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Carolina Peach Batter

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This Carolina Peach full spectrum concentrate was made from Tennessee grown, dried top flower.  This whole plant concentrate contains no distillate, no isolate, and zero additives. True full spectrum, no added terpenes, crumbly/doughy consistency with a smell of peaches!

1 Gram

1 Gram
CBD: 71.16%
CBG: 1.55%
CBC: 0.22%
Delta 9 THC: 0.28%
THCa: 3.15%

This Carolina Peach CBD Batter was processed by Asheville Extracts and is very similar to the CBD Live Resin concentrates we offer on the site. Less saucy, with a more stable consistency, this Carolina Peach CBD Batter has an equally pronounced flavor profile and effect as a quality Live Resin would. The terpene content is rich, with notes of sweet peaches overwhelming the senses and contributing to a potent Entourage Effect.

A true full spectrum CBD concentrate, Carolina Peach Batter contains CBD, CBG, CBC, THCA, and a small amount of Delta-9 THC. These cannabinoids are complimented in effect by the terpenes and altogether a potent, relaxing experience is produced.
This is truly a must try for the connoisseurs!

This Batter is a great choice for recreational or medical cannabis users who are looking to use CBD Concentrates to add CBD to their regimen, but also desire a higher quality concentrate such as they would find in a dispensary. Carolina Peach Batter is also a good choice for those experienced with using full spectrum CBD concentrates. Novice users that do not use THC might find the effects to be slightly overwhelming in comparison to broad spectrum CBD concentrates.

We strongly suggest starting with small amounts and taking it slow until familiar with the effects.
Delta-9 THC is present in this product and using larger amounts or a small amount repeatedly in a short period of time can cause intoxication. If you would like to try CBD Live Resin containing zero THC, we have a broad spectrum CBD Live Resin available as well.