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What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a pure form of cannabidiol. Unlike full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products that contain CBD along with other cannabinoids/ingredients, CBD isolate products are purely made up of CBD that has been isolated from the other cannabinoids and materials present in cannabis/hemp plant material.

CBD Isolate is commonly available in a white crystalline powder, but in some cases, it can also be found in a more solid crystalline rock form. This crystalline isolate is often the base ingredient in many CBD concentrates such as CBD shatterCBD wax, CBD diamonds, & CBD crumble. CBD Isolate usually contains around 90-99% CBD!

Because CBD isolate contains zero THC, it is a good option for users who are sensitive to THC or who wish to avoid THC use due to drug testing requirements. It is important to note that even isolate can still contain trace amounts of THC that can accumulate and trigger a positive drug test. Always purchase from a reputable company such as Sauce Warehouse, & check the COA before purchasing.

How is CBD Isolate Made?

CBD isolate is made using a process known as chromatography. This process creates CBD Crystals or Crystalline structures that you may recognize as CBD Diamonds; however, these are usually ground down into the powder you see in most isolate products. This is done mainly to make consumption easier.



First, hemp oil is winterized. “Winterization” is the process of removing undesirable materials from the oil. These materials include plant fats, waxes, and lipids. The winterization process uses an alcohol wash that is heated to around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Immediately after this wash, the material is frozen for about 24 hours.

As a result of this process, the hemp oil is refined to a clear & pure CBD distillate. Clear distillate is a sign that all the impurities and undesirable materials have been successfully removed.


In this step, a chromatography machine is used to isolate the pure CBD/CBDA from the other cannabinoids in the CBD Distillate. The chromatography machine features a few main components:

• Column housing an internal filter • Compressed air • Collection chamber

To operate one of these machines, some knowledge of basic chemistry is required. A very fine sand is often used as a filter. Compressed air is used to push the material being refined through this sand. As the material is pushed through the sand, molecules are separated based on size. Smaller CBD molecules reach the collection chamber first, while THC and other cannabinoids will take a while longer.

Within the collection chamber there is an evaporable solution which is often re-run through the chromatography machine to ensure maximum purity. Once the desired quality is reached, the evaporable solution containing the collected CBD is heated to induce evaporation. What is left behind are pure CBD crystals, aka, CBD Diamonds. These CBD Diamonds are often ground down into a powder for easier consumption.

What Are the Effects of CBD Isolate?

CBD is thought to influence the receptors that make up the human endocannabinoid system which regulates these important bodily functions:

• Inflammation levels
• Pain Perception
• Mood
• Appetite
• Memory

Sauce Warehouse is forbidden by the FDA from making any medical claims regarding the potential medical benefits of CBD. However, we can say that our customers have reported on the effects of CBD and these reports usually involve feelings of calmness, pain relief, and better sleep. CBD has also been found to affect the 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) serotonin receptor which would explain the reports of ‘calmness’ and ‘anxiety relief’ in some users.

If you would like to learn more about the effects of CBD, your best bet would be doing some of your own research and finding information from an unbiased source. CBD companies are not allowed to tell you all that you should know about CBD, and many of them may even tell you false information just so you will make a purchase!

Before using CBD or any substance, you should always consult your primary care physician to make sure CBD is right for you. Never rely solely on advice found on the internet!

Side Effects of CBD Isolate

CBD will not cause any adverse side effects in most users. However, a very small amount of users have reported the following reactions:

• Irritability
• Fatigue
• Weight Loss or Weight Gain
• Increase or Decrease in Appetite
• Insomnia
• Diarrhea

Additionally, CBD can interact with some dietary supplements and over the counter/prescription medications. If you are interested in trying CBD but currently take other medications/supplements, you should first talk to your doctor to avoid the risk of any unwanted interactions.

Full Spectrum CBD Concentrates vs. CBD Isolate, Which is Better?

The answer to this largely differs from person to person. Some enjoy the natural terpene profiles and full spectrum cannabinoid profiles more than they enjoy using CBD all on its own. And, of course, others would rather use CBD on its own and avoid other cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s really a matter of preference.

It does seem to be the case that most users prefer full spectrum CBD concentrates over CBD isolate, mainly due to the entourage effect and the appealing flavors of terpenes. The entourage effect is a synergistic interaction between all the different cannabinoids and the terpenes in full spectrum CBD products. This synergy produces a much stronger effect than any of the cannabinoids would otherwise produce on their own.

Another deciding factor for many users of CBD concentrates is the THC content. Some users are sensitive to THC and others are required to pass drug tests, and in each case a full spectrum CBD concentrate is probably not going to be a good option. Even though these concentrates contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, this is still enough to cause a slight psychoactive effect in those who are sensitive to THC. This small amount of THC is also enough to cause someone to fail a drug test. For these users CBD isolate and isolate based CBD concentrates are really the only option.

Why Use CBD Isolate?

