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Cold Shipping
Sarah Kundinger (Alpena, US)
Thank you Sauce Warehouse!!

Absolutely love the option to ship with a cold pack included, no other companies seem to offer this. Thank you so much for doing what you all do!!!

Pink Panther Indoor Low THC Cannabis
Miguel Bazan (Muncie, US)
Awesome product

I cant remember if I reviewed this one before or not, but ill give it another go. I'm not the most consistent customer, but when I want cbd flower I always go with Sauce. Pink panther is a great product. I was having some issues due to being between adhd meds due to supply chain issues and needed some relief. This definitely got the job done. Within minutes I had immediate relief and was able to actually relax and get rid of the body aches I was having. It was definitely a lifesaver while I was struggling. I'd like to try some of the distillate/waxes because I'm sure they're also great.. I'm just not familiar with it and haven't had the chance yet. Either way, if you prefer flower products, I definitely recommend it.

Just a disclaimer, I wasn't intending to give medical advice, but I wanted to provide an explanation of my personal experience. Sauce Warehouse really seems to care about the quality of their products and I've had great experiences every time. Thank you!

Baller Jars
Z.A.W. (Baton Rouge, US)
LAVA KUSH Mixed Live Resin

Hits you with that funky bubba kush flavor on the front end, and slightly piney/citrusy/sweet on the backend...conjuring images of a very bright green sativa coated in trichomes. I took two small hits and my muscles instantly started to relax, my eyes got a little heavier, and I started moving a bit slower. Also I interestingly got flushing in my ears and my eyes, which to me means I got some good stuff.

This has been my first purchase of live resin anything an I'm impressed. I unintentionally forgot to order the cold shipping option, but I don't think it suffered too much in shipping (can't say but I'll definitely get it next time) and it came from MI to FL in about 4 business days.

-10/10 for quality, shipping, price.
-4/5 for flavor (though that is based on my preference NOT the quality of terps)
-effects 5/5: feels like hitting a cbd dab from the dispensary

Lifter Wax
JOSH (Fort Worth, US)
Lifted by the Lifter

This Lifter wax was very tasty at low heat. I use it and Sauce Warehouse’s other wax options in my E-Rig for better heat control. Dabbing it I could dial in the temp but I love the taste the consistency is so easy to work with. Not a lot of companies doing a great hemp wax. Keep it up guys!!!

CBN Isolate
Brian Ruggiero (Lexington, US)

Was some great isolate nice pinkish color like it should. Effects were great.

Cold Shipping
Earl B (Cullman, US)
Arrived warm

Paid for the cold shipping and it showed up with the ice pack completely melted and the inside of the box was the same temp as it was outside.


No where on our website do we guarantee that cold packs will arrive completely frozen. Unfortunately, this is impossible. The purpose of the cold pack is to keep items cold for the majority of the shipping period. For the absolute best results, we offer next day cold shipping. For us to offer cold shipping that arrives frozen cold, it would cost us tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and the cost of cold shipping would be more than our customers would be willing to pay in most cases.

We sincerely apologize if we gave the impression our cold packs would arrive frozen, and we're sorry you were not satisfied. We have contacted you directly with a discount code to make this right, please contact us if you have not received this!

Thank you!

This wax had an excellent crumble to it was easy to work with. It hit smooth with light strain terps coming through. It was super enjoyable not a lot out there doing wax like this thanks guys at SauceWarehouse

Baller Jars
Brian Ruggiero (Lexington, US)
Great product.

Gassy with good effects

Baller Jars
R.C. (Valrico, US)
Sour suver

I liked it alot bought a half ounce and came back for another half. Is sweet on the back end. 10/10. Smells great very citrus terps with a lil bit of sour. Very smooth on inhale.

Baller Jars
Johnny Scholz (Miami, US)

Smells and tastes delicious. I recommend you decarb the oil first, if not, you can mix it with concentrates, but yes, this is dispensary high quality material that smells like cannabis. Not that junk they sell in other stores that smells and tastes like perfume.

Terp's Candy
John Doe (Flushing, US)

great booster

Special Sauce Live Resin
Luis Montano (Dallas, US)
This specific strain is amazing.

