Image of a glass jar containing 1 gram of CBD Sauce and Diamonds.
Image of Metta Hemp CBD Sauce and Diamonds package, front.
Image of Metta Hemp CBD Sauce and Diamonds package, back.
Image of a glass jar containing 1 gram of CBD Sauce and Diamonds.
Image of Metta Hemp CBD Sauce and Diamonds package, front.
Image of Metta Hemp CBD Sauce and Diamonds package, back.

CBD Sauce and Diamonds

CBD Sauce and Diamonds.  This is a mixture of full spectrum CBD sauce and pure CBD diamonds.  Over 80% CBD and high in β-Caryophyllene.  Ghost Train Haze terpene profile.


1 Gram


•Ghost OG x Neville's Wreck

•Mixed consistency
•Added terpenes
•Hydrocarbon extraction

CBDa: 0.41%
CBD: 81.48%
CBDV: 0.36%
CBG: 0.22%
CBN: 0.45%
CBL: 0.38%
CBC: 1.32%
CBT: 2.40%
Exo-THC: 0.28%
Delta-9 THC: 0.17%

Total THC: 0.17%
Total CBD: 81.84%
Total Cannabinoids: 87.47%

β-Caryophyllene: 0.72%
β-Myrcene: 0.16%
Terpinolene: 0.14%
α-Humulene: 27%
Limonene: 0.18%
α-Pinene: 0.09%
Linalool: 0.22%


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More Info

CBD diamonds are crystalline structures made up of pure Cannabidiol that has been isolated from the rest of the compounds in the hemp plant.

If you are familiar with CBD isolate, CBD diamonds aren't much different aside from their appearance. Instead of a fine powder, diamonds simply have a more robust and stable consistency.

Like isolate, CBD diamonds can contain extremely high concentrations of CBD and often test at percentages of 90% or higher.

Because isolated CBD doesn't contain terpenes, CBD diamonds lack flavor. For this reason you will often see them paired with other concentrates such as terp sauce or live resin. These mixtures give the diamonds flavor and the diamonds contribute to a much higher overall potency.

It's important not to confuse CBD diamonds with THCA diamonds. One is extremely psychoactive and the other is not.

THCA diamonds are commonly found in recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries. These diamonds convert to psychoactive Delta-9 THC when heated.

CBD diamonds only contain CBD, they do not contain THCA or Delta-9 THC above trace levels. CBD diamonds will only contain THC if they have been mixed with another concentrate that contains THC. While CBD is considered psychoactive, it does not produce the intense and intoxicating high associated with THC.

You can often tell CBD diamonds and THCA diamonds apart by appearances alone. CBD diamonds look more like shards of hard candy that have visible cracks or lines in them and overall a fairly rough appearance. THCA diamonds are much smoother and have a more uniform appearance.

CBD sauce, also referred to as 'terp sauce' or 'terpene sauce' can be many different things depending on the source.

Traditional terpene sauce consists primarily of terpenes that have been extracted directly from hemp or cannabis plant material. When these extractions are performed, the cannabinoids tend to settle near the bottom of the collection jar and the terpenes rise to the top. These terpenes form a layer known as the 'terp layer'. This terp layer can be collected and used to make terp sauce. It will contain some cannabinoids, but the ratio of terpenes to cannabinoids will be much higher than it is in normal unseparated extracts.

When it comes to CBD sauce, you will often come across concentrates that consist of CBD isolate that has been mixed with terpenes. CBD distillate may also be used in place of isolate. This type of sauce makes up of the majority of CBD sauce concentrates on the market today.

But, it is also possible to have a true consistency CBD sauce. That is a CBD terp sauce that consists of the terp layer from a legitimate hemp extract that is high in CBD.

CBD diamonds pair well with CBD sauce because they add much needed potency and CBD content providing a better overall experience.

Terpenes are found throughout nature in essentially all plants. These fragrant compounds produce the aromas we experience when we come into contact with these plants. In many cases, we find them pleasant and go out of our way to bring these aromas into our homes, our cars, and even our clothes! But, they can also be extremely off-putting and there is good reason for this.

Terpenes are used by many plants as a defense mechanism to keep predators away. Unfortunately for cannabis and hemp plants, we can't seem to get enough of their lovely terpenes!

Not only do terpenes smell great, many of them have been found to have therapeutic benefits similar to those provided by cannabinoids. What's even more interesting, research has found that cannabinoids seem to be potentiated when used in conjunction with terpenes! How cool is that!?

Great question! CBD diamonds when used on their own are usually THC-free. This is because CBD diamonds are made of pure CBD that has been isolated from other plant compounds and cannabinoids such as THC.

However, it is important to note that CBD diamonds are often mixed with other concentrates such as CBD sauce or CBD live resin. These concentrates may very well contain THC and if these mixed concentrates are labeled as CBD diamonds it is not safe to assume they are THC-free.

ALWAYS check the lab results before purchasing/consuming and stick with trusted vendors like Sauce Warehouse when buying CBD diamonds.