Image of Terp's Candy Citrus Berry 3pc pouch.
Image of Terp's Candy Mango Lavender Lullaby 3pc pouch.
Terp's Candy Terpene Infused Candies. Citrus Berry Flavor, 14pc.
Terp's Candy
Image of Terps Candy Citrus Berry infused terpene candies.
Image of Terps Candy Mango Lavender Lullaby infused terpene candies.
Potential Uses of the Terpenes Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, Myrcene, Geraniol, & Linalool
Information about the Entourage Effect, Terpenes, CBD, & Hemp.
Image of Terp's Candy Citrus Berry 3pc pouch.
Image of Terp's Candy Mango Lavender Lullaby 3pc pouch.
Terp's Candy Terpene Infused Candies. Citrus Berry Flavor, 14pc.
Terp's Candy
Image of Terps Candy Citrus Berry infused terpene candies.
Image of Terps Candy Mango Lavender Lullaby infused terpene candies.
Potential Uses of the Terpenes Limonene, Alpha-Pinene, Myrcene, Geraniol, & Linalool
Information about the Entourage Effect, Terpenes, CBD, & Hemp.

Terp's Candy

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Terp's Candy are flavored by terpenes, which are the organic compounds that contribute to the unique flavor, scent, and color of cannabis & hemp strains but also a variety of other plants and fruits.  Terpenes have been found to mimic many of the effects of cannabinoids when consumed on their own, and when used in combination with cannabinoids they have been found to enhance and potentiate their effects. 

Try a Terp's Candy with your next dab! These candies are extremely tasty and contain 20mg of terpenes per candy!  Does not contain THC

Available in 3pc and 14pc bags.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Doe (Flushing, US)

great booster


These candies are superb. The citrus is exactly what you'd want from a "citrus" candy. Not too powerful, not too subtle, smells awesome, and amazing flavor. I was also sent a free lavender pack with my order. The story is the same. Gorgeous lavender smell, fantastic taste.

Absolutely no complaints for these besides wanting some other flavors to try!

Ben M.

These are great to pop one in your mouth and do a good smoke or a dab sesh. I enjoyed them. And Thank Y'all for giving me a extra bag.

Mango Lavender Lullaby

I was a bit skeptical at first being terps in a candy but then i let one of these delicious hard candies dissolve and had a nice relaxation over my whole body, within minutes shared with friends who were just as surprised. not bad but i prefer to smoke my terps :P

More Info

Terp's Candy is the original terpene candy.

Our friends over at Terp's Candy infuse these delicious little candies with their premium terpenes to deliver the most tasty and satisfying candy on the market. Terp's Candy is designed to liven up your day with a sweet treat for your taste buds.

Terpenes, which occur naturally in plants, provide flavor, aroma and color; they are the building blocks of essential oils. Research has shown that terpenes also have different pharmacological benefits. Terp's Candy offers Flavor with a Purpose!

Terpenes play a major role in plants, especially when it comes to their ability to survive. Terpenes not only repel predators, insects and unwanted animals, but also attract pollinators. Some act as plant protectants and help plants to recover quickly from damage. Others act as part of the plant's immune system, keeping unwanted bacteria and other threats away.

Because of their effect, we use terpenes in the form of tea, herbs, spices, essential oils and so on on a daily basis.

Terp's Candy are flavored by organic Terpenes that contribute to the unique flavor, scent, and color of a variety of plants and fruits. Terpenes are responsible for the distinct and unique flavors of cannabis and hemp. Terpenes have also been utilized by humans for thousands of years in many other ways including aromatherapy and natural remedies.

Extensive research in regard to the medicinal and industrial properties of Terpenes has been conducted with new properties and uses being discovered frequently.

Below is a list of Terpenes found in Terp's Candy.


Myrcene is commonly found in hops, mango, basil, orange peels, and cannabis. Myrcene has aromas of fruit, clove, and earthy notes. Ever heard that eating a mango before you ingest cannabis enhances the effects? Myrcene is abundant in mangoes and is one of the main Terpenes used in Terp’s Candy. Better yet, one piece of Terp's Candy has as much Myrcene as 20+ mangoes!


D-limonene is most commonly found in the rinds of citrus fruit, and is one of the most common types in cannabis as well. Limonene has a citrus-like aroma that is often described as clean and fresh. Its flavors can be sweet, tangy, or bitter depending on what other compounds are present with it. Limonene also has a long history of medicinal uses in a variety of applications.


Pinene is physiologically important for plants and animals. It can form new Terpenes (like Limonene) when reacting with other compounds. It is the most common Terpene in the natural system. There are also high amounts in rosemary and cannabis. You guessed it, Pine flavor and aroma.


Linalool Helps give lavender it's unique flavor and scent, in addition, it is found in over 200 species of plants, including mint. Linalool is often used in natural aromatherapy and in a variety of other naturally scented products. It is also a critical component in the production of vitamin E.


