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CBD Shatter: What Is It And How Is It Made?

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In the growing world of cannabis and hemp products, CBD shatter is both popular and unique. Unlike more common CBD dabs like CBD oil or CBD wax, CBD shatter has a glass-like texture that 'shatters' easily, hence the name.

In this article, we cover every aspect of CBD shatter, from its creation to its use.

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What Is CBD Shatter?

CBD shatter is a unique form of CBD concentrate known for its glass-like consistency and appearance. Its brittle texture that shatters is distinct from liquid CBD oil, saucy CBD live resin, and sticky CBD wax. It's important for consumers to know the two types of CBD shatter on the market, real and fake. 

Real CBD shatter comes straight from the hemp plant and contains natural cannabinoids and terpenes. Fake CBD shatter is a mixture of CBD isolate and terpenes. Fake CBD shatter is much more common because it is easier to make without exceeding legal THC limits. We'll cover the methods used in creating both real and fake shatter later on.

Benefits of CBD Shatter

Choosing CBD shatter over other CBD concentrates is a choice many make for its unmatched purity and concentration. In its fake form, shatter contains primarily CBD isolate, making it a great way to explore the benefits of CBD in its purest form. Also in its fake form, CBD shatter is usually THC free, which allows users to enjoy dabbing without getting high.

Real CBD shatter, on the other hand, is often the first choice of CBD users simply because it's rare. It's hard to extract shatter from hemp flower while keeping the Delta-9 THC levels below the legal limit of 0.3%. This is why genuine CBD shatter has a high value and is hard to find on the market today. When you do find real CBD shatter for sale, it likely contains THC.

Unlike fake CBD shatter, real shatter may have less CBD but it has much more to offer. As far as flavor and overall effect, real shatter delivers more of a whole plant experience. This is because real shatter contains the full cannabinoid and terpene profiles that are present in the hemp plant. The artificial flavors in fake shatter and the single cannabinoid profile simply can't compare. 

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The Cons of Shatter

Its name hints at the biggest issue many CBD dabbers have with shatter dabs. Because shatter, well.. shatters, it can be difficult to use for some people. Breaking a small piece of shatter off with a dab tool sounds easy, but it can be a bit of a hassle. If you are not careful, shards of shatter can go flying everywhere because this concentrate is so brittle.

Nobody likes carpet dabs or wasted concentrates, and this can put a damper on your dab session. To avoid this happening to you, put your shatter in a jar or on a large piece of parchment paper. This way the edges of the jar or paper can catch any loose pieces of shatter that might take flight. Another trick is to put the shatter over low heat to soften it up a bit before using.

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Will CBD Shatter Get Me High?

No, in most cases CBD shatter will not get you high since it contains little to no THC. Most CBD shatter on the market is THC free, so you can use it and not feel any type of high. Real full spectrum CBD shatter may have low levels of THC which can make some users feel high.

It's important to always look at lab results before buying and using any product to identify the THC content. This will allow THC sensitive users to avoid possible bad reactions like anxiety. This is also just a good habit to form in general so you always know what you are using.

Also important to note, it isn't just Delta-9 THC you need to look out for, THCa can also be present in CBD products. THCa is the acid version of Delta-9 THC and when heated it will convert to Delta 9 THC and become psychoactive. Sauce Warehouse does sell concentrates with THCa in them, so again, always check the lab results to be safe.

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How Is CBD Shatter Made?

The journey of CBD shatter from hemp plants to the final product is one of meticulous extraction and purification. The process starts with carefully selecting cannabis strains known for their high CBD and low THC content. From this stage, the process will differ depending on the type of shatter.

How Fake CBD Shatter Is Made

Fake shatter requires the creation of CBD isolate. Extractors force solvents through a column containing the raw plant matter stripping it of cannabinoids and terpenes. Then, they collect the resulting oil containing these plant compounds and process it further. In the last stage, they isolate CBD and separate it from this oil resulting in a white crystalline powder.

