Image of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin 3.5 gram jar.
Image of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin dripping from a dab tool
Sauce Warehouse Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin Label
Image of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin 1 gram jar.
Image of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin half gram jar.
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Image of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin 3.5 gram jar.
Image of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin dripping from a dab tool
Sauce Warehouse Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin Label
Image of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin 1 gram jar.
Image of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin half gram jar.
Image of Sauce Warehouse Super Sour Space Candy Live Resin Box

Super Sour Space Candy Live Resin


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Super Sour Space Candy Live Resin.  Extracted via cryogenic butane extraction from hand bucked & fresh frozen Super Sour Space Candy hemp flower.  High in CBDa and also contains CBDVa.  Predominant terpenes include β-Myrcene, β-Caryophyllene, & α-Cedrene. 


•Sour Tsunami x Gorilla Glue #4
•Sativa Dominant Hybrid

•True consistency
•No added terpenes
•Hydrocarbon extraction

•CBD: 0.48%
•CBDa: 57.21%
•CBDVa: 0.28%
•THCa: 1.98%
•Delta-9 THC: <LOQ

TOTAL CBD: 50.65%
TOTAL THC: 1.74%

•β-Myrcene: 5.61%
•β-Caryophyllene: 0.98%
•α-Cedrene: 0.87%
•α-Pinene: 0.71%
•Limonene: 0.59%
•α-Humulene: 0.53%
•trans-beta-Ocimene: 0.43%
•β-Pinene: 0.39%
•α-Bisabolol: 0.39%
•Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.26%
•Guaiol: 0.26%
•3-Carene: 0.23%
•trans-beta-Farnesene: 0.19%
•Terpinolene: 0.17%


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
C.W.Spence (Clermont, US)
The Sauce is Boss!

Pure, clean, potent, tasty, easy to mix and extract right in the jar. Vapes smooth and heavy. Perfection!

Thank you for the review!!

Drew (Phoenix, US)
Straight 🔥!!!

This was the first time i tried the sauce warehouse live resin and all I can say is i’m completely blown away! They are THE best cbd concentrates on the market hands down, the terps are insane just like the real stuff but doesn’t get you stoned out of your mind! lol definitely going to grab some more! 🙌 I just ran out this morning and I’m ordering a 3.5g of the garlic jam 🧄 🔥 can’t wait!!! 😝

Thank you!!!

Johnny (Richland, US)
All around a very smooth and delectable concentrate!

This is my first product from this site and I must say I’m really impressed by the quality. I’ve tried a few other brands for cbd concentrates and those brands all taste like pine, hay, or fresh cut grass. The sour space candy live resin however had a very ‘sour diesel’ profile to it and it was amazing!! A slight head change but nothing major, make sure you clean your rig before use or use a clean nectar collector out of the glass slick and go low temp for best flavor and effects! 5/5 wax, super nice head change immediately followed by anti anxiety and anti pain properties.

Thank you for the review!

Keith Wilde (Berlin, US)
Finicky stuff, but well worth it!

I have smoked, vaped and pressed SSC from multiple sources as it is one of my faves of type 3 flower. The runny consistency makes it a bit tricky to work with, so there had to be some changes in the usual dab system. Also, careful what temp you go in at, and try to avoid having to reheat. That's the nature of live resins; they are delicate little flowers lol but taste and terps are worth it. No hay/cucumber taste to be found here.

This loud, terpy sauce hits really smooth though. It came out better than any of my rosin from this strain did, which I was never able to nail down as well as Sauce Warehouse have with this strain. If the other baller jars that I picked up dab as well as this, I may stop pressing CBD flower altogether! Can only do that slightly cheaper and this is honestly better than my rosin.

Thank you for the review! It's sometimes possible to thicken live resin up into more of a badder consistency by stirring over low heat (below 200 deg F) for no longer than 15 minutes. As long as you keep the heat low and time short you shouldn't notice any terp loss.

Royce Hall (Manitowoc, US)
Super Sour Space Candy Live Resin

I'm a brand new customer here, and I received this today in the mail. I just tried it for the first time and WOW, is all I can say. I've been looking for something this powerful and great tasting for a long time now. This tastes like the marijuana I remember from "the good old days". Not bubblegum, melons, cherries etc, but good ole God given, pine tasting, Mary Jane. But what about the effects? The effects are VERY relaxing and came on strong after the first hit. Bottom Line: If Sauce Warehouse wants to get rid of me, they're going to have to take a restraining order out on me because I intend to be a lifelong customer! LOL! : )

We would never want to get rid of you! Thanks for the detailed review!!

More Info

This sativa dominant hybrid strain is one of our favorites here at Sauce Warehouse. Why? Because it was created using genetics from our all-time favorite CBD hemp flower strain, Sour Tsunami. Breeders at Oregon CBD Seeds crossed Sour Tsunami with Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4) to create the SUPER Sour Space Candy hemp strain.

