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Our Mixed Live Resin contains genuine live resin extracted from hemp flower. With THC sensitive users in mind, we mix in cannabinoid isolates and distillates to lower THC content. Experience the rich flavor and heightened potency of live resin without the overwhelming psychoactive effects of THC. Each product page provides lab results, a detailed flavor profile, genetic lineage, and cannabinoid & terpene profiles.

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Image of Sauce Warehouse Baller Jar and Baller Jar Box
Image of Sauce Warehouse CBD Live Resin Dablicator uncapped.
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Image of Mixed Live Resin on a dab tool.
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Mixed Live Resin is Hemp Live Resin mixed with cannabinoids to lower THC content. Read on to discover how this compares to regular CBD Live Resin.

Mixed Live Resin FAQs

Mixed live resin is a term coined at Sauce Warehouse to describe a low THC hemp live resin blend. These blends contain hemp live resin along with cannabinoid isolates and distillates. 

This mix lowers THC content providing THC sensitive users with a live resin concentrate that won't get them too stoned. 

Mixed Live Resin differs from regular live resin in a few ways. 

• Consistency - Mixed Live Resin tends to have a diamonds and sauce type of consistency. Regular live resin usually has a saucy texture.

• Flavor - Because Mixed Live Resin is blended with isolates and distillates, its flavor is slightly weaker compared to regular live resin.

• Effect - Mixed Live Resin will not produce a significant psychoactive effect because of its lower THC content.

Mixed CBD Live Resin typically contains anywhere from 0% to 0.10% total THC. This is about the same amount of THC you would find in a low dose THC gummy, around 10mg.

Mixed Live Resin provides a non-psychoactive live resin experience to THC sensitive users. Users who simply want to avoid using THC can enjoy the pronounced flavors and effects of live resin without getting high.

Genuine hemp live resin contributes the flavor and aroma of a natural live cannabis terpene profile. The mixing in of cannabinoid isolates & distillates increases potency while lowering THC content.

• Can help with lowering THC tolerance

• For those trying to quit using high THC cannabis concentrates, substituting with mixed live resin can help

• Less risk of failing drug test (the risk is still very real, and you will still need to quit using before your test date)

• Contains high percentages of minor cannabinoids

• Effects are more balanced compared to high THC concentrates

• Less of those unpleasant side effects associated with THC

No. The only terpenes in our mixed live resin are the natural terpenes that were present in the hemp flower used to create the live resin.

The process of making Mixed Live Resin begins with the same steps used to create regular live resin. First, hemp flower undergoes flash freezing after harvesting. The freezing temperatures lock in cannabinoids and terpenes at peak levels. Then, extraction equipment will extract the live resin from the frozen flower.

Processors then blend the fresh hemp live resin with cannabinoid rich isolates and/or distillates. 


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