Found in plants and essential oils such as rose, geranium, and lemon grass. Geraniol has a sought after sweet rose scent, making it widely used in products. It also shows promising medicinal applications.

Cannabis contains around 120 known terpenes. Although these terpenes coexist alongside cannabinoids like THC and CBD, they do not contribute to a psychoactive effect when consumed. Some terpenes are found in many types of plants, while others exist only in cannabis.

Terpenes don't only provide aroma and color, but also therapeutic properties that contribute to the healing nature of the cannabis and hemp plant. They interact with our endocannabinoid system allowing cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream more easily. This process contributes to the now infamous "entourage effect".

For example, Myrcene increases cell permeability and allows cannabinoids to be absorbed faster. Limonene increases serotonin levels which affects the way cannabis & hemp alter our mood. Because these terpenes can influence neurotransmitters in our brain, different strains containing unique terpene profiles can produce different effects on our mood.

In 1998, S. Ben-Shabat and Raphael Mechoulam coined the term "Entourage Effect" which describes the biological synergy of cannabinoids and other compounds such as flavonoids and, of course, terpenes.

All of these compounds work together to contribute to the magical and often healing effects associated with cannabis. Terpenes working in conjunction with cannabinoids such as CBD and THC create synergies that produce stronger and more positive effects than either would achieve alone.

The symbiosis between cannabinoids and terpenes gives cannabis its unique and powerful properties as terpenes improve the absorption of cannabinoids, overcome bacterial defense mechanisms, and reduce undesirable side effects.

Researchers have found that cannabis terpenes, when used alone, mimic the effects of cannabinoids, including pain relief. And if that wasn't surprising enough, they have also discovered that when terpenes are used in combination with cannabinoids the pain-relieving effects increase.

When THC enters the body, it binds to one of two cannabinoid receptors - CB1R, which is more abundant, or CB2R. In laboratory tests, the researchers found that terpenes activate CB1R, just like THC.

Behavioral studies in mice have also reinforced these findings with mice showing reduced pain sensitivity after being administered terpenes.

Ongoing research is looking at the use of terpenes in conjunction with opioids in the treatment of cancer-related diseases. The long-term goal is to develop a dose reduction strategy that allows higher amounts of terpenes and lower doses of dangerous opioids to be used during treatment.

Each terpene has a unique chemical structure and produces unique effects, so some terpenes are better for relaxing than others.

Some terpenes are great for calming the body and mind, reducing stress, promoting relaxation, and encouraging restful sleep, while others are more stimulating.

Sometimes combining multiple terpenes is more effective than using isolated terpenes alone, resulting in greater relaxation.

Both cannabis terpenes and other botanically derived terpenes can have these relaxing properties, there isn't much of a difference in the properties of cannabis-derived terpenes compared to botanically derived terpenes. Terpenes from other plants are just as useful.

The Best Terpenes for Relaxation

Terpenes are still being studied for their potential beneficial properties.
While the physiological effects of different terpenes vary, most are either sedating or stimulating. If you are looking for a terpene to help you relax, these are the best choices.


Caryophyllene is the only terpene out of hundreds that binds directly to cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. This terpene is believed to reduce inflammation, pain, and anxiety.
This terpene may be best for those who have trouble quieting their mind and struggle with anxiety.
Caryophyllene has a hot & spicy peppery aroma and is common not only in cannabis strains but also in black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon.


Nerolidol is a calming and milder terpene. It is also believed to possess anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. If aching joints and muscles are an issue for you, this terpene can come in handy.
Nerolidol has a woody, earthy aroma almost similar to tree bark. This terpene is common in lemongrass, tea tree, ginger, lavender, and jasmine.


Myrcene is the most abundant terpene present in cannabis. Many believe it's effective in treating sore muscles and providing general sedation, making it easier to feel relaxed. This terpene is great for people who are stressed and agitated as it can help you relax and unwind.
Myrcene has a fruity, herbaceous smell and is found in mango, thyme, cardamom, and hops. Myrcene is not only abundant in cannabis, but also in your favorite beverages.


Linalool is present in many lavender products like essential oils and even lavender filled pillows. These products usually claim to promote restful sleep.
Linalool helps reduce anxiety and stress and improve mood. If your overall mental health has been in a slump, linalool might be worth a try.
Linalool has a floral scent and is common in lavender, basil, sage, and mint. It is also common in hemp.


Pinene exists in two variants, alpha and beta pinene. These two have different effects on the body and mind. If it is relaxation you are looking for, choose Alpha Pinene. This terpene is commonly sought after to relieve physical and mental tension.
Pinene has a fresh and woody scent reminiscent of a pine forest. It is commonly found in rosemary, parsley, and orange peel.


Terpinolene is found in many cannabis strains but is much less abundant compared to Myrcene. This terpene is known to produce a sleepy effect and might be just the terpene for you if restlessness is an issue.
Terpinolene has a fresh, pleasant aroma that resembles a combination of lilac, pine, and citrus. In addition to hemp, it is contained in lilac, nutmeg, apple, and cumin.