This was my first time buying here and I was super impressed. The faster than Amazon 2dd was amazing. The freebies were also very appreciated.
I've dabbed thc for years and quit. This reminds me of my high end dabbing days. Great flavor that lasted for several hits and was smooth. Honestly can't wait for my next order.

Baller Jars
David (New Castle, US)
First time order

Ordered Special sauce on Saturday got it on Wednesday cold packed ( that was a 10 ) it was still cold and taste was amazing. You guys have a customer for life

Another great choice

The Hawaiian Haze Live Resin is another great choice from the Baller Jar collection. Smooth tokes, great flavor, great value. Consistency is definitely on the saucier side. Also nice citrusy aroma! Will definitely order again.

Perfect Dispensary Quality

The Sour Tsunami mixed live resin tastes amazing, and shipping was fast.

I've never had such clean tasting CBD. Perfect for dabbing, gives a mellow relaxing feel.

Thanks SauceWarehouse :)


I got this and the tropical blast for my first trying CBD dab I just ordered a wax syringe and 7 gram baller jar of sour suver I’m very impressed by the products considering I live in a non legal state these have also saved me money and helped me smoke less

Abacus BHO Wax
Jeffery Lebowski
Top notch

Some of the best I have ever had. Tastes and smells great. And you will become part of the couch if you want to sit. Found it great for both my anxiety and chronic pain. 10/10 would buy this again honestly, would recommend.

Sour Souver

This strain kicks ass! I was sad when they ran out of the special sauce but id say this strain is equally great! Very very tastey and really strong effects whilst being a very smooth smoke makes this a strain I will certainly buy again in the future!

Absolutely heaven

This strain smells EXACTLY like a strawberry shortcake from heaven! I was blown away by the taste and nose on this strain and would absolutely get it again!

Baller Jars
7grams sssc

This is good, goes right in cartridges. Bought this for wife and she likes it gets her feeling good. Lmao I LOVE it. I WILL order more does kinda get u high no lie. Keep it up ps. everything is medical quality.

Baller Jars
Eric Garabedian
Great nose good legs too

This shit slaps is the straight fueg I add this into my regular jabs and it adds good balance


Love it - a bit harsh vaped but I could attribute that to any LR. Flavor is awesome and it hits just right

Pleasantly surprised!

I have been wanting something to relax me after work for a few weeks now, in addition I'm looking for some relief of arthritis without the effects of THC. I saw a couple reviews of Sauce Warehouse on youtube and it seemed like people really enjoyed it so I thought I would give it a shot. I had tried a CBD dab products several years ago that was awful, it was akin to smoking chapstick, at least so I imagine. It was only CBD only with none of the other cannabinoids. But Sauce Warehouse is different. For one the flavor is just as good as the terps you'd expect from "regular" dabs. But I also noticed a nice calming effect immediately after smoking. For my first sample I ordered the Garlic Jam and I would definitely purchase it again. They also threw in some complimentary Terp Candies that were super tasty! Much appreciated Sauce Warehouse, I'll definitely recommend you and come back again!

Kushy Delight

Once again, Sauce Warehouse knocks it out of the park. I’ve never once been disappointed with anything I’ve ordered from SW and will always recommend their products!!

Sour Suver- Absolutely Delicious!

I think I have found a personal favorite when it comes to high CBD live resin and that would be the sour suver. This stuff is just great! Mixed with a bit of HHC it gives me an insainly buzzy effect, which is something I have all but forgotten about with today's modern cannabis. Feel like I could clean my house after a few solid ripps of that mix lol.

The smell is of a slightly grassy, very citrusy and Dank scent. There is a slight background of a funk. Something I can only relate to the funk of old school Afghani.

The flavor is incredible to say the least. Nearly identical to the smell but it carries much more of sweet and skunky forward taste with the citrus in the back and hardly any grassy notes. Extremely smooth hit but still punches the chest on exhale.

The looks are on point. This goes along with the packaging... I was whole heartedly thinking the jar would arrive with live resin all over the walls of the jar, it did not. It arrived in a very uniform puck in the jar, better packaging than my local dispo's for sure.
Shimmers like golden diamonds and has great consistency. This stuff is WET, super terpy.

I can't recommend SW enough. Everything I've purchased so far has been on par or even a bit better in flavor, to the high THCA live res I can get at the dispensaries. Can't wait to try more flaves, for now, time to dive back into the Suver!