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Top 6 CBD Concentrates 2023

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In this article we cover the best CBD concentrates of 2023. Read on to discover why these top concentrate picks keep finding their way into our customers carts.


Sauce Warehouse Baller Jars

Our CBD concentrate Baller Jars were by far the most popular item on our CBD concentrate menu in 2023. They are convenient, cost effective, available in many options and quantities, and lets be honest.. they look pretty dope too!

Let’s jump into why these have been such a hit since the day we first made them available.

Cost is a big factor for most of us these days. Prices are going up on literally everything and it’s just getting harder and harder to save a dollar. Our Baller Jars offer our customers a bit of a break in that regard.

Image of jar stuffed with cash

Our Baller Jars allow our customers to buy more for less. While other vendors charge $40 a gram or more, our Baller Jars start at just $60 for a 7 gram jar. That's less than $10 a gram, and, we also offer quantity discounts!

On top of the unbeatable prices, it isn't hard to qualify for our free shipping (orders $100+). If your baller jar is less than $100, just add a couple dab tools or some terpene candy to the cart. Bulk concentrates at a great price that ship free!? Another reason so many customers love our Baller Jars.

Sauce Warehouse CBD Live Resin Baller Jar

Speaking of shipping, we put a lot of thought into shipping our Baller Jars. We offer cold shipping which, we always recommend, this includes an insulated box liner and a cold pack. This keeps concentrates stable and reduces the amount of movement inside the jar. Plus, it protects those delicious terpenes in high heat situations.

We've also solved the biggest issue customers face when ordering concentrates online, leaks! We use food safe foil seals that create an air tight seal. This means nothing is getting in and nothing is coming out until you are ready to enjoy a dab.

Image of Sauce Warehouse Baller Jar lying on its side with foil seal

We package our sealed Baller Jars in our protective boxes, bearing the Sauce Warehouse logo and Genuine Extract Seal. The jar itself also comes with a tamper evident label on the lid.

Baller Jars are available in 7 gram, 14 gram, and 28 gram quantities with a variety of strains to choose from. Photos of each option are available on our Baller Jar page. Here you will also find terpene and cannabinoid profiles, lab results, genetic information, and flavor profiles.

If you haven’t yet, go grab one for yourself and see why customers consider Baller Jars our best CBD concentrate.

Image of Sauce Warehouse Baller Jar and Baller Jar Box


CBD Isolate isn’t the most exclusive or exotic hemp extract on the market, by far. But, it is one of the most functional CBD concentrates we offer here at Sauce Warehouse. This is surely why it is our #2 best selling concentrate on the site. Lets dive into the reasons our customers keep coming back for more.

The beautiful thing about isolate is that everybody can use it. Whether you are sensitive to THC, or if you use THC daily, CBD isolate has a place in your life. Isolate is appealing to many different people and there are many ways to use it.

Image of CBD Isolate on a dab tool

One of the easiest ways to use isolate is to eat it raw. Isolate can be put into capsules or simply placed on a spoon and swallowed with a glass of water. Mixing with your favorite foods or drinks is another option.

Aside from eating it raw, you can also vaporize isolate using a dab rig or vape pen. If you prefer smoking flower, you can simply sprinkle it on top of a bowl or in a joint. And, if inhaling vapor or smoke isn't your thing, you can add isolate to your favorite food or drink recipes.

Image of woman vaping CBD

CBD isolate is great for those moments when you really need a large dose of CBD quickly. It also comes in handy in situations where you need to be discreet. This is because isolate doesn't contain any other compounds from the hemp plant like terpenes that produce an odor. It is essentially odorless, even when vaporizing it on the go.

As you can see, there are many reasons CBD Isolate is a top choice of our customers here at Sauce Warehouse. Go grab some today and discover your reason. Oh yeah, we should also mention that isolate is very inexpensive!

Image of 1 Gram CBD Isolate jar.


This is a long time Sauce Warehouse favorite. And by long time Sauce Warehouse favorite, we mean both our customers and employees love it! This live resin has a very smooth, saucy consistency. Our current batch reminds us of hash rosin as it is flowing from the press.

Image of Sauce Warehouse Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin dripping from dab tool

Super Sour Space Candy Live Resin is similar in flavor to the hemp flower strain. Predominate notes of citrusy fruit and sweet earthy undertones make this one of the more exotic hemp strains. The after taste really is that of a sour candy that we’ve never experienced anywhere on the planet.

Image of assorted sour candies

The genetics creating this unique flavor result from a cross between Sour Tsunami and Gorilla Glue #4. This makes sense considering the blending of citrus fruit, and sweet earth. This also makes Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin a sativa dominant extract. Of course, the common opinion these days would be that this is completely irrelevant - but we’ll let you decide..