Over the last couple of years this strain has been reworked and improved by the folks over at Oregon CBD and it is now one of more popular strains of hemp flower currently available on the smokable hemp market. Super Sour Space Candy owes its popularity primarily to its exotic terpene profile, but the cannabinoid content and overall potency also add to its lure.

The aroma and taste of Super Sour Space Candy hemp flower is unlike that of any other strain. Sometimes strains will be given a name that doesn’t match up with their aroma or flavor at all, but with SSSC, this isn’t the case. When you first get a whiff of this strain, you’ll notice subtle hints of sour mango & pineapple, but right when you are about to draw the line and define the aroma as ‘citrusy’, you are hit with notes of sugary sweet candy. Many have likened the taste to the infamous sour patch kids candy, and we would not disagree. In some phenotypes the GG#4 parent strain comes through as undertones of gas or diesel.

Predominant terpenes seem to vary a bit more in the Super Sour Space Candy strain compared to other CBD strains, but we’ve found that Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Terpinolene are almost always among the top terpenes present. In addition to these, alpha-Humulene and alpha-Bisabolol are often present as well.

•beta-Myrcene: Found in hops & mangos. Peppery aroma. Myrcene is often described as relaxing and can be mildly sedating.

•beta-Caryophyllene: Found in hops, Rosemary, & cloves. Spicy/peppery aroma. Caryophyllene binds to CB2 receptors in the body, a function which gives this terpene strong anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties. There is speculation that it may also be helpful in relieving anxiety & pain.

•Terpinolene: Found in tea tree, lilacs, nutmeg, apples, and cumin. The aroma of Terpinolene is floral, herbaceous, & piney, with a touch of citrus. According to a 2005 study, Terpinolene may have antibacterial and antifungal properties. Other studies have found it may be an effective mosquito repellant as well. More research is currently underway and there is speculation that this terpene may have several other potential benefits and uses.

•alpha-Bisabolol: Found in Chamomile. The aroma is often described as being similar to apples & honey, and of course, chamomile. This terpene is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

•alpha-Humulene: Found in hops. Earthy, spicy, woody aroma. Studies have shown this terpene to be an effective anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and appetite suppressant.

Many other terpenes are found in Super Sour Space Candy in smaller amounts. These likely play a role in this strains unique flavor and aroma.

The CBD content of SSSC is on par with most CBD flower strains, testing at around 20% CBD on average. What this strain does lack compared to other strains is minor cannabinoid content. There is occasionally a decent amount of CBDVa present, but this strain primarily contains CBDa and a small amount of THC.

Super Sour Space Candy hemp flower is great for use at any time of day given its sativa dominant properties. And, since it is a hybrid, it offers well rounded effects that won’t be too stimulating for users who are sensitive to strong sativa strains. The flavor though is where this strain really stands out from the crowd. If you are big on terpenes you’ve got to give this one a try!

Processed from fresh frozen Super Sour Space Candy hemp flower, this high CBD live resin is of the best quality currently available on the market. Freshly harvested buds are hand bucked and flash frozen in a IQF nitrogen tunnel to preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes as they were at the moment of harvest. This ensures the live plant aromas and flavors are present in the final live resin concentrate. Finally, the frozen buds are run through a cryogenic butane extraction system which results in a high-terpene live resin that is rich in acid dominant cannabinoids like CBDa & THCa.

The unique terpene profile present in the flower can be experienced at an entirely new level in this Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin. Intense notes of sour citrus, lemon, and pineapple consume your senses upon opening the jar, followed by undertones of extremely sweet sugary candy & diesel. Many have likened the aroma and flavor of this strain to Sour Patch Kids candy.

Top terpenes include:

beta-Myrcene: 2.4%

beta-Caryophyllene: 1.9%

Terpinolene: 0.84%

alpha-Bisabolol: 0.68%

alpha-Humulene: 0.58%

Limonene: 0.47%

The flavor and aroma are fantastic, but we all know a great CBD concentrate has to offer more than just a good taste, it’s got to be potent. At almost 75% CBDa and over 2% THCa, this is one of the most potent CBD live resin concentrates that we offer here at Sauce Warehouse in terms of CBD content. There is also nearly 1% CBDVa present as well.

Another important aspect of any concentrate is the consistency. This SSSC live resin has a buddery sauce like consistency that isn’t too stable nor is it too unstable. This makes it perfect for use in portable concentrate vaporizers (dab pens) as it is easy to work with and handle. You will also experience less jar loss which occurs when the last few dabs of extra saucy concentrates are lost to the jar because it is simply too difficult to collect them with a dab tool.

If you are new to the world of CBD concentrates and hemp extracts, you may be wondering what in the world ‘dabbing’ is. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Dabbing is one of those simple things in life that may seem extremely complicated to those who aren’t familiar with it. Essentially, ‘dabbing’ is just a fancy word for vaporizing. It describes the act of placing a tiny amount of concentrate (a dab) onto a hot nail (banger), or, into a portable concentrate vaporizer (dab pen). While using a portable device is super convenient and more discreet, the use of dab rigs is much more common among dabbers of cannabis and hemp concentrates.