The primary reason users of CBD concentrates may decide to use CBD isolate opposed to other types of concentrates is that it contains zero THC. This enables users who may wish to avoid THC to still enjoy dabbing or vaporizing CBD.

As CBD concentrates become more popular and the need for low THC options becomes more apparent, many CBD concentrates have hit the market that are isolate based but which also have added terpenes for a more flavorful and enjoyable experience.

CBD Isolate is also a great option for anyone looking for higher doses of CBD. Isolate is the most concentrated and purest form of CBD one can purchase and provides a quick and easy way to consume large doses of CBD. Because CBD isolate only contains CBD, it is easier to measure your doses and know exactly how much CBD you are consuming compared to full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD concentrates.

What is the best way to use CBD isolate?

Dabbing or vaporizing CBD isolate is the best method of consumption. Eating CBD tends to require much larger doses to experience any effects, and if any effects are experienced, they will take hours to kick in.  Dabbing pure CBD isolate also allows users to avoid consumption of carrier oils like mct oil.

Because vaporized CBD can be immediately absorbed into the blood stream, the effects are immediate. The absorption of CBD and other cannabinoids when vaporized is also much more efficient compared to the absorption of digested cannabinoids, which means less isolate is required to produce greater effects.

Dabbing and vaporizing isolate and other CBD concentrates is a great way to save money as well. Since you can consume less and get more of an effect from a smaller amount, you can make CBD concentrates last much longer than CBD gummies or other types of CBD products.

How to Dab CBD Isolate



A dab rig is essential for any serious concentrate connoisseur. These water pipes allow for cool water filtration of vapor, and if you purchase a smaller rig meant to preserve terpene profiles like those made by MJ Arsenal, you will enjoy better flavor compared to a dab pen or other methods of use.

Dab pens are better if you will mainly be using CBD Concentrates on the go or in situations where you need to be discreet about dabbing.


If you are going with a dab pen, you can skip to the next essential item. But if you are using a dab rig, you are going to need a heat source! The cheapest solution is a butane torch. Butane torches, as the name implies, are fueled by butane that can be purchased at pretty much any gas station these days. You want to make sure the butane torch itself is of high quality. Many torches out there are made with cheap materials and will not last very long. Sauce Warehouse carries high quality butane torches from trusted companies like Blazer Torches and Maven Torches. When using a torch, you may also want to invest in a small tabletop timer so you can time your dabs to be taken at the perfect temperature. Generally, you want to wait about 40-50 seconds after heating your banger until it is red hot.

E-nails are another option for heating your banger. These devices feature a controller box that plugs in to the wall and allows you to set a desired temperature to be maintained throughout your entire dab session. A coil that is attached to this controller box fits snugly around your banger to keep it at a consistent temperature. E-nails are good investments for those who dab daily and often, as buying butane to refill a torch can get costly when refills are needed frequently.

Sauce Warehouse has organization stations available for purchase that not only hold q-tips and isopropyl alcohol for cleaning your banger, but they also feature built in dab timers! These are perfect for keeping your dab sessions organized, clean, and enjoyable.

There are some cool new rigs out on the market now that feature a built-in temperature control system. These rigs are called ‘e-rigs’. Popular brands like PuffCo make these e-rigs and they have become a big hit within the cannabis community. CBD Concentrates can be used in these rigs without the need for a butane torch or an e-nail. Most of these devices are chargeable with built in batteries like a cell phone.


Dab tools are used to remove ‘dabs’ of CBD Concentrates from their containers and place them inside dab pens and heated bangers when using a dab rig. It is important to purchase only quality dab tools from trusted vendors as cheaper tools made overseas may contain toxic coatings that could potentially burn off into your concentrates when inhaling and cause health concerns. These tools are usually glass or stainless steel, any tools with odd coatings especially paint should be avoided at all costs.

There is a plethora of other Dabbing Accessories that you might eventually want to invest in, such as dab pads which are used to set dab rigs on, but the above accessories are the primary essentials that will allow you to begin dabbing CBD Concentrates with ease.

Other Ways to Use CBD Isolate

Using CBD Isolate Sublingually

CBD isolate can be placed under the tongue and absorbed by the mucous membranes. Usually within a couple of minutes most of the CBD will be introduced directly to the bloodstream. This produces a more immediate effect than eating CBD, but it is still less efficient than dabbing or vaporizing.

Using CBD Isolate Topically

You can make your own CBD topical products by simply mixing CBD isolate into your own skin creams, hand lotions, etc. These can then be applied as you wish.

Using CBD Isolate Orally(edibles)

CBD isolate can be infused into drinks and food. This is probably the least effective method of consumption as the gastrointestinal tract has a low oral bioavailability and CBD is usually not absorbed very well. In addition to this, the effects also take much longer to kick in.

How to Shop for Quality CBD Isolate

Since CBD products are not regulated by the FDA, it is very important to purchase from a reputable source. Sauce Warehouse only works with trusted vendors within the Hemp & CBD industry to offer safe and reliable products you can trust.  If you are looking to buy CBD isolate, we carry 3rd party tested CBD, CBG, & CBN isolates in both single gram and bulk quantities.