Our current batch of Super Sour Space Candy Live Resin tested at over 50% CBDa. It contains just under 2% THCa, and zero Delta-9 THC. Top terpenes include β-Myrcene (5.61%), β-Caryophyllene (0.98%), & α-Cedrene (0.87%) with a total terpene content of 11.64%!

This one is a must try for the terp lovers and anyone who has never experienced a true consistency hemp extract.

Image of Super Sour Space Candy CBD Live Resin 3.5 gram jar.


It isn’t hard to understand why CBG isolate is so popular, but writing about it is another story. Because of the FDA’s rules, we cannot discuss benefits of any cannabinoid. This makes it hard to discuss CBG because it is one of the most studied cannabinoids out there. It may even have more to offer than CBD!

Obviously, nobody is using CBG isolate for its terpene rich flavor or saucy consistency. This one is a customer favorite for the effects it provides. If you haven’t unleashed your curiosity about CBG on a Google search yet, go now… we’ll wait.

Illustration of a man searching the internet

The results of some of these studies are outstanding. The feedback from our customers, and consumers of CBG products across the internet, is amazing. It certainly is not for everyone, but it seems to be just the thing many people are out there looking for.

CBG Isolate shares many of the same great characteristics of CBD Isolate. It is a great concentrate to have on hand in those moments where you need CBG quickly. It is also discreet and odorless when vaped.

Image of person holding wine glass in one hand and vape device in another while conversing with friends

It is important to note that CBG can have slightly stronger effects than CBD. These effects aren’t necessarily psychoactive, but they have enough of a mental presence to be worth mentioning. Of course, each person might experience this differently.

If you are curious about CBG and think it might be what you’re looking for, definitely give it a try! Like CBD Isolate, it isn’t very expensive.

Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of CBG Isolate.


A favorite of ours, and the favorite of many of our customers here at Sauce Warehouse. Imagine a caramel syrup with a citrusy sprite flavor and an aftertaste of Mountain Dew. Now subtract the guilt of drinking a Mountain Dew. Yeah, that is what you can expect from Sour Suver Live Resin!

Our current batch of Sour Suver CBD Live Resin tested at over 83% CBDa! It contains practically no THCa which tested at 0.06%, and zero Delta-9 THC. This cannabinoid profile is one we would like to see more of here at Sauce Warehouse. This is perfect for our customers who want the exclusive experience of live resin, without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Image of Sour Suver CBD Live Resin dripping from a dab tool

The terpene content is also fairly impressive. Top terpenes include β-Myrcene (1.59%), Terpinolene (0.95%), & β-Caryophyllene (0.51%) with a total terpene content of 5%. Not the highest, but certainly not the lowest either. These terpenes contribute notes of gas and citrus as well as undertones of lemon and pine (Mountain Dew).

A MUST TRY for all the citrus lovers.

Image of Sour Suver CBD Live Resin 3.5 Gram Jar


This is the first mixed live resin concentrate we’ll be discussing in this article. ‘Mixed live resin’ is a mix of real hemp live resin and cannabinoid isolates and/or distillates. This combination lowers the overall THC content and provides customers who'd like to avoid THC a flavorful live resin experience.

Quick disclaimer: Don't confuse our Mixed Live Resin with the ‘fake’ live resin available on other websites. Those are mixtures of cannabis derived or botanically derived terpenes and CBD Isolate. We are not fans of that and we do not sell that! We do not add terpenes to our Mixed Live Resin.

Close up image of Sauce Warehouse Mixed Live Resin in a jar

Let us uncover the reasons why Sour Tsunami has been one of the top items in our customers carts in 2023.

First we have to acknowledge cost. While our regular live resin starts at $30 a gram, Sour Tsunami Mixed Live Resin is just $20 a gram. It is also available in half gram quantities for just $10, compared to $15 for regular live resin. These lower prices also translate to the bulk quantities available in our Baller Jars.

Aside from cost, Sour Tsunami is one of the best tasting CBD strains ever created. The Sour Tsunami hemp flower strain tastes great on its own, but concentrated into a live resin extract it is remarkable. Imagine a 2:1 Mountain Dew to Sprite ratio. The flavor of Sour Tsunami Mixed Live Resin is likely a bigger influence on its popularity than the attractive price.

Image of a juicy lime and lemon morphed together

Our current batch tested at over 80% CBD and also contains minor cannabinoids CBG and CBN. THCa tested at 0.12% and at 0% Delta-9 THC the actual total THC concentration is below the level of quantification. Over 87% total cannabinoids.

Sour Tsunami Mixed Live Resin is another must try for the citrus lovers out there. It's also great for anyone who needs to avoid high amounts of THC.

Image of a Calyx jar containing 1 gram of Sour Tsunami Mixed CBD Live Resin.

Thank you to all our customers for the support in 2023. We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to seeing you on the site! As always, feel free to reach out with any questions. We are always happy to help.

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