Dab rigs are very similar to waterpipes or bongs. If you are familiar with bongs they have a mouthpiece, and area for water filtration, and a down stem that is attached to a bowl for flower. Dab rigs have this same general structure aside from the flower bowl where they instead feature a bucket that is often referred to as a nail or a banger…or, a banger nail! These nails are heated usually with a butane torch (dab torch) but electronic devices called e-nails can also be used.

Torches are much cheaper but less convenient than e-nails which utilize a temperature control box and a heated coil placed around the nail to maintain consistent temperatures while dabbing.

Aside from the dab rig itself, there are a few other essentials you will need. A dab tool is a simple pencil shaped tool usually made of stainless steel or glass that allows you to scoop up your dab and place it into the heated nail. These tools will generally have pointed tip and either a scoop shaped tip or a flat scraper tip. These different tips allow you to collect dabs of different consistencies with ease and scraper tips tend to come in handy when you are trying to get the last bit of concentrate out of a jar.

The other essential item you’ll need is a carb cap. These are usually made of glass, but they can also be made of titanium or silicone. A carb cap is placed over the nail after the dab has been placed inside and just as the name implies, they act as a carburetor just like the small holes on handheld pipes. They help to ensure that all the concentrate gets vaporized evenly and they allow the user to control the amount of vapor being inhaled.

Vaporizing CBD dabs is much more efficient than eating a CBD gummy or using a tincture. This is because our digestive system does a great job at breaking down and degrading cannabinoids during digestive process. When inhaled, cannabinoids can be absorbed almost completely into the bloodstream and at a much faster rate. This results in immediate effects that are much stronger.

Another benefit of vaporizing is that it is much healthier when compared to smoking flower. Inhaling anything besides air probably isn’t the best move, but if we’re going to inhale anything vapor is certainly the healthiest option. Smoke results from combustion, and combustion produces cancer causing chemicals. And, aside from the health stuff, dabbing a nice live resin tastes so much better than inhaling burnt flower!

This is a common question. For those wondering what a ‘HTFSE’ is, this stands for high terpene full spectrum extract. And to answer this question, yes and no.

Let’s first go over the process used to create cannabis and hemp extracts. The first step is to acquire high-quality hemp flower that is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. As they say, quality in = quality out. Low quality flower will produce low quality concentrates.

The next step is where concentrates really begin to differ. Some concentrates are produced using dried and cured flower, while others like live resin and HTFSE are processed from flower that has been frozen immediately after harvest. Freezing the flower preserves terpenes and cannabinoids which would otherwise be degraded and destroyed using traditional drying and curing techniques. This increased cannabinoid and terpene content results in a more potent extract that has the aroma and flavor of the live plant.

The extraction process itself is quite similar for both cured flower extracts and fresh frozen flower extracts. The desired compounds are separated from the plant material using a solvent which is often butane. Undesirable compounds like waxes, fats and lipids are filtered out.

In the final step, the solvent used during the extraction is purged from the concentrate using low heat. In the case of HTFSE concentrates, the heat must be low enough to prevent any degradation of terpenes.

So, is live resin considered a HTFSE? The reason we say yes, and no is that there may be differing opinions on this. When live resin is extracted from fresh frozen flower, it is technically a HTSFE, yes. But live resin extractions will usually have a succulent layer of terpenes that forms atop the highly concentrated cannabinoid content. This is referred to as the ‘terp layer’. This terp layer can be removed and sold on its own as HTFSE. So, this is where some may say no, live resin is not HTFSE.

When this terp layer is not removed, it is simply mixed into the bottom cannabinoid layer. It is probably safe to assume most live resin on the market has not had the terp layer removed as processors understand the value it adds to the live resin.

So there ya go! Yes and no, but mostly yes, live resin is a HTFSE.

We currently ship to 45 states excluding LA, AK, ID, IA, & UT. Every product sold by Sauce Warehouse contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC in compliance with federal law and is therefore considered ‘industrial hemp’ which is legal to sell, buy, use, and ship in and across all state lines.

Our shipping is discreet, and Sauce Warehouse is proud to be the first vendor of hemp extracts and CBD concentrates to offer priority shipping with cold packs and insulated box liners to keep concentrates cool during shipping. We even offer next day shipping!

Same day shipping with cold packs, the largest collection of CBD dabs on the web, outstanding customer service, it’s no wonder Sauce Warehouse is considered the best source for hemp concentrates across the industry!

As individual states may create their own laws regarding hemp & CBD products, we ask that our customers check their local laws and regulations before placing their order. Sauce Warehouse will not be held liable for any legal trouble encountered by our customers because of conflicting local laws.