This white CBD isolate powder is then mixed with terpenes from botanical plants or cannabis plants. Finally, processors use heat and time to set the mix into a hard slab that looks like real shatter concentrate. While it may look like the real deal, the effects are often lacking compared to the effects of real shatter. This is because of the absence of natural cannabinoid profiles present in hemp and cannabis plants.

How Real CBD Shatter Is Made

Extractors and processors do no mixing to create real shatter. Instead, they strip the plant material of the plant compounds and then set the resulting oil into a shatter concentrate. They do not mix in terpenes or isolate, this form of shatter is truly the raw essence of the hemp plant in pure form.

Supercritical CO2 extraction is a common method of extracting cannabinoids from raw hemp plants. Butane is another common solvent used for extraction. These solvents are used in the creation of both real and fake shatter.

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Different Ways To Use CBD Shatter

CBD shatter's ease of use lies in the many ways users can consume CBD shatter. The most popular method, dabbing, involves the use of a dab pen or dab rig. These devices feature a hot nail where a small amount of shatter is applied with a dab tool. The shatter turns to vapor and the user inhales the vapor through a mouth piece.

This method is the most effective and offers the quickest onset of effects. Vaporized cannabinoids enter the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than ingested cannabinoids. This means you need a smaller dose of shatter to feel the same effects provided by a whole bag of CBD gummies. However, for those who want to avoid vaping, CBD shatter can also be added to edibles.

Always start with a small dose to gauge how your body reacts, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Entourage Effect and CBD Shatter

While CBD shatter has a high amount of CBD, most shatter won't provide the entourage effect. This is because most shatter on the CBD market today doesn't have a full spectrum cannabinoid profile. The entourage effect theory suggests that consuming multiple cannabinoids and terpenes in unison boosts their overall effect. Since fake shatter only contains pure CBD, this simply isn't possible.

Real CBD shatter can provide this entourage effect if it has a full spectrum cannabinoid profile. Real shatter will also contain a natural terpene profile which will boost the effect of cannabinoids. So, if you are looking for maximum effects, stick with real shatter. If you are sensitive to THC and only seeking the benefits of CBD, go with fake shatter.

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Who Has the Best CBD Shatter?

Shopping for CBD shatter can be hard, with so many products to choose from. The key to making the right choice is understanding the different options available and your own needs. Additionally, finding a reputable vendor like Sauce Warehouse that provides lab results and accurate product information is crucial.

Sauce Warehouse CBD shatter is the best CBD shatter available simply because it is real shatter. You won't find other vendors selling genuine shatter extracted from hemp with natural cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Sauce Warehouse shatter tastes better, it feels better, and the overall experience is better, just check our reviews. We also offer free shipping on orders $150+.


Other CBD companies may have more varieties of shatter, but this is just an illusion. They are selling the same jar of CBD isolate with different names. Each jar will have a different 'strain' of terpenes added to the isolate, but you won't be getting the effects of that strain. You likely won't even experience the same flavor as that strain because most companies use low quality botanical terpenes.

If you decide to buy fake shatter, find a company that uses cannabis derived terpenes. Botanically derived terpenes are taken from plants like oranges and lavender. Processors then mix these terpenes trying to imitate specific cannabinoid profiles. Cannabis derived terpenes on the other hand are extracted directly from cannabis plants and are the real deal.

If you have any questions about buying CBD wax and shatter or buying CBD concentrates in general, we are always here to help.

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Is CBD Shatter Legal?

Before buying CBD shatter, familiarize yourself with the legal status of CBD products in your area. While federally legal, local laws can vary from state to state. As a general rule of thumb, as long as Delta-9 THC is 0.3% or less, you should be ok.


CBD shatter stands out in the world of CBD products, offering purity, potency, and ease of use. Whether you're drawn to fake THC free shatter, or real full spectrum CBD shatter, you're sure to enjoy this unique concentrate. Now that you know more about shatter, you should be ready to make an educated purchase. If at any point you need help, just reach out to our team here at Sauce Warehouse.

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