Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Sour Tsunami Mixed CBD Live Resin.
Close up image of Sour Tsunami Mixed CBD Live Resin on a dab tool.
Image of Sauce Warehouse Sour Tsunami Mixed Live Resin Box
Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Sour Tsunami Mixed CBD Live Resin.
Close up image of Sour Tsunami Mixed CBD Live Resin on a dab tool.
Image of Sauce Warehouse Sour Tsunami Mixed Live Resin Box

Sour Tsunami Mixed Live Resin


Sour Tsunami mixed live resin contains real live resin extracted from Sour Tsunami hemp flower that has been mixed with cannabinoid isolates & distillates to bring the total THC content down near undetectable levels.  Enjoy the enhanced flavor of live resin without the intoxicating effects of THC!

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•Sour Diesel x NYC Diesel

•Mixed consistency
•No added terpenes
•Hydrocarbon extraction

•CBD: 81.9%
•CBC: 0.15%
•CBDa: 5.16%
•CBDV: 0.26%
•Delta-9 THC: ND

TOTAL CBD: 86.43%

•β-Pinene: 1.57%
•β-Myrcene: 0.68%
•β-Caryophyllene: 0.22%
•α-Pinene: 0.20%
•Terpinolene: 0.15%
•δ-Limonene: 0.14%
•β-Farnesene: 0.12%
•o-Cymene: 0.12%
•trans-Ocimene: 0.12%
•α-Humulene: 0.06%


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Image of Sauce Warehouse Baller Jar and Baller Jar Box
Image of Sauce Warehouse CBD Live Resin Dablicator uncapped.
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Image of Sauce Warehouse Baller Jar and Baller Jar Box
Image of Sauce Warehouse CBD Live Resin Dablicator uncapped.
Image of RNA Ak47 CBD Live Resin 1 Gram Jar

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rdondo (Austin, US)
Flavor town

This sour tsunami live resin is my top three of the 6 total "sauces" I've ordered from these good folk. I gotta say I'm impressed. Thanks

Thank you for the review!

Shannon Campbell (Urbana, US)
Loved it!!!

I liked everything about the sour tsunami live resin. It smells and tastes great and the effects are spot on. Just a few hits helps me relax after work and eases my sciatic pain enough im able to get to sleep!

Thank you for the review!

More Info

The Sour Tsunami CBD hemp strain is famous for being one of the first strains to be bred specifically for high CBD content rather than THC content. This strain is effective at treating pain and inflammation without producing the intense “high” that is associated with high THC cannabis.

Lawrence Ringo of the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective created this strain by crossing Sour Diesel with NYC Diesel. The result was a sativa-dominant hybrid that produces dense, dark green buds with dark green and purple leaves. The aroma and flavor can be described as a sweet, sour, musky diesel.

Primary terpenes include:

Myrcene: Found in hops & mangos. Contributes to the ‘peppery’ finish in craft beer. Found to have potential as an anti-inflammatory.

Terpinolene: Found in cumin and nutmeg. Contributes to the ‘fresh’ scent of cannabis. Associated with calming/sedative effects.

Pinene: The most common terpene in the natural world. Gives pine forests their piney scent. Research has found Pinene to be effective at relieving pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Fantastic strain for use at any time of day, and quite frankly a favorite of ours here at Sauce Warehouse.

Sour Tsunami mixed live resin is a mix of full spectrum Sour Tsunami CBD live resin extracted from Sour Tsunami hemp flower and assorted cannabinoid isolates and distillates. It has a light golden color, and the consistency is a sugary sauce. The terpene profile is one of the most desirable among hemp cultivars. Sour Tsunami live resin has an aroma and flavor that is sour and sweet with notes of musky diesel and citrus.

If you are trying to avoid THC, this live resin tests <LOQ for both Delta-9 THC and THCa. This means if any THC is present the levels are so low the lab was unable to quantify it. If you are sensitive to THC and prefer to consume CBD concentrates that will not get you high, this live resin is for you. It’s also great for those trying to quit regular cannabis or take a tolerance break as it allows you to enjoy the great taste of real live resin while also abstaining from THC consumption.

The high concentration of CBD and minor cannabinoids mixed in with the live resin reduce the original THC content of the Sour Tsunami live resin to nearly undetectable levels. This allows you to enjoy the potent effects and flavor of real CBD live resin minus the intoxicating effects of THC.

Mixed live resin is CBD live resin that has been mixed with CBD isolate and minor cannabinoid isolates and distillates to reduce the total THC content. Mixed live resin is perfect for those who desire the real live resin experience but wish to avoid THC.

Most vendors that mix isolate and distillate to create their concentrates will call it live resin or wax to fool their customer into thinking it’s the real deal. At Sauce Warehouse, we think that is lame. Not only are these companies lying to their customer, but their customers also usually aren’t happy with these types of concentrates.

We know real users of CBD concentrates want more than isolate mixed with cheap terpenes. Even if they want to avoid using THC, we believe they should still be able to enjoy the natural flavors and effects of cannabis. For this reason, we offer low THC mixed live resin that contains real CBD live resin extracted from hemp.

Sauce Warehouse is your go to vendor for zero THC live resin. We offer the largest selection of low THC CBD live resin, and zero THC CBD live resin. Working with the best vendors and processors in the industry we only sell the highest quality hemp extracts and CBD concentrates on the market. All products have been tested and 3rd party lab results are available on every product page. Shop at Sauce Warehouse with confidence and purchase products you can trust.

When buying CBD live resin at Sauce Warehouse you can enjoy same day shipping and you can even choose to have cold packs included in your package to keep your concentrates cold during shipping. A notice to law enforcement is included in every package and all products are vacuum sealed for an extra layer of privacy. Shipping is 100% discreet.

Sauce Warehouse has the best CBD concentrates currently available on the market. Our collection is the largest on the web and includes CBD live resin, CBD wax, CBD shatter, CBD crumble, CBD diamonds, CBD distillate, CBD isolate, CBD sauce, CBD rosin, & more! We’ve vetted the top vendors and processors in the industry, so you don’t have to. Save money and time, shop with us!

Not all hemp extracts and CBD concentrates are the same. It is the unfortunate reality that most CBD concentrates available for purchase online are completely fake. CBD companies will mix isolate and terpenes together and advertise these concentrates as real live resin, real wax, real shatter, etc. They are lying to their customers and charging outrageous prices for a junk product. Real concentrates are not made from isolate or flavored by adding artificial terpenes. Real CBD concentrates are extracted directly from hemp flower and contain the natural terpene profile and flavors present in the flower.

Sauce Warehouse has been focused on providing the best real CBD concentrates from our start in early 2021. Since then, we have put together the largest selection of hemp extracts and CBD concentrates currently available anywhere! We strive to offer the best concentrates at the best prices, and we maintain the highest quality standards in the industry.

In addition to providing the best products, Sauce Warehouse also strives to provide the best customer experience and the best customer service possible. Check out our google reviews, hear what our many returning customers have to say, and give us a try the next time you are in the market for high quality CBD dabs.

If you have any questions about purchasing CBD concentrates feel free to reach out anytime via our site chat, contact form, text, phone call, or just send us a DM on social media. We’re always happy to help!