Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Lava Kush Mixed CBD Live Resin.
Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Lava Kush Mixed CBD Live Resin.
Close up image of Lava Kush Mixed CBD Live Resin on dab tool.
Image of Sauce Warehouse Lava Kush Mixed Live Resin Box
Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Lava Kush Mixed CBD Live Resin.
Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Lava Kush Mixed CBD Live Resin.
Close up image of Lava Kush Mixed CBD Live Resin on dab tool.
Image of Sauce Warehouse Lava Kush Mixed Live Resin Box

Lava Kush Mixed Live Resin


Lava Kush mixed live resin contains real live resin extracted from Lava Kush hemp flower that has been mixed with cannabinoid isolates & distillates to bring the total THC content down to undetectable levels.  Enjoy the enhanced flavor of live resin without the intoxicating effects of THC! 

Buy more and save - Lava Kush is also available in our baller jars.


•Bubba Kush x Unknown Hemp Cultivar

•Mixed consistency
•No added terpenes
•Hydrocarbon extraction

CBD: 81.9%
CBDA: 4.62%
CBN: 0.41%
CBG: 0.20%
Delta-9 THC: <LOQ


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Image of Sauce Warehouse Baller Jar and Baller Jar Box
Image of Sauce Warehouse CBD Live Resin Dablicator uncapped.
Image of Pineapple Kush CBD Live Resin 3.5G Jar
Image of Sauce Warehouse Baller Jar and Baller Jar Box
Image of Sauce Warehouse CBD Live Resin Dablicator uncapped.
Image of RNA Ak47 CBD Live Resin 1 Gram Jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
M. (Edgewood, US)
Blown away

This is my first time trying a concentrate other than isolates and WOW. The smell is heavenly with gas, skunk, and a bit of pine and citrus. The taste is citrusy and gassy and you can definitely tell it came from a bubba from both the effects and overall smell/taste profile. Fantastic afternoon or night time smoke.

One bonus is that I had a toothache, and it seemed to helped tremendously. Down to the point that it didn't hurt unless I touched it. This isn't medical advice at all, just what I've experienced.

I will definitely buying this in larger quantities in the future.

Thank you so much for the in depth review Michael!!

Maude Lebowski
Effective but Untasty

So I’ve been finding myself reaching for a dab of this here mixed resin even though initially I was really not impressed. To me it was very “Meh”, kinda bland aromatics and a taste that was just.. untasty. But what made it not so boring was the effects; dang, I felt the full effects! This is what it’s all about insofar as the medicinal magic of CBD & it’s counterparts. And it feels good. I just can’t get over the taste.

Product is 10/10

Haven’t actually tried the product yet, but I came here to express my gratitude to the company for the quality service provided. The packaging was 100% on point, the delivery was 100% on point and quality of the product is 100% on point. I’ll be a lifetime customer. They even threw in a couple of stickers to the package. 100% Quality

Eudy lara
Dank asf !!!!

This literally was dank had me zooted for a couple of hours plus it gave me the meanest munchiest ever cause once it arrived yesterday I had to smoke some in a bowl with flower and boy was it fantastic

This company is amazing

This company is truly one of a kind and I pray you guys stay around forever and never change what you do and how you do it. Affordable top notch one of a kind quality. Can’t thank you enough, I’m a lifelong customer now !

More Info

Lava Kush is a very new and very rare CBD Hemp strain. Created by Zoe Therapeutics in Oregon, Lava Kush is a phenotype of the infamous Bubba Kush high CBD cultivar. While we don’t have the exact genetic information for this rare phenotype, we’ll assume its very similar to that of Bubba Kush.

Bubba Kush is a favorite among hemp flower connoisseurs who love heavy indica effects and those dank indica terpene profiles. Lava Kush has a very kushy profile itself and the relation to Bubba Kush is obvious. What sets Lava Kush apart from Bubba Kush however is that it tends to have a slight ‘spice’ that is missing in the Bubba Kush profile. It is a bit less earthy with a touch of spicy notes that are reminiscent of red-hot candies.

Primary terpenes include:

Myrcene: Found in hops, mangos. Contributes to craft beer’s ‘peppery’ finish. Studies show this terpene has potential anti-inflammatory properties.

Caryophyllene: Found in Rosemary, hops, and cloves. Gives pungent diesel cannabis strains their black pepper bite. Responsible for the musky and spicy aromas in cannabis also. Studies show it has the potential to relieve pain and anxiety.

