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Pink Panther Pre Roll

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Size 1.25"

1 gram of Pink Panther Low THC Cannabis in a Raw cone.  Also available in a King Size cone containing over 2 grams.

Pink Panther has a funky sweet and sour nose comparable to very sweet candy, with a gassy/diesel undertone. Created by crossing Cats Meow with Alpen Gleaux, Pink Panther hemp flower is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that offers users a balanced experience that is sure to please!

Making Tea with Hemp Flower

CBD: 1.34%
CBDa: 10.62%
CBDVa: 0.05%
CBG: 0.18%
CBGa: 1.49%
CBC: 0.13%
CBCa: 0.49%
Delta 9 THC: 0.18%
THCa: 0.37%
THCv: 0.08%

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Sauce Warehouse carries a variety of CBD Pre Rolls for those who don’t like rolling their own and for those who just like the convenience of already having one rolled! The Pre Rolls we offer are filled with a variety of different quality Hemp Flower strains grown by the best farms in the CBD Hemp Flower industry. No shake, no stems, and of course no seeds! Grab a few CBD Pre Rolls and see for yourself how relaxing a nice pre rolled hemp joint can really be.

THC. That's it! Cannabis has higher THC levels than Hemp Flower has been specifically bred to have less THC. At the end of the day, it's all cannabis! Both Cannabis and Hemp flower share the same beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids, one just has less THC and thus, less of a psychoactive effect.

Usually we prefer the CBD Concentrates over smoking CBD Hemp Flower, but sometimes nothing beats a nice relaxing smoke of some quality flower. Sometimes a dab rig isn’t the most convenient or readily available item in your arsenal of smoking devices. In these instances a vape device might work out but, lets face it, a vape pen rarely leaves us as satisfied as a full session with a nice joint or blunt.

There is just something about a nice smoke that allows us to relax like dabbing/vaping cannot. These relaxing smoke sessions are probably enjoyed the most in the evenings with friends or even alone as we wind down and reflect on the day and get ready to call it a night. Pre Rolls are perfect if you cannot roll your own joints/blunts and even if you can, rolling is not always your favorite way to pass the time! Nothings better than wanting to burn one and having one ready to burn! We have a growing selection of CBD Hemp Flower and CBD Pre Rolls, so be sure to check back in if you don’t see what you’d like today!