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Shop CBD sauce at Sauce Warehouse. From diamonds and sauce, to terp sauce and high terpene extracts, we've got all the sauces! Our sauce is third party tested with lab results available on each product page. To buy live resin sauce in bulk visit our Baller Jar page.

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Read on to learn all you need to know about HTFSE, HTE, Terp Sauce, and more.

CBD Sauce FAQs

CBD Sauce is a special and highly desirable CBD concentrate. Sauce extracts typically have a rich terpene profile and potent levels of THC and CBD. In CBD sauce THC levels are lower but most sauce wax has a gooey, liquid consistency. The aroma and flavor of sauce tends to be stronger than other extracts making it more popular.

Beyond enhanced flavor and aroma, the higher than average terpene content contributes to a strong entourage effect. This effect occurs when terpenes and cannabinoids combine, amplifying the therapeutic benefits of each another.

Among the wide variety of CBD sauce products, the special sauce CBD strain has produced some of the most popular CBD concentrates. CBD sauces extracted from special sauce CBD flower have gained attention for their remarkable potency and flavor profiles. These products, along with high THC sauce variations, have become top picks among concentrate connoisseurs.

A new trend is emerging as more CBD vendors are offering THCa diamonds. THCa users are seeking high terpene sauce extracts or HTFSE to mix with THCa diamond concentrates. This allows users to 'stretch' their THCa and enjoy a potent and flavorful experience.

Terp sauce, or high terpene extract, is the king of flavor and aroma. This concentrate is rich in terpenes—the compounds that give the cannabis plant its scent and taste. Terp sauce has much a higher terpene content than traditional cannabis extracts.

Terp sauce carts are getting more attention from consumers looking for easy and discreet vaping. A terp sauce cart gives consumers an easy way to enjoy the full flavor of the cannabis plant's terpene profile.

Diamonds and sauce is another form of terp sauce. CBD diamonds and sauce dabs are a mix of CBD diamonds and terp sauce, either CBD live resin or CBD distillate. THCa diamonds and sauce is another type of terp sauce featuring THCa diamonds and live resin or HTFSE.

Terp is just another term for terpenes. Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in nature that give plants their unique flavors and scents. In nature, terpenes are usually a defense tool used by plants to keep insects at bay. Ironically, humans enjoy many of these compounds and even find them to be useful for treating different ailments.

Live sauce or live resin sauce is commonly referred to as 'terp sauce' because of its high terpene content. In some cases extractors use special terpene extraction methods to create live extracts with high terpene content. These unique extracts contain higher terpene levels than live resin which is richer in terpenes than other cannabis concentrates.

High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE) are the holy grail of concentrate purity and quality. These extracts result from a process that preserves the complete cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the cannabis plant. HTFSE concentrates have higher potency and richer flavor compared to other types of concentrates.

Live sauce and live resin often describe the same type of live extract. Live extracts are cannabis extracts made using freshly harvested cannabis flower. The term live sauce can refer to saucier extracts with higher terpene content. On the other hand, the term live resin can refer to more stable live extracts with average terpene content.

Cured Resin

In either case, both live resin and live sauce, or "sauz", have higher terpene and cannabinoid content than cured resin. Cured resin is an extract made from dried and cured cannabis flower. The degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes during the drying and curing process leads to less potency and flavor.


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