This strain is probably best left for the evenings if you aren’t an experienced user of hemp flower as it is an indica dominant cultivar with potent effects.

Lava Kush mixed live resin is a mixture of real full spectrum Lava Kush CBD live resin extracted from Lava Kush hemp flower and various cannabinoid isolates and distillates. It is light gold in color and has a sugary sauce consistency. The terpene profile is outrageous! Lava Kush live resin is extremely pungent with a deep kush aroma and undertones of spice.

This live resin is perfect for those who are trying to avoid THC. Whether you just prefer not to experience the intoxication caused by high THC CBD concentrates, you are trying to quit regular cannabis, or you are trying to lower your THC intake in general, Lava Kush mixed live resin is for you.

The high concentration of CBD and minor cannabinoids that have been mixed in offset the original THC content of the Lava Kush live resin and bring it down to nearly undetectable levels. This means you can enjoy the flavor and potency of real CBD live resin without the intoxicating effects of THC.

Mixed live resin is the term we use for CBD live resin that has been mixed with CBD isolate and other minor cannabinoid isolates and distillates to bring the overall THC content down. This type of concentrate is great for those who want the real live resin experience minus the THC.

Sauce Warehouse may be the first vendor of CBD concentrates to use the term ‘Mixed Live Resin’. Most vendors that mix isolates and distillates into their concentrates will keep it hidden from their customers to fool them into thinking their products are the real deal. But we already carry the largest selection of real CBD concentrates and hemp extracts on the web! We have nothing to lie about!

Why do we offer this type of product? Other vendors will mix isolate, distillate, and terpenes and label it live resin when in fact it contains zero live resin whatsoever. We know real concentrate users won’t be fooled and more importantly won’t be satisfied with garbage concentrates like this. Therefore, we offer mixed live resin containing real CBD live resin.

Live resin that is low in THC such as our Lava Kush mixed live resin is an extremely versatile CBD concentrate. There are many different types of CBD concentrate users that can benefit from consuming CBD live resin containing low to zero THC.

The first type of person who may find low THC live resin to be helpful is the concentrate user who is sensitive to THC. Whether you just have a low tolerance to THC or if regular cannabis concentrates are beginning to cause anxiety or other unwanted effects, low THC live resin can allow you to continue enjoying the cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis without experiencing the intoxicating effects of THC.

People who are looking to take a tolerance break from or quit regular cannabis altogether may also benefit from mixed live resin. Mixed CBD live resin can provide the flavors and effects regular cannabis users are used to, minus the THC of course, which can make it easier both psychologically and physically to discontinue the consumption of THC.

Finally, people who are looking to consume less THC in general may find it helpful to use mixed low THC live resin alongside their regular full spectrum CBD concentrates or cannabis concentrates. Because of the high concentrations of CBD and minor cannabinoids in mixed live resin, it can provide a lot of the same benefits and pleasant effects as regular concentrates containing THC. This means there is no need to give up concentrates altogether just to reduce THC consumption. In other words, you can have your cake and eat it too!

For a while now CBD has been dominating the spotlight and getting all the attention, but major players in the cannabis, hemp, and legal CBD industries are suggesting that minor cannabinoids might become even more desirable than CBD among consumers looking for unique health benefits. This is because of the increased benefits being observed in full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products containing not only CBD but a host of minor cannabinoids as well which when combined contribute to a more pronounced entourage effect.

The lure of CBD for many is that it is nonintoxicating. Many minor cannabinoids are nonintoxicating as well and can be used in the same ways CBD is being used including topicals, edibles, beverages and of course concentrates and smokable flower.

Studies have found minor cannabinoids to:
• Relieve ailments caused by immune disorders (CBG)
• Reduce epileptiform activity associated with seizures (CBDV)
• Promote rest (CBN)
• Reduce pain and inflammation (CBC)

The FDA prevents us from making any claims or going into the medical benefits of minor cannabinoids in any great detail, but a quick google search for any of the several minor cannabinoids present in cannabis and hemp will yield pages of results discussing the numerous benefits that have been found thus far.

Considering the fact that so many benefits have been found and attributed to these cannabinoids in the short period in which they have been studied, it is almost certain that we will see many more benefits discovered and revealed by researchers in the future.