The 'night time cannabinoid' is known for it's supposed sleepy effects, and it is present in many CBD concentrates, but what is CBN? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

What is CBN?

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What is CBN?

CBN, or Cannabinol, has a bit of a controversial history and it remains a controversial cannabinoid to this day.  CBN has long been known as the cannabinoid that is created when THC ages, and of course if you are looking for CBN in large percentages, there is no better place to look than old weed!  

Over the years many people have noticed a sedating effect when using older cannabis, and this has contributed to the controversial association between CBN and sleepiness. 

The 'night time cannabinoid' is present in high amounts in old weed, and it is present in many CBD concentrates, but what is CBN? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

So Why All the Controversy?

Few studies have been done to validate the association between CBN and sleepiness, but those that have been done do not support the claim that CBN is directly responsible for inducing sedative effects.  These studies found CBN did not cause sleepiness when used alone, but when used in combination with THC, sleepiness was more likely to occur. 

Today the debate lives on, and many believe this CBN + THC combination is the real reason why users feel increased sedation when consuming CBN rich cannabis.  Yet, many people today actively seek out CBN isolates and swear by isolated CBN as a sleep-aid that causes sedation all on its own. 

The 'night time cannabinoid' might intensify the psychoactive effects of THC and it is present in many CBD concentrates, but what is CBN? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

Another important thing to consider in the debate, is that older cannabis tends to be rich in sedating sesquiterpenoids which may also be contributing to the feelings of sleepiness. We don’t have any conclusive evidence to say who’s right or who’s wrong, so you just might have to be your own judge in this case!

Because few studies have been done, the 'night time cannabinoid' and its sleepy effects remain controversial. But what is CBN? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

Is CBN Non-Psychoactive?

Many sources of information are out there in regard to CBN that may be misleading when it comes to the psychoactive nature of the cannabinoid.  While CBN doesn’t seem to be particularly psychoactive on it’s own, it is very possible that it may potentiate the psychoactive properties of other cannabinoids like THC.  When using CBN in combination with a full spectrum of cannabinoids, it is important to be aware of this possible interaction. 

The 'night time cannabinoid' may not be psychoactive on its own, but it could intensify psychoactive cannabinoids in CBD concentrates. What is CBN? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

It is also important to consider that many people are actively using CBN to induce sedation.  Although the few studies that have been done with CBN don’t support the idea that CBN can have this effect on its own, if people claim to be experiencing this, there just might be something to it.  It’s best to use caution and start with small doses until you are familiar with how CBN affects you personally.

As with all CBD concentrates, it's best to use caution when trying the 'night time cannabinoid' for the first time. What is CBN? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

How is CBN Being Used?

CBN has been showing up in a lot of tinctures, gummies, and capsules as companies try to profit off the ‘new cannabinoid craze’.  However, CBN has been found in CBD concentrates for quite a while now.  It is not uncommon to check the COA on a CBD concentrate and find a significant percentage of CBN present, especially in full spectrum CBD concentrates.  CBN dabs are becoming more popular as of late also. 

The 'night time cannabinoid' has been isolated in a powder known as CBN Isolate, and it is present in many CBD concentrates, but what is CBN? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

CBN isolate is similar to CBD isolate in that it is a powdery consistency but instead of CBD being the isolated cannabinoid it is pure CBN making up usually 90% or more of the concentrate.  CBN will surely begin showing up in popular concentrate consistencies like shatter, wax, and crumble in both broad and full spectrum variations as the minor cannabinoids grow in popularity. 

Dabbing the 'night time cannabinoid' just like regular CBD concentrates is a common and effective method of consumption. What is CBN? Find out at Sauce Warehouse

These CBN concentrates are most often dabbed using a dab rig.  These dab rigs feature a nail which is heated using a torch or e-nail to vaporize the concentrate once it is placed on the hot nail.  The vapor that is produced is then inhaled, usually being filtered through water.  Dab pens or portable vaporizers can be used to vaporize these CBN dabs also.  And of course, like any CBD concentrate, CBN concentrates can be infused with drinks and food too!

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in purchasing CBN concentrates and have any questions!

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