One thing to always look for when purchasing CBD Isolate or any other CBD concentrate is a COA. A COA, or certificate of analysis, displays the third-party lab testing results for a specific CBD product. The most common test CBD companies order for their products is a cannabinoid potency test. This test analyzes the potency of each individual cannabinoid present in the product.

Other tests that are occasionally ordered are terpene profile analysis, residual solvent analysis, microbial analysis, and heavy metal analysis. You want to make sure the product you are purchasing aligns with the information on the COA provided by the company.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBD Isolate

Is CBD Isolate Legal?

According to the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, CBD isolate derived from hemp is 100% legal to use, sell, and buy in all 50 states.

Does CBD Isolate Really Do What CBD Companies Claim?

As we mentioned previously, CBD companies are forbidden from making any medical claims whatsoever. In addition to this, many companies will say anything to get a sale.

If you would like to learn more about the effects of CBD & CBD Isolate, doing your own research using independent sources is your best chance of finding reputable and accurate information.

Will CBD Isolate Get Me High?

No. There is no THC present in CBD Isolate. You will not experience any psychoactive effects or a ‘high’ when using isolate.

Will Using CBD Isolate Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

If you are required to take a drug test, it may be best to avoid CBD products in general in the weeks leading up to the test, as some products may contain trace amounts of THC that could accumulate and trigger a positive test result.

With that said, occasional use of CBD isolate probably won’t cause anyone to fail a drug test.

Other Types of Cannabinoid Isolates

There are a few other types of cannabinoid isolates on the market today aside from CBD isolate. These are made using a similar process, however instead of CBD being isolated from cannabis/hemp plant material, a different cannabinoid is isolated.

Two common cannabinoid isolates you can find here at Sauce Warehouse are CBN isolate and CBG isolate. These are similar to CBD isolate in consistency, typically white powders, but much different in effect. Each of these isolates have their own unique effects and uses.

CBN Isolate

CBN isolate is a white powder that that contains up to 99% CBN, or cannabinol. Cannabinol has been making its rounds on the internet and in the cannabis community recently where it has become known as ‘the nighttime cannabinoid’. This is due to an association with sedation and sleepiness.

When THC degrades it is converted into CBN. This is a common occurrence in older cannabis and older hemp flower. This sleep-inducing association stems from the observation that older weed, which is rich in CBN, tends to produce a more sedative effect.

Does CBN Help You Sleep?

While there are not many recent studies on this phenomena, and older studies remain highly debated and controversial, many of our customers here at Sauce Warehouse continue to use CBN isolate for the purposes of inducing sleep.

Is There a CBN Strain of Hemp?

No. There may be Hemp strains that are higher in CBN, but as of the time this article was written, there is no Hemp strain that has been bred specifically for high CBN content that we know of.

CBG Isolate

Also a white powder, CBG isolate is becoming one of the most sought after CBD concentrates on the market. CBG, or cannabigerol, is on track to become even more popular than CBD!

Studies have found all sorts of potential benefits of this cannabinoid, from a higher pain relief potential than CBD & THC combined, to digestive and antimicrobial benefits.

We have written an in-depth blog article that covers CBG which is worth checking out if you would like to learn more about this amazing cannabinoid.

How are CBN & CBG Isolates Used?

In the same ways that CBD isolates are used. CBN isolate and CBG isolate are both most effective when dabbed or vaped using a dab rig or dab pen. Alternatively, they can be consumed using all the alternative methods we have discussed for the use of CBD isolate.

Will CBN & CBG Isolates Cause a Failed Drug Test?

Just as with CBD isolate, there is always the potential of trace amounts of THC being present in CBN & CBG isolates. However, it is very unlikely the use of these isolates will cause someone to fail a drug test.

Does Sauce Warehouse Ship CBN Isolate & CBG Isolate to All 50 States?

Yes. Sauce Warehouse ships CBD isolate, CBN isolate, & CBG isolate to all 50 states. These isolates, when derived from hemp, are compliant with the 2018 federal farm bill and are 100% legal to consume, buy, sell, and ship nationwide.


CBD isolates are highly concentrated cannabinoid concentrates that contain one predominant cannabinoid that has been separated from hemp plant material and other cannabinoids.

These isolates may contain CBD, CBN, CBG, or other cannabinoids as the primary cannabinoid that has been isolated. This form of CBD concentrate is a good choice for those who wish to avoid THC as they tend to contain zero THC.

The most efficient and effective way to consume isolates is vaporizing them using a dab rig or a dab pen. Dabbing isolate produces immediate effects and requires smaller doses compared to ingesting CBD which isn’t always effective.

Sauce Warehouse carries CBD isolate, CBN isolate, & CBG isolate, and we can legally ship isolate to all 50 states.

Interested in purchasing CBD isolate or other types of CBD concentrates? Have questions? Feel free to contact us anytime, we would love to help!