have been using THC, the longer it will take to lower your tolerance. With this in mind, continue using the low THC concentrate until you feel the time is right to test your tolerance.

•Step 4:

Illustration of high THC concentrate with small amount highlighted.
Test your tolerance by taking a very small dose of high THC concentrate. If you have lowered your tolerance successfully, the effects will be much stronger than before. If you are satisfied with the results, you can return to using high THC products. If you are not satisfied, continue using the low THC concentrate for a while longer.


Mixed Live Resin usually contains between 0% and 0.10% total THC, so about 10mg of THC at most. Is 10mg of THC considered a low dose? This quantity is comparable to what one might find in a low THC gummy.

Illustration of average THC content in mixed live resin.


When comparing low THC live resin to high THC live resin, you'll notice a few differences. These differences include THC content, flavor, consistency, and effects. Of course, low THC live resin contains less THC and thus it will not have strong psychoactive effects.

The flavor of low THC extracts isn't necessarily less than the flavor of high THC extracts, but there is less variety. High CBD low THC hemp genetics simply have not evolved to the same level as cannabis genetics. This means less unique terpene profiles among hemp flower strains and less flavor varieties in low THC live resin.

Side by side image comparison of high THC and low THC live resins.

The consistency of low THC live resin is often quite similar to that of high THC live resin. The only real significant difference is that Mixed Live Resin often contains far more diamonds. As a result, it tends to be less saucy than regular low THC live resin and high THC live resin.


The best way to use Mixed Live Resin is to vaporize it using a dab rig or a vape pen. You can also make your own high CBD low THC vape cartridges.

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If you decide to make your own low THC vape cart, consider using a Mixed Live Resin Dablicator. These are pre filled concentrate dispensers that make the process of filling your cartridges easy and painless.

Image of Sauce Warehouse CBD Live Resin Dablicator uncapped.


No. Drug tests do not typically test for CBD and even if they did CBD is completely legal. If you are using something like CBD isolate you probably don't have to worry about failing drug tests.

Image of a THC drug test strip.

However, many CBD products do contain small amounts of THC and consuming them can cause you to fail a drug test. Even when CBD products have lab results showing zero THC, there might be trace amounts. These trace amounts can accumulate in your system and trigger a positive test result for THC.

Where Can I Buy the Best Live Resin?

You'll find the best mixed live resin and plenty of other CBD concentrates at Sauce Warehouse. We work with processors and vendors across the industry to bring you the best hemp extracts on the market. It brings us great joy to offer low THC extracts for those who can't find them in their local dispensaries.

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All products go through third party testing and lab results are available on each product page. And, if you would like some suggestions or have any questions, our customer service team is ready to help. Find our contact information in the site footer or simply reach out to us via the site chat.

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