Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Kush CBD Bubble Hash Rosin.

Kush Bubble Hash Rosin

Solventless Kush Bubble Hash Rosin is made using fresh Kush hemp flower which is washed to produce bubble hash.  The bubble hash is then freeze dried and pressed to create a buddery rosin that is cold cured to preserve terpenes.  Kush Bubble Hash Rosin tests high in Myrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene. 

1 Gram


•Pre 98 Bubba Kush x Unknown Hemp Cultivar

•True consistency
•No added terpenes
•Solventless extraction

CBD: 79.376%
CBDv: 0.283%
CBG: 1.212%
CBN: 0.638%
CBC: 0.846%
Delta-9 THC: <LOQ
THCa: 2.085%

α-Bisabolol: 0.076%
α-Humulene: 0.175%
α-Pinene: 0.36%
β-Caryophyllene: 0.683%
β-Myrcene: 0.611%
Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.141%
γ-Terpinene: 0.053%
Limonene: 0.767%
Linalool: 0.564%
Terpinolene: 0.043%

Total Terpenes: 3.472%

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Customer Reviews

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Kushy Delight

Once again, Sauce Warehouse knocks it out of the park. I’ve never once been disappointed with anything I’ve ordered from SW and will always recommend their products!!

Roger ponce
Very good

Excellent smooth taste and effects are the best and the looks is legit amazing...made me feel really relaxed and stress relief I tried others but sauce warehouse gots me right ...dab awayyy .y'all need to try it

More Info

The Kush CBD strain is an indica dominant cross of the now infamous Pre 98 Bubba Kush and an unknown high CBD hemp cultivar. Kush hemp flower averages around 10% CBD and dominant terpenes include β-Caryophyllene, a-Humulene, a-Bisabolol, & Valencene.

The flavor and aroma exhibited by the Kush hemp strain is sweet and earthy with notes of citrus and undertones reminiscent of vanilla. The flavor of Kush has become one of the most recognized and desired amongst users of Cannabis to date.

Kush flowers are often bright green with purple hues that hide behind a thick layer of trichomes. The buds themselves are generally medium in size and quite dense with unparalleled structure. Breaking these buds open releases a strong aroma of sweet gas and citrusy vanilla. The rich cannabinoid and terpene content present in the Kush hemp flower strain makes it one of the most prized strains on the market. This is truly a classic strain that has become somewhat of a staple in the hemp industry.

As you could imagine with its Indica heavy genetics, Kush provides deeply relaxing effects and is probably best saved for later in the day or before bed.

This is not your average CBD rosin. Kush Bubble Hash Rosin is pressed from top shelf indoor Kush hemp flower bubble hash. Let’s break down the process to get a better understanding of how bubble hash rosin is made.

First, fresh Kush hemp flower is harvested and washed using a food grade stainless steel vessel. Washing the flower is a process that uses water agitation to remove the trichomes from the plant material. As the water washes over the buds, the trichomes are knocked free and collected in the water. Then, the plant material is removed from the water and the water is drained through fine micron screens which collect the separated trichomes.

In the next step, the thick putty-like mass of trichomes is scraped up from the screens and spread out on a flat surface to be freeze dried for around two days. This process removes any moisture leftover from the washing process and leaves behind nice & dry bubble hash.

Finally, the bubble hash is placed into rosin pressing bags which are made of a fine micron screen. A rosin press is used to apply heat and pressure to the bubble hash which forces a light golden rosin through the micron rosin bags and onto parchment paper to be collected once the pressing is complete. 

Because bubble hash was used to create this Kush Bubble Hash Rosin, it contains a rich concentration of the terpenes and cannabinoids present in the Kush hemp flower which the bubble hash came from. The buddery consistency and light gold color indicate the higher quality which makes hash rosin much more desirable than regular rosin pressed from flower.

This is truly an extraordinary CBD rosin concentrate and one of the best we’ve come across here at Sauce Warehouse.

Bubble Hash is a form of concentrate all its own. It is not usually something you can dab, but there are forms of bubble hash that can be dabbed which are referred to as ‘full melt bubble hash’ because they melt completely at high temperatures. However, most bubble hash will not melt and instead will leave a residue on your banger.

In most cases, users of bubble hash prefer to mix it with flower either in joints/blunts or by topping their bowls. This is a great way to enhance the effects and flavor of your flower. 

So what is Bubble Hash?

As we said before, it is a form of cannabis concentrate. This is because it contains a high concentration of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis/hemp flower.

To create bubble hash, flower is washed in a stainless steel vessel that contains moving water. The agitating motion of the water separates the trichomes from the flower which are collected in the water. The water is then drained through fine micron screens which collect the trichomes. The trichomes which contain the cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis are then collected from the screens and dried. This dry collection of trichomes is what we know as bubble hash.

There is a significant difference in consistency, color, and many would argue quality, between hash rosin and flower rosin.

Flower rosin is created by using heat and pressure ( a rosin press ) to squeeze rosin out of cannabis or hemp flower. The consistency, color, and quality of rosin regardless of the type of starting material depends highly on the quality of the starting material. With that said, the rosin that results from pressing flower is typically darker in color with more of a ‘waxy’ consistency.

On the other hand, rosin pressed from hash tends to be much lighter in color with a budder-like consistency that is much softer. There is no question that hash rosin is the more desirable concentrate and it is generally true that hash rosin will have better effects and flavor. For this reason, it also tends to come with a higher price tag as well.

The solvent less quality of CBD Rosin is one of its most attractive characteristics. Concentrate connoisseurs are beginning to seek out solvent less CBD concentrates opposed to the much more common hydrocarbon extracts such as CBD Live Resin. 

Solventless extracts are produced using no solvents. Instead of using butane or CO2 to separate cannabinoids and terpenes from plant material, solvent less extraction processes such as rosin pressing only use heat and pressure. Because no solvents are ever introduced, these concentrates are also thought to have higher cannabinoid and terpene content as solvents often strip away some of these desirable compounds.

Not only are the increased effects and flavors a major lure for concentrate users, but the fact that users know without a doubt that their rosin contains zero residual solvents is another reason so many have come to prefer solvent less rosin.