Hemp Hop's Fruity OG CBD Live Resin
Concentrate jar containing Hemp Hop's Fruity OG CBD Live Resin
Hemp Hop Fruity OG CBD Live Resin
Dab tool holding a dab of Hemp Hop's Fruity OG CBD Live Resin
Hemp Hop Live Resin Box
Hemp Hop's Fruity OG CBD Live Resin
Concentrate jar containing Hemp Hop's Fruity OG CBD Live Resin
Hemp Hop Fruity OG CBD Live Resin
Dab tool holding a dab of Hemp Hop's Fruity OG CBD Live Resin
Hemp Hop Live Resin Box

Fruity OG Live Resin

Fruity OG hydrocarbon extracted live resin.  "Fruity OG" has a sweet distinct aroma and tests high in both Cannabinoids & Terpenes.  It tested high in the terpenes Farnesene (1.54%), Caryophyllene (1.02%), & Myrcene (0.99%).  

Similar extraction method to the Otto II Live Resin: The terpenes are first vacuum extracted without a solvent, then the same material is processed and refined using chromatography to remediate remaining THC. 

1 gram of "Fruity OG" Live Resin from the cultivar Sour Space Candy. 


Making Edibles with Concentrates


•Sour Tsunami x Early Resin Berry

•True consistency
•No added terpenes
•Hydrocarbon extraction

1 Gram
Total Terpenes: 5.85%
CBD: 85.13%
CBDv: 0.56%
CBG: 0.66%
Delta 9 THC: 0.28
Delta 10 THC: 0.23%

β-Caryophyllene: 1.02%
β-Myrcene: 0.99%
α-Farnesene: 0.71%
cis-β-Farnesene: 0.47%
(-)-α-Bisabolol: 0.40%
β-Farnesene: 0.36%
α-Humulene: 0.36%
α-Pinene: 0.29%
(-)-Guaiol: 0.25%
trans-Phytol: 0.20%
Terpinolene: 0.19%
Caryophyllene Oxide: 0.14%
(-)-β-Pinene: 0.12%
Valencene: 0.10%
Eucalyptol: 0.10%
trans-Nerolidol: 0.08%
cis-Phytol: 0.07%

Total Terpenes: 5.85%

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More Info

In both the recreational cannabis and hemp worlds, Live Resin is probably the most sought after type of concentrate. Live Resin usually has a ‘saucier’ type of consistency, but this can vary. CBD Live Resin is extracted from plant material using solvents and similar processes used to extract other types of concentrates, only there is one key difference. Plant material used for Live Resin is frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve terpenes. Studies have found that over 30% of terpenes within cannabis/hemp plants are destroyed within one week using traditional drying methods. Because Live Resin is extracted from material that has retained most of its terpene content through freezing, there is greater flavor and effect.

Live Resin is the most desirable and highest quality concentrate of all the CBD Concentrates and Hemp Extracts on the market. But of course, in an industry that is growing rapidly there are many desperate players willing to cut corners and sacrifice quality with little regard for the consumer.

At Sauce Warehouse, we’ve vetted essentially every single company and extract artist out there producing Hemp Extracts and CBD Concentrates. With quality being our main priority, we have selected only the best companies and extract artists, and their best products to be part of our diverse collection.

All the products at saucewarehouse.com, including all CBD Live Resin concentrates, are third party tested. Lab results will always be available on every single product page. This allows you to make the right choice for your needs based on cannabinoid content and terpene profile when available.

Sauce Warehouse is focused on quality products, transparency, and going a step above the rest to do things the right way. You will often see other companies throwing any old product up on their website to fill a void, telling their customers whatever they might want to hear just to sell a product, and parroting the same old tired CBD sales gimmicks we have all grown tired of. Sauce Warehouse is here to do things differently. We respect our customers, and we strive to represent truth and integrity in everything we do.

Thus, it only makes sense that we prioritize 100% true full spectrum hemp extracts in our collection of CBD dabs. While we do carry broad spectrum isolate based CBD shatters and CBD Terp Sauce, we do this to provide those who cannot use THC, a way to continue enjoying concentrates. Our vision for the future of Sauce Warehouse, however, involves CBD Concentrates extracted directly from quality hemp flower such as Live Resin and even solventless options such as CBD Rosin. We will continue working with the best in the industry to create a collection of Hemp & CBD Concentrates that has something for everybody!



Dabbing is essentially the most effective way to consume CBD & CBD Concentrates/Hemp Extracts.

Dabbing CBD Concentrates consists of using a dab rig or a portable dab pen. Both devices use heat to vaporize the concentrate. This vapor is then inhaled for quick and efficient absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream.

When using a dab rig, you will need either an e-nail or a butane torch to heat the banger/nail/bucket on your dab rig. You will also need a dab tool which is used to place the concentrate inside the heated banger for vaporization. These tools are also helpful when loading concentrates into a dab pen.

Low temperatures are always ideal when dabbing a CBD Concentrates such as Live Resin. Low temperatures ensure all of the terpenes are experienced completely as high temperatures can destroy these terpenes resulting in less flavor.


CBD Live Resin can be placed on top of a bowl of hemp flower or cannabis flower. Sandwiching the live resin in between layers of flower is often the best way to ensure all the live resin is completely consumed. This may also preserve some of the flavor since you aren’t holding a lighter directly to the live resin.

Another option when using CBD Live Resin with Hemp Flower or cannabis flower, is adding the live resin concentrate to the inside or outside of a joint. Live resin can be spread on the outside of a joint or blunt, or if the consistency is a little more stable it can be added to the flower before rolling.


CBD Live Resin is often made into edibles, and these provide a more potent experience than edibles made with regular CBD Isolate or other CBD Concentrates. At Sauce Warehouse, you will find links on every concentrate product page to instructions that will walk you through the process of making edibles with CBD Concentrates! This is actually not as difficult as you may think, and anyone can do it at home!

Yes. Sauce Warehouse will ship your CBD Live Resin to all 50 states. We ship all packages in discreet packaging, with all of the contents vacuum sealed for added security and privacy. A notice to law enforcement is included with every shipment. At Sauce Warehouse we are committed to getting you your orders as soon as possible. When you order before 1PM EST Monday through Friday, we will ship your package the very same day. Orders received after 1PM EST M-F will ship the very next day(excluding holidays, of course).

CBD Live Resin, and all other CBD products that contain <0.3% delta 9 THC are completely legal to ship across state borders.