CBD Hemp Flower = Low THC Cannabis

Sauce Warehouse has a growing catalog of CBD Hemp Flower, or as we like to call it, low THC Cannabis.  We aim to source unique and rare hemp cultivars that provide the relief and benefits our customers are looking for without the high of regular cannabis flower.  All of our flower will have a cannabinoid profile listed in the description and easily accessible certificates of analysis (COA'S) readily available.  We offer Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options in both whole flower and CBD Pre Rolls, which means we have something for everybody!

Hemp Flower vs. Cannabis, What’s the Difference?
The truth of the matter is, high CBD Hemp Flower IS Cannabis! Hemp is primarily a legal term used to classify Cannabis Sativa L. with less than 0.3% THC. Aside from this, Hemp flower contains all the same cannabinoids and offers many of the same benefits that Cannabis does. Because Hemp flower contains less THC it produces much less of a ‘high’ compared to Cannabis, but it is still possible to experience psychoactive effects when using hemp flower. If you have little to no tolerance to THC, it is best to start slow.
Our Growing Collection of Indoor Hemp Flower
As you are probably aware by now, Sauce Warehouse offers the most diverse collection of CBD concentrates & hemp extracts on the web. Our aim is to create a collection of high-quality indoor hemp flower, or as we like to call it ‘low THC Cannabis’, with a similar level of diversity. Hemp flower has gotten a bad reputation due to the many commercially sized outdoor farms that introduce low quality field hemp to the market. Low THC Cannabis that rivals top shelf dispensary Cannabis is a reality and we would like to make it available to customers who want a quality low THC product. We source our flower from only the best growers, and we provide a unique experience through our packaging which features artwork that reflects Cannabis culture. As Sauce Warehouse grows, we will be adding more quality flower options, so keep an eye out!
What Makes CBD Hemp Flower Beneficial?
There is a reason so many find therapeutic relief through using hemp flower, the entourage effect. Hemp flower would be considered a full spectrum CBD product. It contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in Cannabis, including THC, CBD, and a variety of other minor cannabinoids in addition to terpenes. Like cannabinoids, terpenes have been found to have therapeutic potential all on their own. However, studies show that these compounds work together synergistically to create a more pronounced effect than they do when used separately, and this effect is referred to as the entourage effect. Users can focus on specific terpenes and cannabinoids to further tailor their experience to their own specific needs. Some find using a specific genetic lineage leaning towards Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid dominance provides them with a better result. Others will seek out specific cannabinoids such as CBG by using high CBG hemp flower. When it comes to using CBD Hemp Flower, experimentation is key to find what works best for you.
Why Smoke CBD Hemp Flower If It Won’t Get Me High?
If your primary concern is getting high, perhaps you have found our website by mistake. If your primary concern is finding a product that will aid in relaxation and possibly provide an alternative method of treatment without sacrificing quality or the delicious taste of Cannabis terpenes, you may enjoy smoking low THC Cannabis (hemp flower). Hemp flower contains high amounts of CBD and genetics are constantly being produced which favor other beneficial cannabinoids such as CBG. These cannabinoids have been proven to have numerous beneficial effects without causing the paranoia or increased heart rate caused by THC. While these effects are still possible because of the THC present in hemp flower, they are less likely and much more manageable when they do occur. As an alternative to smoking hemp flower, CBD concentrates can be better suited for users who are sensitive to THC or high concentrations of cannabinoids.
What is CBD Hemp Flower?
CBD Hemp Flower is becoming popular with consumers who enjoy the therapeutic effects of smoking cannabis but not the high that cannabis produces.  Hemp Flower is generally a specific strain of cannabis that has been bred to produce very small amounts of Delta-9 THC and higher amounts of CBD.  Legally speaking, Hemp is cannabis that contains <0.3% Delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis.  There are many different strains of Hemp Flower, with more becoming available each day.  Some strains of Hemp Flower are cultivated and bred to produce high amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBG.  With interest in minor cannabinoids growing steadily, we may begin to see Hemp Flower bred to favor other cannabinoids as well.  Hemp Flower can be smoked, vaporized, or even made into tea and added to food.  
The History of Hemp
Hemp has been grown for decades but prior to the 2014 Farm Bill which legalized smokable hemp products, hemp was typically considered non-smokeable due to a lack of flowering buds and poor cannabinoid content. Experienced breeders found ways around these barriers by crossing popular THC rich strains into today’s legal, desirable variety: "Smokable CBD Hemp." Terms such as ‘CBD Flower’ became a new norm to describe the high CBD Cannabis which continues to evolve at the hands of breeders and growers nationwide.
Is There a Way to Tell the Difference Between CBD Flower and Regular Cannabis?
There are a few ways to tell if your cannabis flower is CBD or THC. The most reliable way is to simply get a potency test from a trusted lab. Some people may notice minor differences in smell and appearance that could lead them to tell the difference in what they’re smoking. However, with new genetics and advanced growing practices these distinctions have become nearly impossible to differentiate, so it's best not to rely on these methods. THC flowers may have more trichomes covering them compared to CBD flowers, which might make them stickier to the touch. High THC flower also tends to have a gassier aroma.