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What is CBD Crumble?

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What is CBD Crumble?

CBD crumble is a CBD concentrate that ranges from moderately moist to dry.  Crumble tends to ‘crumble’ quite easily, and as we are sure you have figured out by now, this is where it gets its name.  Even when crumble is moderately moist, it is one of the driest concentrate consistencies available.  The moisture level largely depends on the process used to create the concentrate.  The color of CBD crumble is another characteristic that is highly dependent on the process used to create it. 

True CBD Crumble will have a pale to deep yellow color. What is true full spectrum CBD crumble?  Find out at Sauce Warehouse!

True CBD crumble will often range in color from pale to deep yellow but with age it may become amber.  CBD Crumble that has been ‘faked’ will have a color that resembles the distillate and isolate used in the mixture.  This will often be a bronze color, but lighter and darker variations are possible. 

How is CBD Crumble Made?

There are two processes that are commonly used to create CBD crumble, one involves ‘faking it’, and the other yields a true crumble concentrate.  When CBD crumble is ‘faked’, the process usually involves mixing CBD distillate, CBD isolate, and reintroduced terpenes. 

CBD Crumble is sometimes imitated by mixing CBD Distillate with CBD Isolate and reintroducing terpenes for flavor. What is CBD Crumble? Learn more at Sauce Warehouse

The CBD distillate is heated until it becomes more viscous, terpenes are mixed in for flavor, and finally CBD isolate is added for texture.  This is not a true crumble concentrate, but it creates a consistency that mimics crumble, and this is a popular process used for many CBD crumble products in the industry today.  This imitation crumble is usually more dry than true crumble and the color generally darker. 

'Fake' or imitation CBD crumble will often have a darker color than true crumble due to the distillate it contains. What is CBD Crumble? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

This process is often used to create a concentrate that contains zero THC while still containing some minor cannabinoids in addition to CBD.  This type of crumble will typically be a broad spectrum CBD concentrate that may or may not contain a few minor cannabinoids alongside CBD.

True CBD crumble is created using a chemical solvent such as butane, propane, or CO2.  When these solvents are used, it is referred to as ‘hydrocarbon extraction’.  When CO2 is used to produce crumble, the result is often moister compared to crumble extracted using butane or propane. 

When CBD Crumble is extracted using CO2, it tends to be more moist than crumble extracted using propane or butane. What is CBD Crumble? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

These solvents are used to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant material which can be either dried buds and/or trim or fresh frozen hemp material.  Using fresh frozen material will create a ‘live crumble’.  After this extraction is performed, the concentrate is purged of the solvent used and this may be accomplished differently depending on the extraction artists preference.  A popular method is placing the concentrate in a vacuum oven set to low heat for an extended period of time. 

'True' CBD crumble is often placed in a vacuum oven to remove solvents used in the extraction process. What is CBD Crumble? Learn more at Sauce Warehouse

This longer cooking time is what makes crumble dryer than other types of concentrates.  True crumble produced using the whole plant is often pale to deep yellow in color.  This crumble will contain the full cannabinoid and terpene profile present in the starting plant material making it a full spectrum CBD concentrate.   

The Crumble Fumble

If there is one type of concentrate that we have heard the most complaints about, it is crumble.  Why?  Believe it or not, many find crumble to be a pain to work with.  When it is a drier consistency, it can be difficult to get a nice sized dab onto your dab tool. 

Because of CBD Crumble having a dryer consistency than other CBD Concentrates, it can be hard to handle with a dab tool. What is CBD Crumble? Learn more at Sauce Warehouse

You might have to fumble it around to finally get a nice scoop to drop into your banger or onto your coil.  Another complaint that is often heard about crumble is that it seems to not last as long as other types of concentrates. 

We think the reason behind this experience is because the dose is much harder to selectively control by slicing/scooping your desired amount onto a dab tool, you end up using larger amounts than you otherwise would, and this depletes your stash a bit quicker than normal.  We could be wrong, but that is our theory!

How Much Does CBD Crumble Cost?

Because CBD Crumble isn't as popular as other types of CBD Concentrates, it often has a lower cost. What is CBD Crumble? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

CBD Crumble is reasonably priced in most cases, especially the ‘fake’ stuff.  Rare terpene profiles and quality materials can bring the price up on both the fake and true CBD crumble concentrates.  We think a fair price for broad spectrum CBD crumble is around $30 - $35, while full spectrum CBD crumble can justifiably be priced around $35 - $45.  The price may be a bit lower than other types of concentrates simply because crumble is just not as popular, possibly due to the whole fumbling issue we mentioned before. 

How Do I Use CBD Crumble?

Considering that some crumble might be a bit hard to handle, on the go use is probably not the best way to consume unless you have the time and space to fumble around with loading the crumble into a portable vaporizer or dab pen.  Another option would be to have your device generously loaded up with the crumble before going out.  The best way to consume CBD crumble will probably be utilizing a dab rig or placing the crumble on top of a bowl. 

CBD Crumble can be used in a dab pen, dabbed using a dab rig, or placed on top of a bowl. What is CBD crumble? Find out at Sauce Warehouse
Dab rigs are very easy to use with a bit of practice, simply heat a nail/banger with a torch and use a dab tool to apply your crumble which is vaporized and inhaled after being filtered through water.  Of course, like most CBD concentrates, crumble can also be infused with drinks or food!  


Like all CBD concentrates, it is important to store CBD crumble in a cool, dark place to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids. What is CBD crumble? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

It is important to note that proper storage is key to maintaining the potency and flavor of crumble.  Exposure to light, heat, oxygen, and moisture will degrade terpenes and cannabinoids.  A cool & dark location is best for storing all of your CBD concentrates!


If you are interested in purchasing CBD crumble & have any questions, feel free to contact us to learn more about our products.

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