CBD Crumble

What is CBD Crumble?

CBD Crumble or CBG Crumble concentrates as the name suggests typically have a crumble like consistency.  Crumble is generally the driest type of concentrate on the market and compared to a Sauce or Live Resin, Crumble is often more stable.  Some users find that CBD Crumble is a great choice for on the go use in a dab pen or e rig because there is less mess.  A piece of Crumble can easily be dropped into a banger, onto a coil, or even on top of a bowl.  Although, on some occasions users may find some Crumbles that are very dry to be a bit difficult to break into smaller pieces and handle.  CBD Crumble can either Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum

How is CBD Crumble Made?

CBD Crumble is usually extracted from Hemp through a similar process to that of Wax and Shatter where solvents like propane, butane, or CO2 are used.  In the case of Crumble, lower heat, and longer periods of time in a vacuum oven create the very dry and crumbly consistency.  Shatter like concentrates are sometimes whipped under light heat to create a consistency that will become Crumble when placed in a vacuum oven.  Because Crumble generally contains less moisture than most other types of CBD Concentrates, it is usually the most resistant to mold contaminants. 

How Do I use CBD Crumble?

One complaint that is often heard in regard to CBD Crumble is that it seems to not last as long.  A theory we have as to why users experience this is that because Crumble is less moist and more compact, it is easier to overestimate doses and thus use up the concentrate faster.  We suggest trying to use smaller amounts of Crumble compared to the amounts used with other consistencies, while working your way up to avoid wasting material and using all your Crumble up too quickly!