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FAQ: CBD Concentrates

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Have questions about CBD concentrates?  You’ve come to the right place!

While we do have many articles here at Sauce Warehouse that cover CBD concentrates in depth, we wanted to offer a simple and easy to read article answering the frequently asked questions we receive daily. 

If you have questions that aren’t listed below, feel free to reach out anytime!


Frequently Asked Questions: CBD Concentrates

Q: What Is the Difference Between Full Spectrum CBD & Broad Spectrum CBD?

A: The term ‘full spectrum’ is used to describe CBD concentrates that contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, including Delta-9 THC and THCa. 

The term ‘broad spectrum’ is used to describe CBD concentrates that contain a broad spectrum of the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, not including Delta-9 THC or THCa. 

To put it simply, full spectrum CBD concentrates contain THC, broad spectrum CBD concentrates do not contain detectable levels of THC.  However, if you are required to pass drug tests it is best to stick with CBD isolate.  Even broad-spectrum concentrates can contain trace amounts of THC and while they may not be enough to cause noticeable effects, they can still make you fail a drug test. 

Full spectrum CBD concentrates like live resin, rosin, wax, etc. are generally more popular than broad spectrum.  This is not only because many consumers enjoy the effects of THC, but also because the flavor, consistency, and overall effects are often much more enjoyable.  Because full spectrum concentrates are extracted directly from hemp flower, they contain higher amounts of the natural terpenes and cannabinoids that were present in the flower.

Broad spectrum CBD concentrates can often lack in flavor and in some cases potency as well.  Because these concentrates are often remediated to remove any THC, desirable terpenes and cannabinoids can be stripped away as well.  They are still a great option for those who want to avoid THC.   

Q: What CBD Concentrate is Best for Pain?

A: We at Sauce Warehouse are forbidden by the FDA from answering these sorts of questions.  The best thing to do however is look at the names of the CBD concentrates which will tell you the strains of hemp flower they were extracted from.  A quick Google search for the strain names will tell you what others are using these strains for and what you can expect.

Q: Will CBD Concentrates Show Up on A Drug Test?

A: CBD isolates are very unlikely to show up on a drug test, but it is possible.  Broad spectrum CBD concentrates are unlikely to show up on a drug test, but it is possible.  Full spectrum CBD concentrates will show up on a drug test.  Moral of the story:  If you need to pass a drug test it is best to abstain from CBD altogether, BUT, if you absolutely must use CBD – use isolate!

Q: Will CBD Concentrates Get Me High?

A: If you have a low tolerance to THC, full spectrum CBD concentrates may very well cause intoxicating effects.  Daily users of THC and those who aren’t very sensitive to THC may not feel any intoxication whatsoever.  Broad spectrum CBD concentrates are very unlikely to produce these intoxicating effects, and CBD isolate is even more unlikely to cause any type of high.  

It’s always best to start with very small amounts and work your way up slowly.  You can always use more, but you can’t use less!

Q: Which CBD Concentrates Are Uplifting, and Which are Relaxing/Sedating

A: The best way to determine if the effects of a concentrate will be uplifting or sedating is to look at the name.  The names of CBD concentrates are based on the strain of hemp flower they have been extracted from (except in the case of some broad spectrum concentrates that have had terpenes added).  If the product description does not tell you whether the concentrate has an indica or sativa lineage, a quick Google search of the strain name will bring up this information. 

Indica strains tend to be more relaxing/sedating while Sativa strains tend to be more uplifting.  There are certain names that tend to always lean towards the indica or sativa effects.  For example, names that contain ‘kush’ are almost always going to be indica leaning.  On the other hand, names that contain ‘haze’ are almost always going to be sativa leaning. 

After experimenting with new CBD concentrates you will likely better understand your own personal preferences and you will also get to know the specific hemp flower strains and their effects much better.

Q: What Is the Difference Between CBD Live Resin and CBD Wax/Other Types of CBD Concentrates?

A: Consistency, Flavor, & Potency.  CBD live resin is the more desirable concentrate out of all of these because it tastes better and is often more potent.  The increased flavor is due to live resin being extracted from hemp flower that is frozen immediately after harvest.  This preserves terpenes and cannabinoids and thus leads to higher percentages of both in the final extract. 

High quality live resin will vary in consistency from soft butter to sugary sauce.  You will also often notice a ‘terp layer’ on live resin concentrates.  This terp layer is a thin layer of terpene content that rises above the cannabinoid content in the container.  For the best results this terp layer should be mixed in with the cannabinoid layer before each use. 

Wax is often a much stickier and stable consistency compared to live resin.  It can however be sugary or saucy just like live resin.  Heat can also have a great effect on the consistency of wax.  BHO wax is the most common form of full spectrum CBD wax.  BHO stands for butane hash oil.  BHO wax is extracted using a butane extraction process. 

Crumble is a very solid consistency that tends to crumble apart when manipulated.  It’s often quite dry and the flavor isn’t as pronounced as it is with wax or live resin. 

Shatter also has a very solid consistency.  CBD shatter is almost always fake.  This means that either CBD distillate or CBD isolate have been mixed with terpenes and formed to a shatter like consistency.  This is due to the extreme difficulty processors have using hydrocarbon extraction methods to produce a shatter like consistency.  CBD extracts just don’t have a high likelihood of setting into a shatter. 

Sauce Warehouse currently has the only real CBD shatter on the market.  The consistency is very similar to high THC shatter you would find in a dispensary.  Shatter gets its name because it will literally shatter when handled just like glass.

Q: What Is Mixed Live Resin?

A: The term ‘mixed live resin’ may be unique to us here at Sauce Warehouse.  This is simply the term we use for CBD live resin that has been mixed with CBD isolate and other minor cannabinoid isolates and distillates.  The main reason we offer mixed live resin is to provide a low-zero THC option for our customers who want the live resin experience without the effects of THC. 

In short, mixed live resin is real live resin that has been extracted from hemp flower and mixed with cannabinoid isolates and distillates to bring the THC content down. 

Q: Does CBD Live Resin Need to Be Refrigerated?

A: No.  Many people seem to think that Live Resin absolutely must be kept in the refrigerator and because of this they avoid ordering it.  CBD live resin can last quite a while at room temperature in an airtight container.  Storing live resin in a terp cooler or fridge can extend the shelf life and preserve terpenes/potency, but it is not a necessity.  Your live resin will not go bad if you do not store it in the fridge. 

Q: Do I Need to Have My CBD Concentrates Shipped with A Cold Pack?

A: Also no.  Keeping your CBD concentrates cold is simply a preference of many concentrate connoisseurs who know high heat degrades terpenes and cannabinoids.  While the heat encountered during shipping can sometimes cause a bit of a mess inside the concentrate container, it is likely that the actual degradation of terpenes & cannabinoids is quite minimal.  It’s unlikely the average concentrate consumer will even notice and therefore having your concentrates shipped with a cold pack is not completely necessary.  100% recommended, but not necessary.

Q: Which Live Resin is Best for Filling Vape Carts?

A: This really varies.  Sometimes the best consistency to look for is saucy, but saucy live resin that is also very sugary can crystalize and cost blockages in syringes and carts.  These sugary live resins will likely become thinner if decarbed but if you want to avoid decarbing your live resin it’s best to avoid these.  Stick to live resin that already has a consistency closer to distillate.

Another option is live resin with a very soft butter like consistency.  It can be difficult to judge the consistency through the images on our site, but we are available through the site chat if you’d like to get more information on a particular concentrate. 


If you have a question that wasn't covered in this article, please reach out and let us know!

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