Infuse Your Favorite Recipes with CBD

So you want to infuse your favorite recipes with CBD?  You've come to the right place!  CBD Concentrates are the perfect CBD product to use for adding CBD to foods because they contain such high concentrations of CBD.  The first thing you need to know is that some CBD concentrates or isolates may need to be decarboxylated. 

What is decarboxylation?

Many CBD concentrates contain primarily CBDa.  This is cannabidiolic acid, the acid form of CBD. CBDa is not easily metabolized by the human digestive system and this is why we need to decarboxylate.  Decarboxylation is the use of heat to convert CBDa to CBD.  You will need to check the COA/label to see if your concentrate contains a significant amount of CBDa or if it is primarily comprised of CBD. 

If your concentrate contains primarily CBDa, you will need to decarboxylate for 60 minutes at 250°F.  

After the concentrate is decarboxylated, it can be added to butter or a cooking oil over light heat until dissolved and mixed well.  A slow cooker or double boiler can be used for this step.

The boiling point for CBD is in the 320°F-338°F range, so be sure to keep your infusion's temperature well below this temperature range.

If you are combining CBD with hot liquids, you can stir in the concentrate directly. Crystalized concentrates are a bit easier to work with. 

Last but not least, CBD, like THC, metabolizes better in the presence of fat.  If possible, infuse your concentrates in high fat recipes, and when this isn't possible try to consume your infusions alongside fat containing foods. 

Now you're all set to enjoy some high CBD edible treats! 



That's It!  Now you can add your favorite CBD concentrates to your favorite recipes!